Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Boxer

Delirious, confused, and amused, I sat and watched a man take a beating for 12 rounds. The man was done, eye socket flesh bulging out of his face. Blood literally dripping from his nose. A swollen rib cage from body shots and what looked like a broken nose, why? I mean what was this guy thinking. I watched the winner connect with uppercut after uppercut but the losing corner would not throw in the towel. The guy’s lip had to be hanging off of his face but the referee kept it going because he just would not go down, he kept fighting. In all of my years of boxing I’d never seen anything like it. After standing for 12 rounds as a loser I had to interview the fighter to see if he’d lost his mind, but his comment about fear and the reason why he took a beating made me a fan of the sport.

“I took a beating on national television so the world can overcome fear and pain. My advice is learn to lose, learn to take a beating, learn to get stepped on and left for dead. Today I took the most brutal beating a fighter could take and I’m still standing. Throughout all of history I will be known as a loser and will be humiliated. Everyday, people will watch me getting my a** beat just to feel some form of gratification, but until they step into the ring, I’ve defeated them. So technically I am a champion. I won.” 

That was his explanation. He was a loser but took on the most powerful boxer in the sport and stood tall after the fight. 

He won in all categories but the stats and statistics. He defeated the power of our minds. He won by coming out alive.


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Ahhh! Rumble, young man, rumble.

The next day, even I’d been motivated to hit the gym.

The Boxer

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