Tuesday, November 8, 2022

The Owner’s Manual

Her fragrance was enough, but beauty at times can be deceiving. The craving to have what he wanted is what haunted Tod. A veteran of the Cold War found himself alone in a room with a recruit. This was a no no in the owner’s manual, but Tod was a rebel. It was his way or no way. Besides, he felt that the world owed him everything due to the pressure placed on his lonely mother who hung herself before he got accepted into the Marines. Often finding himself in odd situations, Tod was haunted by his past. After defiling the young recruit he contemplated the same death of his mother. In deep debt—suffering from depression and PTSD, Tod refused to give-in to his own demons. He was like a big monster in his town that everyone dreaded talking to. His porn addiction and toxic habits lead him to face what he feared the most, help. Standing at six foot three and one sniff away from overdosing, a book titled the Owner’s Manual fell from his bookshelf after he stumbled into it. The bookmark was a picture of his mother, it flew out of the book and landed next to his beer. High from cocaine, he thought he heard his mother talking to him telling him to finish the book. Not knowing his full strength, he decided to read the rest of the Owner’s Manual that night. Refusing to fall to sleep until the book was done that was all it took. The book gave him the instructions that he needed to better himself so he did. After his night of awakening, he took classes at the V.A. for his addictions. He admitted that his thoughts about suicide were there. Out of 1 to 10 survival odds, he overcame the battle that many people lose. Focusing on the empty seat at the V.A. for P.O.W.s, he donated his book titled the Owner’s Manual to help other veterans. The book focused on how everyone in life eventually will try to own something but why they often fail is because they over look the Owner’s Manual of what it takes to own themselves. Tod began to train his mind to take back his life, he was determined to take ownership of his own mind, body, and spirit. In the end, he did. Rising from rock bottom, his ability to turn to a higher more positive frequency saved him. All it took was to read the Owner’s Manual. The key to the Owner’s Manual had a lot to do with understanding creation and the power to choose between right and wrong. Tod found out that without a belief in a creator that life was meaningless. The whole time the instructions were in the Owner’s Manual. He just had to read it for himself and follow the instructions. Each piece of life had a purpose, and if put together properly then everything would workout just fine, but some people just fail to read the manual.

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