Friday, November 18, 2022

The Thankful Kicker

The team had literally fought to get into the playoffs. They fought tooth and nail to overcome an 0 and 7 start. They made the wildcard slot and managed to keep the score 14 to 14 until the final thirty seconds, in which they had the ball. They were on the opposing teams 40 yard line. It was now up to the kicker. The pressure was on, this was a love or hate situation. If he hit this field goal his team moved on and he would be a fan favorite for the rest of his life. If he missed it, the other team would be sending him a thank you letter. The stadium was so quiet that you could hear a pen drop. The snap was up. The kick was out. So far everything looked good, it had the distance, it went straight through the uprights. Success.

The Thankful Kicker.

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