Monday, June 13, 2022

Judgement Day

After his last brain scan, Jacob took a look outside, through the window, he noticed black birds falling from the sky.

Jennifer Green also saw something strange, she was doing hair at her salon in a small windstorm when she saw a great statue of a prostitute fall on the Vegas strip. 

Peter, who was a very religious man, witnessed his entire church burn to the ground.

Not too long after, a war broke out on the proclaimed holy land and from a distance the onlookers and observers said it was an act of God while the victims of war were fighting for their land.

Great bombs could be seen falling from the sky and from the angle of an abandoned sheep, torment was seen as God’s prophecy being fulfilled.

Each angle of perception could be the flaw of man’s own ambitions. The preacher created one vision while the world saw another.

The scientist created the bombs that the people used to gain dominance over each other and the paramedics came to the aid of the victims of war.

If there were prophets set to return, the people literally killed each other in their name and what ever bloodline was next in line to rule planet earth was stationed underneath the ground.

As nations witnessed the epitome of man’s delusions, mankind literally killed off its own species.

Once the carnage was over, the sun came up the next day and the next species in line set to rule planet earth took over while everyone else returned to the pit of their own fantasies. Humans had soon become extinct, only to languish in their own faults while in constant remissions of their lavish wasted past. 

What was the point of man’s existence, only to be overcome by a tribe of genetically modified lion people who became the next dynasty to revive the great pyramids. 

As the pages of the good book dissolved in a sand storm some saw this as God’s will. The lion people came from underneath the earth to judge the failures of mankind while some believed that whatever was classified backfired and caused the demise of the human species.

Either way, Judgement Day revived a dynasty.

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