Wednesday, October 26, 2022


Caught in a brutal storm there was something better brewing, something a little more calmer… something a little more quieter. 

Marriage and relationships are not bad, it’s great when two people fall in love, but one disagreement can be fatal. Down the road though there’s just something about the feeling of peace.

It’s the sweet sound of a settling wave. No sounds of radio vibrations leaking through wooden walls. It’s amazing. The feeling is complete silence…rest. The calm wind blowing through the trees, the breeze of cool rain drops on a hot day. Peace is another level, it’s time standing still, it’s a long quiet walk and a brief second to think.

Turn it down, be quiet, hear your inner voice…

Be well my friend… take a break, and be sure to find some time for peace.

No conflict, no strife, no war, just you and a good book…peace

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