Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Cleansing

 “What is God Jim?” Henry asked after seeing his mother killed right in front of him a few weeks before his counseling session.

It was apparent that he was on the edge, depressed and tired of life. His family was strung out on drugs. All of his children had been killed in gun related incidents. The guy literally had nothing left.

Jim stood up in his seat next to Henry, “God is good. He’s like a man cleaning a dirty room. Once you let him in, Henry, he’ll help you and clean out your dirt. That’s what God does.”

Henry laughed and looked at Jim and said, “I let God in a long time ago Jim. I’ve just come to accept the fact that I can spend my entire life trying to fix people or spend this time with a good friend like you Jim. I think that’s what God is. My dirty family killed themselves, God didn’t do that.”

Once Jim and Henry got done with their Bible study mixer they called it a night.

Henry went home, cleaned up and took all of the pictures of his family off of his wall and put them in the closet. He was the last one left.

The Cleansing.

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