Sunday, January 22, 2023

A Revelation of Hell & War

A jungle is filled with wild animals fighting for survival. Giant black venomous spiders. The constant fear of being in danger. There’s no peace. Tribes constantly battling for territory and treasures hidden underground.

Alpha males breeding with pure virgins and some screaming while being raped. Foul winged demonic spirits, snorting pure white powder to fuel the serpent’s rage and to ease the pains of an abused past. Animals fighting in cages, beast being set free, and hunger makes it even wilder.

Mushroom clouds exploding from nuclear war and innocent civilians running in fear. Chaos and deranged lunatics set free in the wild. 

Tears of blood falling from combat faces painted in dirt.  Kill, kill, kill, for what? 

The revelation of hell and war.

 Comprehending the probability of survival, one becomes psychotic, screaming like a mental health patient. Beating on your chest like a wild gorilla after a gut thirsty victory in the middle of nowhere. I write you to warn you of what evil can be unleashed, so listen, read my words cautiously, because it can happen in the blink of an eye, it’s not pretty. Take my words seriously because a jungle is filled with wild animals fighting for survival. 

There’s no mercy in war. Choking on gunpowder. Survivors are often scarred for life, seeking refuge in unfamiliar territory. Scarred for life, waking up in the middle of the night shaking from the memories of those they killed haunting them in their dreams. Screams of virgins being stripped of their innocence in the field. Prisoners beaten into submission with no savior in sight. Slaves never to be set free. I, as in, I, a man, once sat in front of a computer screen and watched the souls of humans with eye popping tattoos being devoured by the beast. Now, I, too, am slowly being devoured by uncertainty.

The echos of madness begins to open up gateways into my mind. I’ve become sick, tired of human misery, I too, begin to be devoured by the beast, fighting for my soul.

Sitting in the darkness of night, war, had turned me into a warrior. In the distance I could hear bones crackling, prisoners being squeezed to death by giant anacondas. Fed to hungry snakes. Falling deeper, I stood tall in the muddy pit only to witness my people being enslaved by the enemy, this alone, turned me into a raging soldier. They stood in line with no flag, no more nation, no more memories of stars, just the dead of night under a new regime being tormented—their entire history being erased. 

A Revelation of Hell & War…

This was a life or death situation. My mind, body, and spirit would never be the same. I’d been exposed to a different side of life. Everything that I took for granted in my time of peace had been placed in front of me to reach for, but the enemy took it. I reached and reached while fighting for my dear life. Captured, they put a noose around my neck. In a moments time I’d be erased from present time. Trembling with my feet to the fire, I saw my family suffering the same fate as me. I was already dead, I just didn’t know it. Feeling a boot kick me in the back I dangled from a tree branch only to awaken from a terrible dream.

In one nights time, I’d literally walked through hell, only to awaken and appreciate everything that life had to offer. Fortunately, I didn’t die in the dream, I awoke in freedom.

Choose peace, my friend, because war is not pretty.

A thousand chances at life dwindle away in minutes time.

The Revelation of Hell & War.

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