Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Messages in a bottle

The raindrops fall from the sky and the water hits the earth, it's all that's left to drink. Positive energy attracts to negative forces. Negative energy attracts to positive forces. The truth, the way, and the light comes in many ideologies and colors look differently compared to the eyes that perceive them. A sinner motivated to save a life, a homeless man with two coins, and a leader tormented by his own flaws. This message is for your mind, it's for your thoughts. Those who envy the wealthy soon realize that the comfort of home was not so bad once they too become wealthy. Meditate on the words, figure them out. The phone rings at a quarter past midnight; this person rarely calls, I assume they must need something, so I listen. The pharmacy on the corner selling drugs, and the witch once hated has somehow given them the power to heal. What does a pig eat? She did not know what was in the drink but she chose to drink it. Two seconds past midnight and the phone rings again, this person rarely calls; I assume they must need something, so I don't answer. Held at gunpoint he begs for his life and then returns the favor. The mirror is all she holds, never realizing that she must first love herself, she finds it hard to tell the difference. In fear of their own hero's reward, they refuse his help and try to save themselves. Her independence has created an opposite attraction. The past rotates in the same direction as earth, yet, after the first shot is fired, it's too late, you've chosen your own fate. The child falls down when no one is around, her mother warned her to stay close to home. He has to accept the fact that no one is perfect before he can try again. Millions suffer and many die from a bomb dropped on their habitation because of a leader with inferior beliefs. Who caused the war? Ions and pestilence fill an old industrial field while contaminated manna falls from the sky and the people eat while traveling in circles. A savior walks by and is hung from a tree because he is innocent and his dying flesh is eaten by hungry prey. The people he saved just watched. She laughs at people without taking a second look and the images later haunt her. The oil fields that promised wealth, prosperity, and jobs, have infected the lungs and shaken up the earth, all that's left is a deserted island. He is the center of attention and no one will listen to him but the entertainment seems real. The pure energy in the body is yours, will you apply for the job or will you build your own kingdom. The leader seems harsh, I guess that's why he has so many followers. The leader seems liked, I guess that's why he's got so many enemies. Late at night he dies in his sleep but wakes-up alive to rule. This message is deep so you can climb from the pit when no one is around. Take your time, think. How do you get to the top of the pit? How did you fall in? When life is fair, write it down so others can read the message. They may fall in also. Keep thinking, keep moving, and keep reading, you're almost there. The lust of beauty has defiled the immunity of a debilitating disease, nothing can cure it, and death is certain but life goes on. Trust becomes no more to a man who has been burned several times. There's no hope if he chooses to give up. You have but one opportunity, why should you pass up this temptation, you may never get it again so you eat what's left over...um that taste good...YOU GAVE IN. Little children with too much common sense in a danger zone realize they've been left for dead so they commit suicide, they have nothing to offer and they do not believe in the future. Humanitarian aids have run out of donations and there are clouds in the sky as famine has turned the village into cannibals, give them what you have before they eat you. She loves an idol more than the person she married, how ironic. With so many choices, which one do you choose? The cries for the basic necessities in life are often not heard but nature still takes it's course. One is never enough, for those who need more. We were warned about this. Who will save us? What is our purpose? The jokes are funny but deep inside the mind of the comedian, he is searching for a way out of the madness. Once you're used up, who will save you? What will you have left to offer? Look at how they've run off with the skills you taught them and left you to fend for yourself. Just stay still. Positive energy attracts to negative forces; take a compass with you into the forest. The energy must stay neutral; keep an eye on the poles. Follow the positive forces to contain the negative energy and find your way home. This is a common occurrence in an infinite universe. I hope negative energy never crosses your path. Good luck on your journey. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The First Amerikans

It's free!
There's a pot with two antennas, so when you look in it, you can see a picture of you and your grandfather, it cost $400.
It's land filled with water, dust, and air, but you have to pay for the book that has the ingredients, it cost $40.
The water is filtered but it's still water, it cost $30.
The people have many faces but they're still people and no matter who they are or how special they may seem, you still have to pay interest just to see them.
Two ships come to the dock, sailing away from death, where are the passports? By George, it's Thanksgiving Day!
Is that man selling his coffin to pay for his funeral?
Her boyfriend dreamed of a hit record so he made a love song about her and fell in love with his agent...she later found out that she wasn't in the dream.
Two drummers are looking for an electric guitar player for their band, but they forgot they need an audience to get paid, where are they now?
There's people walking by a skyscraper and someone is about to jump, I wonder if they see him on the edge of the top floor.
He never complains because nobody cares, so he curses in the mirror and then brushes his teeth.
He's google eyed from typing girl names in the search engine.
Is that genius drinking sugar water?
Is that a handicap sticker on the runway or is that airplane parked in the wrong spot?
Why is the president in church, I thought they were separated?
She has a wheelchair printed on her skin, what brand of skin is she wearing?
There's an ambulance driver saving someone who just got into a fight with the police.
He ran for office but now he's running from city hall and he just got elected president, what's the odds of that?
She's always in the mirror but never at home, how does that sound?
I see flags hanging upside down on my neighbors porch, I go to fix them and he gets upset with me, I thought he was a patriot.
She's single, filed her taxes, then got a brand new car, who did she claim?
I'm on a psych ward and I see America spelled "Amerika" and I have no clue why, I wonder if the person who wrote it lost their mind.
I'm still in the hospital and out of all the babies I see through the glass, there is one with his fist in the air. Oh wait, I see two fingers almost like the newborn is holding up the peace sign while all the other babies are crying. I wonder if the other babies are protesting? I sit and just soak up the moment not knowing if I'll ever be sane again, but at least I got to see the first Amerikans.     

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Sex Offender

"What's human? Dr. Greg." Ramon asked, in his first counseling session.
Dr. Greg takes his glasses off.
"I'm human, and you're human. Why do you ask?"
"Do you think a woman who kills a child is human?"
Dr. Greg takes a drink and slowly puts down his glass.
"A woman who kills her child must not feel that the child is safe enough to belong in this world. These cases of neonaticide have been occurring throughout the history of human life; at least as far as my research goes. Where are you going with this?"
Ramon sits back on the lounge chair.
"Do you love your wife? Dr. Greg."
"Yes... with all my heart," Dr. Greg replies.
"I once used to feel like that. Then I logged in online to meet Sophia, Candy, Candice and Caramel. They changed my perception of the female species," Ramon says folding his hands on his stomach while laying back.
He gets Dr. Greg's full attention.
"Elaborate on that thought would you please."
Ramon looks at the clock on the wall and then continues.
"As a child I used to play with my sisters. I loved them Dr. Greg. I loved them until they became sluts. You know I once heard a sermon about a prophet in the bible who was so powerful that he could not be fazed by the slut. I envy him. You see Dr. Greg, once I figured out what the slut can do to a man's natural conscience I became a monster. I don't want to confuse you on why I need your help. I love women, but the slut has led me here."
"That's interesting. So what is a slut to you? If you don't mind me asking."
Ramon gets up from the lounge chair.
"Don't act stupid. You know what a slut is."
Dr. Greg takes a sip of water.
"Please, sit back down. I want to know what a slut is to you," Dr. Greg responds modestly.
Ramon sits back down and gets comfortable. He folds his hands back on his stomach.
"I don't know any more. I just don't understand why the women I love are not attracted to me. I always end up with a dirty rotten slut."
Dr. Greg grabs his pen and pad and starts writing.
"Is that why you think you're a sex offender now."
The room is silent for a second.
"I'm a sex offender because I have to punish the sluts. That's something you won't understand. Don't act like you're mister perfect. You've watched porn like every sex craving maniac on this planet. It's human."
Dr. Greg stops writing.
"I'm trying to help you Ramon. I want to tell you why I took you in as a patient. I admit I've had my days of abuse and being a sex craving fanatic but it got me nowhere but here. If I don't help you, then my own life won't be complete. I cannot undo my past but I can only help those seeking a better future." he explains, getting Ramon's full attention.
"I didn't rape that girl, Dr. Greg. Once you figure out what a human being is and what being human feels like, then you will understand my mind. I'm a man who's got to put an end to the sluts that are killing divine will."
Dr. Greg starts to write again. Ramon then goes quiet.
"Divine will is like karma, it teaches us to become better,"  Dr. Greg says, breaking the silence.
Ramon begins to mumble.
"Love did this to me, Dr. Greg. Having a broken heart has turned me into a monster and I'll never forgive that slut for what she did to me. You just keep on loving your wife; but I'm warning you, if she screws you over, then you feed her to me and I'll straighten her out."
"Well Ramon. I recommend you read as many books as you can. I want you to live like a monk for a year, then I want you to come back and schedule another session with me. If you do this, I guarantee you'll be changed into a better man, but that can only happen if you follow my instructions," replied Dr. Greg, wrapping up the session between the two of them.
Ramon took his advice. He respected Dr. Greg. After their meeting, Dr. Greg had put Ramon to the test. Ramon began to workout more, he started reading everything he could get his hands on, and in the process he found himself growing into a better person. After a year had past, he and Dr. Greg met at a gym and talked in the lounge after their workout.
"You know Dr. Greg. In this whole year I finally figured it out."
Dr. Greg became all ears.
"What did you figure out?" He asked.
Ramon then responded humbly.
"Women just want the same thing we want; they just want to be loved."
Dr. Greg was shocked by Ramon's new found comment.
Complete solitude and meditation had killed the monster that Ramon once was. 
The End.  

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Love Mysteries; Issue 1: The day the floor caved in

This was his opportunity. Victor loved Rachelle but he just needed to tell her, someway or somehow. Standing in the elevator, he just stood there and stared at her. He was obsessed, he had to have Rachelle. Reaching down to tie his shoe laces, he imagined himself in her arms. He loved the colorful stockings that she would wear. He couldn't help drooling while down on one knee glancing at her legs in red stockings.  From sun up to sun down, Rachelle was on his mind. This woman had a spell on him and she didn't even know him. The fragrance of "Winter Blossom" perfume was all that he needed to get his senses revved up. Drowning himself in his lust for Rachelle filled his every thought. Victor needed medicine to cure his craving for this woman. Every inkling moment she walked by him was just enough to send him into a universe of wonders with just him and her. His heart would race at first sight of her. The man would spend all of his life savings just for one night with Rachelle. This feeling was dangerous. Every chance he passed-up to talk to her would haunt him in his sleep. He had to tell her how he felt. He had to say something to this woman or the images playing over and over in his mind would remain just that, an image.
It was a Thursday afternoon and it was time to go on lunch-break. Rachelle walked by and Victor saw her kiss someone else while he looked from afar. Victor then slammed his hand up against his cubical. Feeling crushed, he proceeded to follow her while the other guy must have worked the second shift in another office on the same floor. Whoever the guy was, he was nowhere in sight when Victor caught up with her at the corner store getting something while on break. The woman had never even paid attention to him. Itching at his thoughts, he knew that if he said something to her with any hint that he was interested in her that he would be stepping on another man's turf. The moment they began to talk, ambulance sirens were heard passing by the store. The two of them continued to talk all the way up to the cash register and back to the office. Noticing a fire truck and ambulance outside of their job, they rushed to see what happened. It turns out that the office building's floor caved in and killed everyone in the building, including Rachelle's boyfriend. Watching her cry, Victor couldn't believe the odds. His obsession was so great that it became fatal. He had no care for someone he didn't know but seeing his opportunity, he comforted and got to know Rachelle in the heat of this tragic moment.
The question in this mysterious story is: Did Victor's love obsession for Rachelle cause this ironic event to occur? Those who study the forces of love can only imagine it's power. Love and the laws of attraction can be so powerful that the effects can be fatal. "Good Luck" and "BEWARE" of the mysteries of love.