Tuesday, January 24, 2023

What I try to do as a Businessman

I try to get better everyday.

I try to listen.

I try to be kind.

I try to make myself available to everyone.

I try to teach.

I try to accept criticism even at times when I may know more.

I try not to let my ego get in the way.

I try to care.

I try to manage my finances with minimal risk.

I try to conserve.

I try to be obedient and on time.

I try to make my products and services affordable.

I try to learn and soak up new information daily.

Humorously, I learn how to take a beating every day then get up and do the same thing over again tomorrow.

Everyday I take on a new task in similar fashion, knowing that I don’t know everything, but I have to be humble enough to accept that simple fact. 

The more I try the more I grow as a businessman.

If I fail, at least I tried.

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