Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The King of Judah

Who would serve an unforgiving God?

A God who does not hear our prayers.

A God who does not show mercy.

Like a roaring Lion, my God gives eternal strength.

He shows mercy to the children.

He guides an army of perfect peaceful angels to watch over those who call upon him.

From the darkness of night till the light of day, he reigns. 

A religious scholar would say, “He’s on time.”

In my lonely hours, I’ve come to trust him.

He’s a friend, a father, and a comforter.

I would recommend his services to all who seek peace and guidance in their life.

He’s the King of Judah, he reigns. 

Don’t be afraid of him, like the raging wind he roams the earth providing for all of his creation.

In the old until the new, nothing has changed.

He remains,

“The King of Judah.”

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