Wednesday, October 26, 2016


"Hey, get me another drink," Tim said sluggishly to the bartender.
After his demand, the bartender gave Tim's friend Victor a look that only a man with doubt in his eyes would give.
"Um. Tim. Maybe we should go," Victor said.
Tim brushed him off and took another shot.
"I will go after I get what I came here for." 
Victor looked around at all of the women in the bar. He then understood what Tim was referring to. Feeling his heart weighing heavy, Victor grabbed his gun out of his holster and shot it in the air. Everybody hit the floor and Tim spilled his drink.
The bartender peeked over the bar with debris falling from the ceiling. 
"Dude what the hell are you doing? Have you lost it?" He shouted. 
Standing in the middle of the chaos, Victor pointed his gun at the bartender.
"I want you to take that lighter and set this place on fire," Victor said with no doubt in his demeanor.
The bartender couldn't help but submit to his demands. At this point the place was empty and everyone in the bar had fled to safety. Walking with Tim on his shoulder to the car and the building behind him ablaze, they screeched out of the parking lot before the cops arrived.
"Ah...whyyy...daaah you dooo that? She was about to come see me." Tim said with a slur in his voice.
"You need to get it together. What I just did will lead to something better, wait and see." Victor replied in a calm rational tone.
Somehow Victor started a ripple effect with his hostile act. Sitting in the courtroom on assault charges and a possible jail sentence the story had caught the attention of the people in the small town. Standing before the judge, he pleaded his case.
"I know you all think what I did was crazy, but before you lock me up, I want you to ask yourselves: What would you do for a friend? What would you do for someone running in circles? Every night I sat and watched as the people in this great town smoked and drank themselves to death. Now they see the righteous end of the battle. Now they get the point. I had to go to the extreme to get you people to understand what is really at stake in this town. Because of what I've done, you all will start to see the light," Victor explained to the people in the courtroom.
After listening to his closing remarks the owner of the bar had requested that the judge drop all charges against Victor. He too had caught on to Victor's motives. After that day, Tim had vowed to never pick up another drink again. Once the trial was over and the people got the message, they got together and built a community center on the land where the bar once stood. Victory helped lay the pipes as his sentence for having the place burnt down.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Supreme Love

The shade of red on her work vest seemed different every time he saw her. The woman worked and even cooked for herself; this was enough to get any man's attention. There was something about a woman raking leaves in October that made a man want to watch from the window. Curtis Russell was his name and Trina Mayfield was hers. Slowly moving the curtain to block his peeking eyes, he could not help but to get aroused. This type of watching was becoming a daily habit for Curtis. A single man with so much time on his hands was a threat to another man's obsessions. This was supreme obsession, Curtis had to have this woman and at any moment he would make his move. Wasting no time he grabbed his jacket. Watching her from the window, bagging her leaves, he walked his trash to the curb as though this was a normal occasion.
"Excuse me, in all of your divine beauty, I could not help but to notice your labor. May I so kindly interject on your land. It is my obligation to take over your daily duties to prove that I am worthy of your love," Curtis said, taking the trash bags off of the ground to bag the leaves.
"Dear sir, I do not want to refuse your kind gestures but you must understand that I maintain independence as a lady for an omnipotent reason..."
Looking deeply into her eyes, he could not help but to interject.
"My dear obsession with your eyes, and the way you display your unique curves would make me die just to hear your voice every morning. Please, my lady, do not deny me the joy of such companionship. My desire is to take you to the supreme levels of love and affection. It is my duty. I desire to please you."
Trina soaks in his submissions.
"I understand your obsession but my heart has been broken. I request nothing of you at this moment. You must give me time to heal."
Curtis takes her by the hand.
"I cannot go a day without watching you from the window. My dear, that is my confession. Do you not see that I have sacrificed my daily routine to come and be in your presence. Just the sound of your voice on this cold October day has made me even more drawn into your midst. The finesse of your motions has given me hope in the realms of supreme love. I am attracted to you in the most deepest passions of love. The obstacle that you've put forth for me is worthy for me to prove that I can heal your broken heart. I will take one knee on this day as I submit to serve you. Please do not refuse my offer."
Accepting his flirtatious confession, Trina then tiptoes into his arms, and on a cool October day the supreme laws of love overruled the laws of nature. The two beings, one being man and one being woman, became one under the divine laws of supreme love. As the two of them finished the yard, the scent of autumn love picks up every leaf off of the ground. A divine kiss, seals the deal that true love is still alive. A passionate hug, seals that deal that supreme love has overpowered the laws of repulsion. Attraction has now created a new life of submission to a greater power.   

Friday, October 21, 2016

Three sides of the American Coin

I'm in a tight spot and I've just done something I had no business doing. I failed at trying to be perfect again. I once read a book about law and how if someone drops something on the ground it's wise to leave it there because they may come looking for it. In my deep thoughts I know what I just did was wrong so I sit on the curb and wait for my ride. When I look down, I see a coin. It's a shiny copper penny. The words "In God We Trust" stand out on the penny. Ironically, I would notice those words after I've just done something wrong. I ponder on this thought. I think about the human conscience and how we live as creatures. I wonder about purpose. Sitting here, I can either pick this penny up and be worth an extra cent, or I can leave it, because it doesn't belong to me. Before I read the words on this penny, I felt helpless, but for some reason this penny was dropped in the right place at the right time. I have no money in my pocket, but the words on this shiny copper penny have just saved my life. The words on this penny make it worth more than one cent. I put the penny back on the ground where I found it. The message is priceless and the words may give the owner hope, if they come looking for it. I leave what I've done wrong in my past and I move one step closer to trusting in something worth much more. The water in the wishing well quenched my thirst but the penny belongs to someone else. All is forgiven and I have hope in a better tomorrow.  I will leave this American coin on the ground in hopes that the owner will come back looking for it and won't forget the important message that was put on it. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Black Combat and the Voice of Life (Written to Inspire)

My name is Bryan McKinney, I'm writing you, to tell you about the things in life that you don't see. In this story, the most amazing thing to remember, is how some people never get dealt a good hand, but they keep getting up.
It was twelve o'clock in the morning and the day of my graduation from high school was over. I was unsure what I wanted to do with my life so I went around asking questions and found myself in an awkward place. I was over my girlfriend's house when a premonition crept in that something was about to happen. After the feeling, my girlfriend's father ended up throwing her mother down the stairs because she wouldn't listen to him. My girlfriend would not stop crying in my arms at the time and I didn't know what to do. I left her with the promise that I would not leave her side, but I soon broke that promise. We lost touch after she slept with another guy so I never spoke to her again. My major problems began at the kitchen table when a huge debate between my mom and dad broke out. He told her that I needed to get out of his house and she told him not to talk about her son that way. The next morning I found myself on the phone trying to convince my uncle to let me move in with him. It was clear that he didn't want me around him or his family. In all of the madness, I decided to join the military. I had to come to grips with reality that it was either stay at home and commit suicide or die for the country. I was not very smart so I ended up with a terrible job when I joined. I had to work the front lines of every major combat role. I came up with a term for the feeling I would feel every time I knew something was going to go wrong. I called the feeling: "black combat." Even though I was not highly educated, I still had common sense, or street smarts, as some would call it. There was something about combat that was different though. It was like a force that could only be explained by those in the middle. No mercy, is the best way to put it. One night in the middle of an explosion, I got word that three soldiers decided to kill themselves. It turns out that one of the soldiers had marriage problems and he really couldn't handle the madness. I don't want to depress you so I'm going to get to the point. In black combat, you get hit with an unusual form of punishment, with a high probability of not making it out alive. Even if you do make it out, the pain is still there. You will often see people living normal lives and you have to except the fact that you're scarred for life. The feeling of being alone is often felt and you often lose people that you need the most. In the middle of the night you may even get strangled and live to tell about it. You may even find yourself in a prison cell, with a voice that comes from somewhere, the voice may give you the feeling of justice. Your cry for mercy may never be heard in the real world, but there is something supernatural in the midst of the madness.
I'm now seventy-five years old and I still consider myself to not be very smart, but what I did to make it to seventy-five, is simple, I listened to the voice. My story may not be filled with glitter and sunshine, but I can tell when some people would stop listening to the voice. They would either die or give-in, losing out, on the real inspiration of what life is really about. I may not know what's in store for tomorrow and I may consider myself lucky for living a long life, but something guides people in this life. It's a voice and a feeling of certainty from somewhere in the universe.
This message is for those who are going through "black combat" and are left in the shadows. Listen to the voice that's leading you into the light. Good luck, and I hope you make it through when it hits. The inspiration of telling your story in the end will help you live a full and fulfilling life.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Gold Diggers and the Government

"My lord Jim, that looks like gold," Jeffery mumbled as he and his best buddy Jim were digging a pipeline under the moonlight and a small set of lights. Jim put his shovel to the side and pulled out his flashlight and started brushing off the dirt with his gloves to get a better look.
"Jeffery, go get the truck... Move it! We got to get what's ours before this gets out," Jim said, scraping to collect the small pieces of gold emerging from the dirt.
"But Jim, this here land belongs to the government..."
"Jeffery, if you don't go get that damn truck I'm 'gon bury you in this here dirt. Now go!"
Not too long after the threat, Jeffery quickly pulled up to the large hole in the ground as Jim tried to catch his breath. It was evident that his discovery could not go unnoticed for too long.
Jeffery hopped out of the truck.
"So how much you get?"
"Not enough. 'Come-on down here and help me. We got to get as much as we can and get to Canada," Jim said, dripping in sweat.
Filling the truck up with dirt, the two of them managed to get about eighty-three pounds of gold loaded before sunrise. They then set-out on a speed trail to Canada.
"You see, if Americans were smart, they would've owned that there land and been able to make a profit. We would still be there digging and would have been able to make more off of what we found. In court we would have been able to split it with the owners, under civil laws. But since that there property belongs to the government, we got to flee," Jim explained, while trying to maintain the speed limit.
"So what's the plan? What if we don't make it?" Jeffery asked.
"What do you mean, 'If we don't make it?' We ain't got no choice," Jim replied.
They had only fifty miles left before they reached the Canadian border but they were almost out of gas. Jeffery turned on the radio while Jim went inside the gas station to pay for gas. On almost every station the reporters were reporting on all of the people shot while trying to escape with gold that had been found on the government property where Jeffery and Jim were digging. Jeffery trembled in fear as he overheard the reward for two government contractors on the run with government property. Jeffery then rushed to tell Jim, but it was too late, their rush of excitement ended at the gas station with two officers noticing who they were.
Being handcuffed and stuffed into the back of a police car, Jim was speechless.
"If only the citizens of this country had the same mindset as you Jim, we would be rich. Too bad the Government now owns everything," Jeffery said, as he tried to get comfortable in his cuffs.
Riding away in the back of the police car, the two of them looked back as government agents confiscated the gold that they had found on the government's property.  

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Interception of the Atomic Bomb

It was another day in paradise and two of the worlds most famous scientist found themselves solving all of the world's problems again, but no amount of intelligence could stop what was about to happen.
"Grant, would you rather be dumb or smart?" Armon asked, examining a graphite specimen.
Grant stopped in the middle of his work.
"Well if you examine the two, one would know that each of the two are the same, because no one being can know everything. I would rather know nothing and be safe than know everything and be in danger."
Armon slowly removed his glasses.
"You may want to look at this."
Grant slowly walked over to the table as he noticed the graphite interacting with the sodium.
"How is it doing that without liquid? There's no heat. Why are they merging?"
Armon pointed to the mercury in his thermometer.
"All of these particles are somehow getting smarter," Armon said, wiping the sweat off of his head.
"What do you mean getting smarter? They're not alive."
Armon rushed to see what was in the paper on the far end counter of the lab to see if some major event had occurred but saw nothing.
"All this time we thought we were controlling them but they've been controlling us."
Grant could not comprehend.
"Armon, what are you talking about?"
Armon rushed to grab his encyclopedia off the shelf. The solids and liquids have been experimenting on us. All this time we've been thinking we were doing this. We're a part of them."
Grant started to comprehend.
"Oh God, that explains everything."
Armon pointed to an image of the atomic bomb falling on Japan.
"We need to find something pure to stop what's about to happen."
Confusion filled Grant's mind.
"What you're saying makes no sense," Grant replied in frustration as he observed the facts.
Armon flipped to a picture of Tesla, "This man right here, along with the Egyptians and whoever was on this earth before us had to be receiving information from somewhere."
In deep thought the graphite and sodium began to eat away at Armon's skin.
Grant grabbed the fire extinguisher.
"No, don't save needs me. Find something pure."
 As the particles ate away at Armon, Grant had no idea what was going on.
Alone in the room, the other outside scientist locked him in. Grant screamed and punched the windows, while they sat around and watched. It was obvious that no one at the plant knew what was going on and because of Armon's discovery they had been quarantined. Images started to flash through Grant's mind. It was clear that something was communicating with him. In a locked laboratory all he could think about was what Armon had asked him. The image of electricity then filled his thoughts. Grant then took a cable to electrocute himself. As he began to do it, he realized what Armon was trying to explain. All this time mankind kept reaching further and further into the knowledge of the unknown and the things that keep things in motion were trying to communicate. When this happened in real time there was an explosion of matter and cosmic energy. The atomic bomb was never felt by the dead, only by the living. Grant then took off his badge and stripped off his clothes.
"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?" He screamed.
Something from the God particles exploded and filled the room as deep as the darkness of space.
Once the explosion was done the earth was silent and the heavens were opened. Armon and Grant had reached into the realms of eternity with one message to send back to earth.
At that moment, all of the subatomic particles subsided and all that was left on earth was positive energy. Everything began to fly.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The other side of Dr. Kalapos's Laboratory

"If you don't stop the madness, they will take you down! John, they will take everything you worked for," Dr. John Kalapos's wife tried to explain to him. Flipping through the pages of his magazine, he said nothing. He just stared at the pictures of all of the dead bodies on the page of an article about Ebola. After his wife left, he wrote her another suicide note as he often did to get her attention: "DEAR VIKKIE, STOP WORRYING ABOUT MY PATIENTS. THE NEXT TIME YOU ARGUE WITH ME, I'M GOING TO JUMP." It was clear that John needed a vacation, but debt and stress would cause anyone to go to the extreme. John loved people and he loved his patients. They would talk to him about their problems, and like few people, John would listen. His patients were a lot like him, they had little money and lots of problems. They even had health problems and couldn't afford to live. Submitting to their woes,  Dr. Kalapos would welcome his patients into his personal laboratory, and at their request, he would have them sign a paper giving him permission to kill them. Once they signed, he would inject them with high doses of oxycodone. After several years of this operation, families started catching on. It's funny because these families who acted like they cared, were never around when these people were suffering.
On his day in court, just like he would often do with his wife, Dr. Kalapos sat there in silence. He watched as people testified and even spoke about how they loved and believed in God. They told him how evil he was. Some even threatened to burn down his laboratory. Coming to reality that her husband was going to be facing life in prison, his wife filed for a divorce. Like his patients, Dr. Kalapos was alone. Sitting in his jail cell, he would often reflect on his whole life. He remembered all of the children who would come to his doctor's office and how they would grow up and remember him. He thought about all of the lives that he had saved. Through all of the madness, John kept his mouth shut, and said nothing. On his last day in court, he was sentenced to be put to death. Dr. Kalapos, as usual, said nothing. With protestors outside of the house, his wife found the last suicide note that he wrote her and began to cry as a ball of fire came crashing through the window. The house, along with her husband's laboratory, burned to the ground. On the day of his execution, Dr. John Kalapos, like his patients, was put to death. When he reached the other side, all of his patients were there waiting for him and they welcomed him. Spending the majority of his life as a practicing doctor, John figured out the answers to life at an early age. John believed that there was a better life on the other side. A life that some people were afraid to face. Now at peace, John's feelings were felt in an eternal way. He did not have to speak, it was all feeling and peace. Through all of the madness on earth, John never feared the enemy that everyone has to face. Ironically, John lived after death and even though it seemed wrong to meet his patients' request, the answers to real living were always in John's heart. John's heart stayed with the people who came to him. For some reason those people stayed on his mind and welcomed him to the other side of his laboratory.    

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Corrupt and Conquer

Madam Swinton was her name, she was on her way to the highest office within the Upton States. The states had been drawn into complete chaos before her rise to the thrown and only one man stood in her way. All of her critics had known nothing divine about the woman. She was known as a liar and a corrupted soul who would do anything for power. In her last speech before being elected in, she had her running mate killed. After such a hostile act, she then made treaties with all of the enemy nations. She burned all of the books and set a curriculum in place that would only allow her people to advance.
"I want you all to address me as Madam Swinton. It is my duty to rule this planet. I was destined to rule. In me you will find nothing but royal blood from the sacred tribe of Canon," Madam Swinton stated in her address to the Congress.
There was only one hope for the people, and his name was Dash. He was raised by the indigenous people of the Upton States and his tribe was executed in fear that his family would rise to power. Dash escaped and was taken in by the Shaba tribe. He witnessed things that no man with a stable mind should witness, but Dash stayed true and was a solid man. He was not easily persuaded and resisted all temptation from the Jezebel tribe, because of this, his life was always in danger. The Jezebel tribe was very powerful and had gained access to the Tech tribe, who gave them access to every channel within the Upton States to spread their corrupt ways. Madam Swinton had also used the Jezebel tribe to imprison the minds of stable men and keep them weak. This was her plan. She felt that the world needed her and that she was the pathway to utopia. The good people of Upton were suffering from the laws that had kept them in bondage. They had watched as evil minded people advanced while they suffered. Babies were killed at the hands of the Jezebel tribes and good men, who once were mighty carpenters, were turned into sex slaves.
"My people of Upton, we must breed the powerful males to never think for themselves again. We must understand that knowledge against anyone who opposes my law is a sin to the Gods in the heavens. I am, that I am," Madam Swinton proclaimed in her quest to eliminate the Alpha tribes. Her rule turned woman against woman and male against male. The citizens of Upton became envious of one another and soon started robbing and stealing as Madam Swinton's laws made it hard for them to access money. While she marveled in the riches of the world, the people suffered. She eliminated all religious law and convinced the Meek tribes that she was God. The Meek tribes were the majority of Upton States. She then had her husband executed for mingling with the Jezebel tribe and made him a global statement to the Alpha tribe, whom all had been watching and suffering under her rule. There was no safety on earth from her tyranny. Madam Swinton had been empowered by forces of another world. She took all of the guns away from the citizens of Upton. She imprisoned the majority of the males from the Alpha tribe. It almost seemed like the end of the Upton States, until a man named Dash gained access to a book that was given to him by the Divine tribe. Theta, the ruler of the Divine tribe gave it to him, the book was hidden when Madam Swinton ordered that all books be burned. Dash soon became enlightened by the Divine tribe.
"You must use the knowledge in this book to bring justice and divinity back to the citizens of Upton. Use this book to overtake Madam Swinton," Theta said, knowing that her words would put her family and tribe in danger. In this, the people began to favor Dash and this caught the attention of Madam Swinton. As she sat in the Circle Office, she questioned the Congress,
"I hear of a man, whom the people favor. Find out who he is and where he comes from."
When her officials heard this, they sensed fear in her voice. This made them curious so they put her to the test and summoned Dash. Filled with knowledge and wisdom he walked the carpets of the golden capital to meet her. When the people heard him speak it caused them to become enlightened. Madam Swinton's reign as leader had never been challenged until this day. In all of the uproar and shifting of forces she challenged Dash to a debate. In her cleverness, she assumed that she could steal his shine. She made every attempt to belittle him so she sent the Jezebel tribe to entice him and get information about who he was. Dash, being enlightened by the book given to him by the Divine tribe, did not fall for her tricks and destroyed Madam Swinton in the debate with a divine plan for the citizens of Upton. Dash had a new and better vision.
"I want him dead, sacrifice him to the Gods. No heathen will ever embarrass me in front of the people," ordered Madam Swinton to the Supreme Congress.
On their quest to have Dash killed the citizens protected him and a new war emerged. The citizens found a new hope and something to fight for, with Dash leading the way.
"On this day we will put an end to the corruption of our nation and we will overtake the Golden Capital and feed Madam Swinton to the wolves," shouted Dash to the people. The people cheered as they found a new hope. They soon moved swiftly to overthrow the capital but the Congress would not go down without a fight. Outnumbering the Congress, ninety-nine percent to one percent, the citizens of Upton used their numbers to overthrow the Congress. At the end of the fight, Dash restored faith back into the citizens of Upton States with a victory and eliminated the highest office in the world. In the end, Upton States was ruled by the people. The people governed themselves from the divine book hidden and passed down by the Divine tribe. This was a new beginning for the Upton States and became the end of Madam Swinton's reign. The corrupt rule of Madam Swinton had been conquered by a nation in search of a better system. All it took was one divine book, and one man to read it.    

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The young tale of Captain Jenkins and the raging Hurricanes

Once upon a time on a far away island, there was an imaginary super captain with an imaginary fleet. Everything he did came from the imagination. They called him Captain Jenkins, the superhero of the ocean. While all of the other captains and pirates were out searching for treasure, Captain Jenkins was out saving people from hurricanes and sea monsters. All it took was one tragic ocean event and one thought of a hero and there he was sailing the open seas. His fleet expanded all the way across the globe, docking on an imaginary island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.
"I'll save anybody, I'll save a cat, I'll save a whale, I'll save a mouse with no tail," Captain Jenkins said dangling his binoculars, sitting starboard side of his ship, searching for some action.
"We got four hurricanes headed straight up to the shores of the U.S. What do we do Captain?" one of the sailors shouted from the flight deck.
"What do you mean, what do we do? We go save some lives,"
Captain Jenkins said, as he then shouted to the signalman to put up his battle flag.
"Full speed ahead," he yelled, rushing to steer the ship.
Hitting the rough seas with his crew, the immortal fleet zoomed in with aid and shelter.
"Grab the babies before they drown, smack the faces of evil clowns. It looks like we're up against four category fives. We may need more ships. These hurricanes don't look to be letting up no time soon," Captain Jenkins ordered as the ships were sailing through the heavy water and winds.
Rain and ocean water poured in from all sides. It almost seemed like mission impossible.
Jake Walls, one of Captain Jenkins best sailors seemed to be coming to grips with reality,
"What do we do Captain? We won't be able to save everyone. We're taking on too much water."
"Don't say such a thing shipmate, call in the Angel Fleet. These wicked hurricanes are evil and we must destroy them all, to save the mortals."
As the Angel Fleet came rushing in, Captain Jenkins and his crew witnessed the impossible. Ships sailing the clouds, lacing the sky with navy blue and gold glitter, took all of the people and put them above the storms. A trumpet blew as the Angel Fleet dropped anchors in the eye of each storm.
"This is it shipmates, this is when the miracles happen!" Captain Jenkins yelled to his crew.
As the anchors dropped from the sky, right in the eyes of the hurricanes, the winds soon settled and the storms died down. Cheers filled the Atlantic. Captain Jenkins and his Angel Fleet had saved the day.
After the storms, Captain Jenkins commissioned ship "Zero" to represent the zero deaths in the hard fought battle against mother nature. He then took his fleet on a six month deployment to patrol the globe for more action.
"Hooyah! What a fight. I will get home just in time to kiss the kids good night."
The End.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Director

"Cut! Cut! What is this? Is this acting? When I say smack him, I want you to knock the hell out of him. Do you hear me? Knock the hell out of him. Good lord, show me some excitement, make it believable," Greg says, throwing his script to the ground.
Nervously rubbing his head, he could not help the habit of checking his watch.
"We only have a week before show time and we're still looking like zombies on stage. I need to see more movement. More action, damn it! 'I can't go on with this, I'm in love with Jim!' Then you smack the hell out of him," Greg explained to Gina and Mark.
"I just don't want to hurt him," Gina replied.
"What do you mean hurt him? Listen, everyone gather around. It has to be believable. It has to have feeling. Don't give me this bull' about hurt. I need to feel the action on stage. I need you to project what the characters on stage are going through. You have to take everything you have, all of your emotions and let it out. The audience needs to feel your pain. None of this crap about what you really feel. Smack the hell out of him! Do you hear me? Now lets get to places...ACTION!"
Gina stood up straight and in the heat of the action she smacks Mark until the print shows on his face.
Greg jumps to his feet,
"Yes! Yes, that's what I need! Now Mark, I want you to grab her and try to kiss her. Then I want you to rip her shirt off and Gina I want you to resist him. Then Jim I want you to come in with the gun and shoot at her but Mark you take the bullet. Okay, places, places... ACTION!"
Feeling the smack to his face, Mark grabs Gina and rips off her shirt.
"You scandalous ...!"
Jim pulls out the gun assuming she is cheating on him, he fires and Mark jumps in front of the bullet and falls to the floor. Gina tries to aid him.
"Jim, what have you done?"
"Mark! Mark get up," Gina screams in the heat of the action.
"What the hell is going on and why are you in your bra?" Jim asked, while reloading.
"It's not what you think...He wanted to be with me, but I chose you Jim; I chose you."
Jim drops his gun and rushes over to kiss Gina.
"We have to run Jim."
"We have to get out of here and make this look like a suicide," Gina says as the sound of sirens fill the auditorium.
Greg jumps to his feet, "Cut! Cut! Wonderful, that's just what I need to see. Now do you feel how live the action is? Do you see the difference and how much you can feel what's happening. Okay that's a wrap for today,  I will see you all tomorrow at seven. We will be going over the next act. I want to warn you, if you're late, I'm docking your pay."

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Human Behavior

Daniel was a good man, but he could never figure out why when one person took one step, another would take two steps. Daniel decided to study human behavior as a profession. He soon noticed patterns within the way people interacted with each other. When people would kill, soon after, others started killing; when people would fight, soon after, others would fight. His studies became interesting, so interesting that Daniel started to believe that he was not human anymore, so he didn't bother anyone because no one would listen to him. He told his wife to save money, but she would never listen. Daniel also tried to give his mother financial advice but she just kept-on spending. He even thought about running for president, but gave up because he came up with the conclusion that people were just going to do what they wanted to do. After several years of complete solitude and a brutal divorce, Daniel decided to come out of his log cabin. When he came out he noticed that most of the cabins had been leased out and it was now a neighborhood.
"I guess these are my people," Daniel said to himself as he drove to the bank noticing a bunch of lonely men doing the same thing that he had been doing.
It turns out that Daniel's practice didn't take long to attract a crowd. Others had been watching and listening all along. As Daniel got older, he just let it go and came to the conclusion that the world only moves when something works. If a singer sings well and wears red, chances are, the people will wear red. If someone blows up a building, chances are, someone else will try to blow-up a building. Daniel gave up on his dream of controlling the masses. He just came up with the conclusion that he would sit in his log cabin and would do what he liked to do. He soon stopped worrying about everyone else. Daniel also realized that the word "no" creates a lot of enemies and "yes" creates a lot of friends. His chapter on studying human behavior closed on the day he gave his final lecture and refused to answer any questions. Daniel did it his way and at the end of refusing questions, he wished everyone good luck.