Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Mom, I want more

This story is special to me because it’s told from a different angle. It’s told from a woman observing a young male’s mind. I will not use color in this piece, but what was whispered in the young male’s mind is revealing. This piece exemplifies two kinds of power. To understand this piece is like watching a crow laced in all black feathers observing his surroundings. In observing this piece you will see things from the mind of a woman who speaks power into a weak young male’s mind.

Ryan is in church. He finds himself in a position to engage a certain type of crowd while not observing his surroundings. He has no clue that he’s being watched and assumes that the people around him are fools. The reality is that they are wise old servants who know his fullest potential. Standing, while attempting to impress the pastor he feels an older woman whisper into his ear.

“Steer your own ship. Why care? They don’t care about you. They feed you what’s left over while they don’t miss meals. Your heart is what led you here, not them.”

Ryan turns and looks the woman dead in her eyes. She spoke power into him. She gave him strength by telling him something that even his own wife never said. An old woman, on a fixed income who couldn’t provide any type of pleasure to this young man but gave him one thing, she spoke empowerment into this young man, words for him to realize his true potential to the world and people around him. Ryan had never been told anything encouraging, he’d been called everything but a man. Living with his mother and eating dinner, he finally figured it out. Now divorced, Ryan was left to die and grow old alone with his mother so his moment became evident, he spoke four words, “Mom, I want more.” 

His mother looked at him and said, “Well, what are you going to do about it?”

Real women speak life into a young man’s heart. Real women give young men perfect, undeceiving strength. They have the power to unleash a conqueror, they have the power to give life and speak it, young disciple, beware of those who don’t. 

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