Monday, January 16, 2023

Sleeeep. Zzzz. Dream

I’m optimistic, but reality can be scary at times. It’s the truth. It’s hard knock. I wish I could shut my mouth, but I may go hungry. Behind the mask, there’s confusion with a mass gravesite filled with primary colors. Was it personal to shoot me and leave a bullet in my skull or was it pure hatred? I chose that life because a business mind can be dangerous in a business environment. There’s too much competition, too many wants. Too many egos. Too many master plans. I’m assuming it was business that led me to eternal sleep. Maybe I was just in the way of a raging white bull. If I’m correct the bull rages and the bear sleeps… I guess I’ll dream in hopes that I awake to see another day. Somehow I just got in the way. Tipped over, with blood dripping down my head, I fall to sleep realizing that I was never a part of the plan, never apart of anything but my own dream. I guess I’m a king with no nation. A king with no home. As my heart takes its last beat, I fall to the ground, alone in my own little mind, falling, yet lifted in a dream. That’s one right I don’t have to fight for, if I’m not mistaken, it’s natural to sleep and dream.

Goodbye world, I’ll see you on the other side of the dream. Maybe I’ll awake on a hotel balcony with some friends, my wife, and family. 

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