Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The Art of Deception

Today’s lesson is learning how the eyes and ears can be fooled.

Is an egg still an egg when it’s baked in a cake?

Is a song still a good song without the instruments?

Listen to the words, are you being brainwashed into your natural carnal nature?

Watch a film, what do you see?

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? 

Are you color blinded or did you just speak to someone with a lack of respect because you knew you could get away with it?

Is a cross really a cross or is it a religious symbol that looks similar to an Egyptian Ankh?

Dig deeper, will you eventually find lava or more space?

Reach in and focus closely on what you may be missing if not critically understood, unlock a world of truth only to find a lie.

What are you being programmed to believe? Take your time and awake from your sleep.

Why would someone deprive you of knowledge, are they hiding something, or do they enjoy controlling you?

The art of deception is like a magic trick that blinds you in broad daylight.

Those you hurt and harm could be talking to you while you’re sleeping so why assume that oppression last for ever?

Listen to the child screaming at night, listen…if constantly left alone this child must learn how to survive, if not taken seriously, he or she could become a murderer with no conscience. 

Is this why the child yearns for love but chooses to hate?

Will those who steal ever get caught?

Will those in prison ever be set free? 

If you tell the truth how will you be treated?

If you obtain knowledge will you not also become a teacher?

Take a second to look closely at the picture…

Take a second to listen to the words…

It’s just feelings, is it really real?

Are you alone?

Did you just accuse the one you love of hurting you?

The artist, singer, photographer, and writer is only sharing with you a feeling. Teaching you a lesson.

He or she may be trying to wake you up… or keep you asleep.

Is life a gift or a curse?

Follow the Art…and you may find truth in what you’re looking for.

If you don’t, someone may claim credit for the masterpiece hidden in plain sight, and run off with the gold only to sell the beauty in which you created with your bare hands.

The Art of Deception 

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