Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Big White House

A gateway was opened, a gateway to the mind.

The blueprint was laid out and it was built.

The house was built for someone else to live in and this became a problem.

You see the mind of us humans gives us hunger for more.

The Big White House caused a problem for those with less.

“How did they afford it and not pay us,” the builders would say. 

Who would’ve thought that one big house would stir up the crowd.

“We deserve a living wage! We deserve that house! We deserve everything that’s owed to us!” the crowd of builders said conjuring up a war chant.

Upset with their contract, they burned the house down.

A gateway had been opened, a gateway to the mind.

When we as people see bigger and better things, we for some reason want it, we want to be a part of it, and many of us will do anything for it.

The question is why?

Is bigger better or is smaller convenient? 

The Big White House; once the protest started there was no turning back.

A gateway was opened, a gateway to the mind, a gateway into reality.

They burned it down because they wanted it.

The question is why?

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