Friday, April 29, 2022

The Eternal Sun

The tides had shifted.

A new dynasty was born.

The Hebrews had been scattered and the all seeing eye revived the pyramids for the return of the long headed people.

Some of them came from underneath the earth.

Golden warriors reclaiming their territories.

It was the return.

These people held the sun, they owned it.

The world had witnessed the rebirth of something unreal.

Deep dark skinned people with wool hair reclaiming their lands while the sun did most of the work for them.

The sun literally fried their enemies. Burned them alive.

Kneeling on a prayer rug I watched them gather. 

They were giants and they crowned me as the eternal sun because I handed them wisdom as a gift.

I gave them a story and a song and we all joined hands in peace.

We’d all been reborn.

The Eternal Sun

Thursday, April 28, 2022

The Penguins 🐧

 “It’s party time gang!” Pete said to the crowd of happy penguins.

“The ice is fresh Pete and I’m down with my Penguin family, let’s slide on some ice dude,” Guber said flapping his wings in excitement.

Nothing was going to stop the penguins from enjoying the new sheet of snow and ice. They enjoyed gathering, socializing, and having a good time.

“Who wants to sing the penguin anthem to officially kick off our ice castle extravaganza?” Big Vick asked.

“I think we all should sing, let’s sing together as a penguin family,” Gino said as all of the penguins wobbled in excitement.

“It’s a good day Pete,” Lili said before sliding and jumping into the water.

This is what the penguins did. This is how they started and finished their day. 

No matter how bad things got, as long as there was a sheet of ice to gather and dive, the penguins were happy. The Penguins 🐧 

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Rotten Art

I just bought the oldest house on the block.

Unlocking the basement door, I couldn’t believe what I’d discovered.

Old rotted out artwork.

I had to find over three hundred pieces.

I found old melted crayons, chemically bonded to a dry section of an oil painting.

I tripped on a piece of abstract work dimly lit by some light flowing through a foggy spiderwebbed window.

In the old musty basement bathroom I found an old painting of a Buddhist monk stuck in what looked like a bucket of old tar that tipped over and fell on the painting.

This was no art museum. Time had taken old master pieces and had its way. 

This place had been forgotten and every artist had been unknown.

On my way out, I found a note, it read:

“If you found these pieces of work, then fate brought you here. When you leave this basement, we artist who provided you with the smell of old rotten art would prefer to be unknown. Don’t put our art in some fancy museum in your rundown hometown for display. Leave our work here to rot.”

Rotten Art

Thursday, April 21, 2022


“This is basketball!” 

I overheard a fan say to his son watching the game in the stands. There was only three seconds left on the clock and we were down by two. Jerry’s thumb was bothering him and he was our best three point shooter. I’d imagined this day over and over again in my head because some athletes make game winning shots look so easy. I went over to coach to see what play he’d drawn up and even he was out of ideas. 

“Tonight gentlemen, we’re going to have to gamble to get out of here with a win. If we win, we go to the next round, but for some reason we’ve been placed in the position to do it at the last seconds. That’s what we call fate, willing our team to a victory. As a team we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, but at this moment we’re going to have to gamble because they’ve figured out our entire game-plan. We have to let the person that they least expect to shoot the three shoot,” Coach Neil explained to my teammates and I.

Before we all stepped out on the floor, coach had figured out the perfect play. It was called: “Teammates.” We would all draw the defense away from Mad Max, the worst shooter on the team and leave him by himself with a hard pick on his defender by the center. While the seconds ticked away the play worked to perfection, Mad Max was left alone for the shot and he took it. The place was quiet for about 2 seconds. The ball bounced straight up in the air, off of the rim, and dropped into the basket. Mad Max was the least expected to make history, but he did. As a team, we allowed him to take the shot. It was a gamble, like coach said, but we won. We survived and made it to the next round. The place went bananas, and we celebrated our magic moment, then went home, rested up, and came ready for the next round. Mad Max was a part of the team, and we were his teammates. Next game Johnny Guns put up 81 and after that Tony Smooth scored a triple double as they crowned us champions. We did it all together.


Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Ten Dollars

I said no.

That’s what started it.

All hell broke loose.

All over ten dollars…

God help us.

Only your mercy can save us, at the end of the day we’re all lost in this big world full of people needing your guidance. We’re all stuck in a room alone searching for something to believe in and we often fight over the little things, even ten dollars.

Ten Dollars

Sunday, April 17, 2022

The Orbital Sun

How perfect and radiant. 

The structurally sphered planets magnetically orbit around a hot vibrant sun. 

From afar, it’s shape matches that of a small eyeball flowing with color inside of the human head.

The orbital sun is perfect in every way. 

Proving a vast advancement of chemistry on a bigger more giant scale.

To be able to fathom such a giant shape, a giant ball of fire, would be like spinning a hot gas lit sphere on a needle in dark space.

The magnitude of the sun’s power is endless, it provides colorful flowers, heat, and an abundance of radiant rays giving life.

A mass amount of energy, perfectly positioned for billions of years.

The brain cannot comprehend such consistent reliance.

It’s massive;

It’s the orbital sun. 

Saturday, April 16, 2022

The Amazing Sun

The bulging disk in the sky is real.

It’s a sphere of energy constantly charging the atmosphere.

It’s amazing.

For centuries scholars have come and gone trying to study it’s orbital perfection and still it rises.

Age after age it has outlasted every feeble creature and continues to shine.

It’s energy is massive and every concept of creation has been spellbound by it’s efficiency.

The amazing sun has one ritual and that is to rise.

Every planet swings around it’s fulfilling orbital greatness and it’s dependency is beyond belief.

It’s colorful rays are filled with infinite energy and has outlasted every skeletal creation.

Age to age it rises.

It’s the truth and the solution to every religious myth.

It’s the amazing sun.  

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The Sun Queen

It was her, she meant me well and she listened.

Inside of her held my child, she loved me and let me lead; we were in love together.

We never argued and her light always shined on me.

We were happy together.

When the seed that I’d planted grew inside of her and the egg hatched, she gave birth to both of us, our child.

We made something together.

We made a star, an entire new galaxy.

She was a real Queen, no gimmicks, no hostility, no back and forth.

She loved me for me and I loved her for her.

She was my other half. 

With our new child, we shined like the sun.

Our feelings were not manipulated but they were genuine.

With her, our colorful rays shined, we were complete.

I was happy and she was okay with that because we smiled together.

Our love was authentic, and as our egg hatched, together, in a world filled with happy thoughts and love, we rose like the sun.

In a field of shattered eggshells and hatred,

we rose for everyone, and we lead them to the light.

Together, with the sun shining on us, we were reborn.

The Sun Queen.

Monday, April 11, 2022

The Rays of the Sun

Dear Beautiful Sun,

It’s been a long winter and I miss you.

First I’d like to thank you for coming out everyday just to show me your awesome rays.

I’d also like to thank you for the colorful flowers and plush green ecosystem.

Your rays are priceless, magnifying and truth of something greater than this world.

You’re a star and your beautiful invisible colored rays keep me warm and filled with colorful bright thoughts.

I could not exist without you.

Everyday I’m reborn and cleansed with your colorful rays.

The pictures look crystal clear and the gold gems look great with the diamonds that you so graciously provided.

I appreciate the light you supply for every meal that nourishes my body.

Sincerely Yours

Thank you,

Little John Brown

The Rays of the Sun

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

The boy who read every Book

What a good boy he was, smart, clever, and brilliant. The first thing he noticed was how quickly he matured. He also began to transform into a more intellectual species. His vocabulary also changed and he would notice things that often went unnoticed. Certain critical things began to bother him. He became less attracted to sports because he was more concerned about his brain health. He also developed OCD and became fearful of microorganisms. Toxic chemicals were another phobia and he became antisocial because few people spoke his language. He also built his very own civilization and found out ways to travel through the universe without rocket fuel. He found out the secrets of religion and sat in the chairs of academics. He would council world leaders and give them advice. He would design stadiums and write textbooks. Women loved his company because he would take the time to listen and advance their fulfillment request abundantly. When lonely, he spent his time solving math problems to change the world. When upset, he spent his time listening to great orators and musicians to calm his nerves. He was not moved by foolishness and he knew the importance of a good intellectual joke. He kept a journal and expanded his vocabulary in every language and when he became sick he found a cure. When down and out he rebuilt with knowledge. When the walls were caving in his books held up his house because they were made of wood. There was something special about this distinguished fellow, he knew everything, history, pharmaceuticals, radiology, religion, geometry, physiology, anatomy, biology, neuroscience, astronomy, physics, mechanical engineering and even philosophy. He figured out the laws of life and death. He was so smart that while asleep, he built another world to escape to in his dreams. He was a scientist, radio host, a doctor and even a financial consultant. The guy knew it all, and when he died, he created the wind that blew open the pages of closed books for the people he left behind. 

“Read everything,” were his last words. He even wrote.

The boy who read every book. 📖 📕 📚 

Sunday, April 3, 2022

The Legend of the 8th Dragon

There are twelve reasons why the 8th dragon slept by the gold. One of the main reasons was to guard the gold for the mother land.

The legend begins with two sides of a gold coin. One side has a dragon breathing hot fire on suspected thieves and the other has the face of a dark queen. Queen Shabaka is her name. She is known throughout the southern hemisphere for being the most beautifully brutal Queen of all time. Legend has it that she was so brutal that she fed her enemies to her dragons. 

Ancient prophecies foretold of a final battle that the brutal Queen would have to overcome to protect her people from a lion that slept in the northern hemisphere, this lion would eventually awake to face off against her dragons. Queen Shabaka sacrificed innocent blood to the evil deities to try to stop this prophetic vision from taking place. In every war that she won, she beat her enemies into brutal submission. Her execution tactics led her territories to be ruled with fear, but just like every tale, all things must come to an end. On Queen Shabaka’s fiftieth birthday she had a dream that she’d fell in love and had beautiful children. When she told the dream to her faithful servant, the virgin Queen began to change. In all of her years of living, she had never had such a dream. Gracefully awaking in a very dark room that rarely let in sunlight she noticed a ray of light seeping in through a small crack in a distant corner of her huge room. Touched by her new dreams and the sunlight, Queen Shabaka started to feel something in her heart. It was as though the good spirits were calling her, as though some other worldly force had been giving her a new feeling to embrace. A new way to live. The next day at a formal execution, Queen Shabaka was seen putting out her ceremonial flame and letting her victims go free. This was a woman who in all of her years of living had never shown any form of mercy. 

“I desire a child,” she said to her servant Dombuku while feeding her dragons.

“But, great Queen, you cannot have children,” her servant explained.

“The good spirits gave me the vision of children, if I can not have them, I will adopt them. First, I will adopt Useem, the lion tamer, he seems like a great young boy.”

In less then three months, Queen Shabaka had an entire palace filled with orphaned children. Her wealth of knowledge in every form of art was enough to feed her orphan family with the greatest food of all, knowledge. Raising children became her new passion, but to her enemies they saw this as a weakness. 

“See how overwhelmed she has become,” they would say, spreading the gospel of hatred to stir up the war pot. They soon began to plot against her and her dragons, who also were hungry for fresh meat that she had deprived them of for months. 

“Great virgin Queen, your people send you a message. In respect and honor, great Queen, we have never seen you so passionate and merciful. For the first time in history we have witnessed you share with the poor and hungry. We, your people, are very pleased and will fight to the death for you,” the messenger said, while reading to her the message from her people.

“How hard is it to go from brutal to merciful? How hard is it to go from a steel spine to a compassionate leader? Dombuku, something has changed me. Every morning I now let in the sunlight, but I fear that my dragons have grown too hungry. How hard is it for a compassionate Queen to settle the burning vengeance of her enemies?” The great Queen said to her servant while watching her hungry dragons feed on her people.

“Great Queen, a beast is a beast. It’s nature. Whatever has become of you is from God. You’re not a beast anymore. You’ve become the lioness that defeats the dragons in the prophecy. You’ve become the fresh rose growing in a field of old thorns. Please fight for us now and not for yourself,” Dombuku asked.

The great virgin Queen with her palace of orphans then waged war against the hungry dragons, but they were just too strong. The more that they fought, the more the dragons fed. 

“Great Queen, only a beast can defeat a beast,” Dombuku explained.

Understanding his statement, the Queen released the 8th dragon. He was bred to serve only her. This was the biggest and strongest dragon. She also got help from her son Useem’s lions, but with the defeat of her dragons, her enemies saw another weakness and they quickly began to attack. 

Dombuku noticed a streak of grey hair growing from the great Queen’s head. 

“You’ve grown wise great Queen. God is with us. Now we fight for good,” Dombuku explained.

Queen Shabaka’s story spread across the world. Her once isolated kingdom had grown stronger with her fighting side by side with her people. 

She flew through the sky on her 8th dragon while her orphans road on the backs of giant lions. This was historic, legendary stuff.

Queen Shabaka became just that, a legend, and somehow was given eternal life from the good spirits until every orphan child was given a home. Til this day she flies through the sky on her 8th dragon, rescuing orphans in hopes that she will one day be able to rest with the good spirits that gave her her eternal duty. Her duty to see every orphan child find a home. Her work is never done. Her story lives on.

Queen Shabaka & the Legend of the 8th Dragon