Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Happy Ending

Why are you crying my child?
Is it because of what you see?
Are you afraid to love?
Who hurt you?
Do you think that I as your father would make pain so hard that you will feel it for all eternity?
I know your heart.
I made you.
Do you not see I made all of this for you.
That is why death is an illusion my child.
Those in this life watch you pass on into eternity.
I am with you.
Do your loved ones not yearn for your presence when you pass like they do my spirit?
The colorful flowers you see blooming.
The fresh air you breath.
The trees that you see.
All this is for you my child.
Do not be afraid to come to me with your desires.
All I ask is that through all you do you search for a happy ending.
And when all is said and done in this life I will give you a new beginning.
Look, I give you a new sun that will rise each day.
It will be my promise that I will always shine on you.
It is everlasting.
Then when the moon comes at night and you fall to sleep.
That is your token of a happy ending.
For a new day begins as you start your journey always in search for my eternal love and compassion.
As time passes and all that was lost is found.
All I ask is that you believe in...
A Happy Ending.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lost and Found

I go to a small corner and it's silent.
All I can hear is the air and nothing more.
I've done something wrong I know.
What will happen to me?
What will be my punishment?
I want to be innocent.
I want to be free from this guilt.
There has to be a reason why I keep falling in the same pit.
As I sit in the corner drowning over my sorrow my cross falls from my necklace.
It falls and hits the floor.
I'm alone and I have just witnessed a small unexplainable event.
This must be my answer.
I pick it up off of the floor and realize what I have done.
I am lost with human emotion.
I am found when I get up and try again.
This happened for a reason.
Now I will go tell the world about what I am now and who I was before.
But most of all I will tell them about the lost and found.

Monday, September 28, 2015

One thing a production crew member should always have:

When working on the set people always need things. You would be amazed at how even things that you would not imagine are needed on set. That is why a production crew member should always have pockets. The best tip to give a friend coming along for the adventure is to have clothing on with pockets and try to remember which pocket has what you're looking for in it.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Why use a storyboard for your film:

When making a video or film sometimes it gets complicated because you know what shots you want but you forget what order they should be in. A storyboard is the guide. One good thing about a storyboard is that you don't need good drawing skills. The goal is to have a map to get to where you're going with the film. A good example of a storyboard would be: a drawing of the first scene in detail. One drawing of a close up and one drawing of a body falling to the ground. Storyboards can even be pictures as well, anything that can be useful to map the scene out would be considered a storyboard. Storyboards are useful because they help you, the actors, and your team have a clear vision of the films goals.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

One important aspect of mastering audio

One mystery of mastering audio that often goes overlooked is figuring out sound quality in other playing devices. Even professionals will tell you that when mastering audio, sometimes the sound quality is much different in other devices. One trick is to test your audio mastering samples on five different set of speakers such as: a cell phone, a computer, a TV, a car, and standard audio monitors. This test should give you some assurance that your mastering levels are up to standards.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Three common camera angles:

When operating a camera it's good to know what angles can accommodate your vision or look for a particular scene. One good shot would be the close up angle, which is usually used to put attention on the person speaking and their dialog. Another good shot is the mid angle shot; this shot is more of a distance away from the subject and captures the upper body. The mid angle shot usually gives more feeling to what the subject is doing. The last common shot is the wide angle, this shot captures the objects and other things that the director wants in the frame. The wide angle usually lets the viewers know what is going on in the shot. Although all serve a purpose, it's up to the director on what camera angle is recommended for the shot.  

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Insight on how to become a good writer

Most writings come from everyday thoughts and experiences that last a lifetime. The majority of good writers read and study constantly to perfect the art. A good writer is serious about his or her characters. Staying up late perfecting the ins and outs of a story. Most writers are thinkers who constantly have to analyze and create a path for others to follow. Although most writers are not wealthy they write because they love it. Writing comes in all forms and some very gifted writers may not feel like they're educated enough. If this is the case expand your knowledge and never stop reading. To conclude this post, it is safe to say that a good writer writes from within and strives for a good ending.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Purpose of the Appendix (Book)

An appendix is usually placed at the end of a book. It consist of stats, articles, or a bibliography. It is useful in an academic book format because it provides critical information to the topic. The purpose of the appendix is to give the reader a section of the book that provides additional information.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Understanding the audio term"Buss or Bus":

When you look at a mixer or audio rack, you will see wires connected to an input or output. These connections from input to output are carrying signals. This passing of signals is called a "buss or bus". You will often see such words used in audio software also, when referring to either grouping signals or audio connections. The term describes where the signal is going, such as bus 2 or bus 3 etc.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The importance of the bibliography:

Authors who compile information from research about certain factual events that are predominantly academic, often compile each book or materials used at the end of their book. This research is linked to the build up of the book. It can be described as a body of knowledge on how the thinking was formulated in writing the book. Most academic writers display a bibliography at the end of their work not just for references, but also for their readers own academic benefit. The bibliography is a pivotal section of the book especially in the field of academics. The bibliography provides a path to take when formulating a story and building off of critically researched topics.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ever wonder how a website looks so stylish?

Basic design for a website is embedded with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) coding. Which is a language that gives the computer instructions or commands that you develop to design a website from scratch. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a separate program that allows you to add color, font setting, and even background layouts. This program can be used with any XML document. When learning programing each language is contrary to the other. One language tells the other what to do. So if I type <smile>in HTML  then {color:white;background} in CSS this will tell the computer that the smile should have a color white background (This is not actual coding this is just an example). This example is just a basic idea on how to add style to a website.

Monday, September 14, 2015

A simple example of frequency and what it's measured in:

Frequency can be defined simply by putting one dot on a piece of paper. If you want more dots than you increase the frequency by writing more dots. If you take this example and apply it to a radio broadcast than you would be referring to signal strength. To increase the signal you would increase the frequency. When you increase the frequency the signal expands and the station can reach a wider audience. Frequency is measured in hertz.

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Tower Family and their Broken Instruments

Mrs. Tower was a good mom, she had her twins 9/11/2001. The twins were happy kids. Her husband was a good man. The Tower family was known for collecting broken instruments. After twelve years of doing this they figured they would start a band to make some extra money. They started to play outside of buildings and people loved them. Mr. Tower was a genius, he knew how to make even the worn instruments useful for something. After fourteen years of doing this the Tower family started to get tired. They just didn't feel like it would workout. They couldn't make enough money to keep it up. Mr. Tower decided that he would start fixing the instruments and maybe sell them. The twins had grown up now and they saw the discouraging look on their father's face. He enjoyed playing. It didn't matter if one person showed up they knew he was only happy when he was playing music. The twins had an idea that would get their father back to doing what he loved. They went out and collected every broken instrument they could and placed them in the back yard. They did this for 11 years. After the 11th year the broken instruments had reached the clouds, they were stacked so high. Soon after people started gathering around their house and Mr. Tower would play for them and people would give him a lot of money just to get a piece of the record that they had received for the tallest broken instrument tower. The Tower family played and played as people from all over the world started sending them their broken instruments. The tower soon grew almost into space exceeding the clouds. Mr. Tower and his family kept going until one day a kid showed up. The kid kept watching Mr. Tower and his family. He came over and hugged him. The Tower family had never seen him in the crowd before. He told Mr. Tower that he looked up to him and wish he could play an instrument. This touched the Tower family. They then went to the back yard to grab him an instrument.
 "I think we should get him some drums," Mrs. Tower says.
"I have a feeling if we take something from the stack, the instruments will surely fall. What should we do?" Mr. Tower explained.
While the twins watched from the window, they came up with an idea.
"Father, why don't you start from the top and donate the instruments to children or people who want to play but can't afford it."
Mr. and Mrs. Tower looked discouraged, "But we're this close to reaching outer space with our tower. If we start giving the instruments away than what's the purpose of all this work." Mr. Tower says.
The twins give each other a look of certainty, "Just think of all of the jobs you can create fixing all of those instruments. Wouldn't that be great," one of the twins explained.
A bell went off in Mr. and Mrs. Tower's head.
The Tower family flew a plane to the top and got to work.
Three years later after starting their business they soon built two twin towers that reached the heavens all because of one little drummer boy who wanted to play an instrument. Every 9/11 they go to the top floor while he stands on the bottom to look up and play his drums of joy.
The End.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Animals Vs. the Humans

"They killed my whole family and shot at me when I tried to save them. I can't go on living like this," the lion explains to a pack of animals.
A raccoon emerges from the pack of animals, "We have to organize. We have to come up with a  plan, then we strike."
The lion stands on top of a fallen tree to address the animals of the forest,
 "We must all come together in this matter. We will wage war on the humans. I am certain that we will see victory in this battle. We must use everything we have. Every god given ability and we will fight to the end. Animals of the earth I proclaim that we have nothing to lose and we have the world to gain."
All of the animals start cheering then a loud explosion fills the ears of the animals.
"Run to the mountains everyone. Hurry we have to save ourselves. The dreaded humans have dropped the bombs," shouts the lion.
After filling the mountains the eagle flies in with some amazing news.
"Friends of the forest it seems the humans have blown themselves up. We are back in business," proclaims the eagle.
Cheers fill the air.
Another raccoon emerges from the pack,
 "So who is at the top of the food chain now?"
All the animals look at each other and scatter like rats.
The raccoon takes a seat on a log all by himself,
"We could just be vegetarians," he says to himself as a buckeye falls from the tree and hits him on the head.
The animals didn't  even have to put up a fight for the humans had did the work for them.
The end.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

King Uriah and the Black Plague

"What do you see my LORD?"
A loud thunder struck the earth.
It was so loud that the cloud that it came from made a baby cry.
Gabriel took back his question as he saw the eyes of the crying baby.
It was Uriah the Hittite. The fallen soldier who was slain by a king had been reborn.
Whispering....."See no pleasure in the people's visions. Do you see as they do not obey. Do you see how they have no mercy on their own kind. Everything I say to you is true. Whenever you see them smile you must not trust them. You must put the fear of GOD in them. This is not TERROR. I am speaking truth. Their hearts have turned away. Their is no beauty in them. For they have turned away from the one who gives them strength. You alone will take away their light. You will take away their joy. For they have forgotten. They do not hear the cries of the innocent? 'TAKE ME DOWN. I GIVE MY LIFE FOR YOUR SAKE. FORGIVE THEM FATHER FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO.'"
Whispering...."I want to have mercy on them. Look at the woman? Do you see what she has become? Look at the ones who follow the law. Do you see how they're hung. In you I will put all of me. When your work is done. The land will be calm and the heavens will rain down ashes on the earth. Do you see their leaders. Look at how they have no knowledge of the LORD. They are dumb by their own laws. The people do not respect them. Look at the mother as she has no food for her child and she kills because of her uncertainty. She is alone. Where is man? Is this what I have done. 'I MADE THEM AND THEY DO NOT SEE ME IN MAN.' In you I will give them justice. You will be my watchman. Their must be no forgiveness in your heart. In you they will see all of what they have done and they will fall to their knees. In you they will see the truth for they have been blinded by lies. You will have to do nothing. I Gabriel will walk with you. The sins you commit will not be your own. For when you sin it will be because the people force you to. Rise up my child and walk."
When Uriah the Hittite rose he saw the star of DAVID and he knelt.
"I remember...I will now walk with you my LORD."
Lighting struck again and there was a new JERUSALEM.
"Do you see it," Gabriel asked.
"Where are the people my LORD?"
Their eyes have been opened by the Black Plague.
They await you at the gates.
You alone have the key.
"Am I a man?"
"Open the gate and you will see what you alone inherited because of your faith in the king. You my child are a soldier of the LORD."
When Uriah opened the gate. The people knelt before him. Have mercy on us...have mercy on us my LORD.
"But I don't understand," Uriah explained.
Gabriel showed him the Black Plague.
Now they remember. You alone will be their King.
You alone will lead them back to JERUSALEM.
Uriah saw the sun peak through the clouds.
The plague healed the land and all that was left was innocent.
The head of the snake fell in front of him and he killed the dragon also.
Ten soldiers tried to kill him as he saw the star of DAVID.
"Why are they trying to kill me?"
"Am I just a man?"
When the people saw this they prayed.
The sun came out and the war was over.
For they saw a new JERUSALEM.
Uriah fell to his knees and a wife was given to him.
She was a gentle Virgin with no sin.
She was the purest of all women.
She helped him up, gave him drink.
She opened his heart.
She gave him love.
"My LORD your work is done." She spoke.
The work of the LORD was done.
There was a new JERUSALEM, there was peace on EARTH.
King Uriah could now forgive. For the Lord alone had cleansed the Land.  

Friday, September 4, 2015

What is linguistics?

Linguistics is the study of language. There are three forms of this study: language form, language meaning, and language. Although it seems rare that people value quality language skills, the study of linguistics is still important as communication skills are always needed. It is also important to note that proper dialect is important in all forms of society. The person who studies linguistics understands the use of words in formal and informal situations. The study of linguistics is pivotal to the development of a well educated and functioning society.  

Thursday, September 3, 2015

One important camera tip for the amateur:

Although this tip may seem vague, it is common amongst amateur filmmakers and photographers:
About 90% of the time what you see on the monitor is what you will see in the final results unless something is wrong with the camera or monitor screen. That is why it is important to adjust lighting etc. according to what the picture looks like on the monitor. If for any reason you feel it is going to look different from what the monitor is displaying; chances are you're wrong.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Using the word "gag" in theatre.

In sitcoms you will notice punch-lines used to enhance the comedy experience. In theatre terms these punch-lines are called "gag lines" or "gags".

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What you will see if you take a microscope and place it up to a DVD.

You will see tiny dots embedded within the DVD. Those dots are the sound patterns of what you hear playing when the sound is transmitted through the speakers.