Friday, January 13, 2023


 “Vick, you’re a dummy, your entire bloodline is filled with dummies, you’ll never succeed at anything,” Connie said slamming the door and never returning.

College life was not turning out like Vick had hoped for, he wanted more. His grand idea of a building that reached into the heavens kept him awake at night so he went and gathered all of his old construction buddies and they got to work.

“Fellas, it’s been a while, but we need to get the attention of the world. We need to create something that will set a new limit to how far we men can go,” Vick pulled out his blueprints and continued to explain his plans, “I call this the skyscraper.”

“Have you lost your mind? We’ll die building something that tall,” Ronnie, Vick’s foreman replied.

Vick stood tall, “You know Ronnie…I have lost my mind. College and everything that life has to offer has driven me down an empty road. I want to do something that’s never been done before. Now either you’re in or go home and cook for your wife.”

This got his team’s attention. They went to their rich friends and got the money and began to build. It took almost 10 years for him and his team to build their skyscraper and they lost a few men, but it was now the first building that people saw from surrounding cities. No one had ever seen anything like it. A building that reached the heavens. At first, people were afraid to rent space but Vick found a team to prove to tenants that the building was safe and secure. Vicks idea sparked a wave of new inventions and investments. He’d changed the game. Inventions like magnetic elevating floors to get people to upper levels were created. Airtight windows were created and new ways to issue contracts with leases were also created. After the building stood for so long people began to wonder how it could be torn down. This created even more ideas. Vick’s drive to master the art of building had opened up a new part of the human brain. Vick became a catalyst, an entrepreneur, and an innovator. He changed the world. His girlfriend Connie was wrong, but she fueled Vick to reach for the sky and in the end he proved her wrong. She pushed him to the edge.


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