Thursday, July 7, 2022

The Ripple Effect

Henry was a pro, he lived in one town for 40 years and did the exact same thing almost everyday.

Harry was a con artist, he went from town to town mimicking professionals and setting up shops to dupe people into giving him money.

Jimmy was a preacher, his church was nearly bankrupt and his members did everything outside of learning the Bible. They ran the church to the ground because no one understood money but they loved consuming.

Carl wanted to be the president, he spent the majority of his time traveling and getting to know as many people as he could so they would vote for him.

Tina wanted to be a writer, she spent the majority of her time at the library perfecting the art of writing.

Megan wanted to be a lawyer, she argued with just about everyone and would often record her conversations and jot down ways to make laws that could make the world better.

Gina was a prostitute, she often used drugs and feared what her pimp would do if she couldn’t pay up.

Larry was a police officer who got in the profession to make a difference but often found himself in very odd situations. One night he saw a kid at a drug house, he chased him down and found out he was Henry’s son.

Bailing his son out of jail, Henry found out that his son was working for Harry.

Jimmy was asked to pray for Henry’s son while visiting an inmate at the jail.

Carl, who was the mayor, trying to one day be president, visited Jimmy’s church and noticed that the roof was leaking.

Tina wrote about it in the paper and Megan sent a legal notice that the church would be shutdown if the roof wasn’t fixed.

Gina who had no clue what was going on, but wanted forgiveness for her sins, visited the church after stealing over one hundred thousand dollars from her pimp. In deep need of help, she felt very guilty and gave all of the money to the church. Jimmy assured her that she would be cleansed of her sins but had no clue that the donation came from her. When her pimp found her, he beat her to death and never found his money.

In a rage, Larry saw him dumping her body in the park where he was patrolling. 

When News got out about the donation that saved Jimmy’s church no one had a clue where the money came from but Gina who was now dead.

Larry arrested the pimp, Gina was identified, and the pimp’s suitcase that was filled with money and left at the altar saved the church then was spread throughout the members who did nothing but consume. The church’s business went on as usual and the roof was fixed.

One thing led to another and the ripple effect was labeled a miracle. The underground market lost one hundred thousand dollars and when Gina was laid to rest her ability to repent turned her into a hero. Tina published the story and once word got out, everyone began to change their ways and became convinced that God had something to do with Gina’s conviction. Gina unknowingly changed one town and Harry heard about the donation and wanted to try a new game so he became a preacher. 

Everyone’s intentions were justified but only Gina’s was pure. Although guilty, she was tired of her life and eagerly wanted a change and unknowingly created a story that revived an entire town.

The End.

The Ripple Effect

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