Tuesday, January 17, 2023

The Opened Doors

Sitting in my room, I could feel the draft of the cold breeze blowing from outside. Mom and dad were at it again. Arguing and fighting. I could also hear the action and adventure blasting from the television of my sister’s room. She was occupied, doing her best to block them out. Every door on the inside of the house had to be opened. One thing was for sure though and that is the fact that I was not ready for what was about to happen. We’d been put out on the streets, yep, the arguing left me, my Mom, and my sister to fend for ourselves in one of the most crime infested cities in the world. Looking at my mother’s face, I knew she was reaching for some form of lifeline. Damn, we had to figure this out. We had to face the monster of circumstances. Who would let us in? Drowning in life’s possibilities, Mom drove the car to the Eastside, I guess Grandma gave the okay for us to stay a few nights at her place. My sister and I hated Grandma’s house, but this was the hand that we’d been dealt. I’d never seen a woman fending for her babies until I noticed Mom tipping over in alcohol trying to figure things out. For weeks we searched and searched for a place to call home. Nothing but closed doors. That’s when the wind blew. Something happened, the wind must’ve heard Mom praying asking for God’s mercy. Some form of supernatural strength because the wind blew everything down. Everything…Hiding in the basement we heard rescue workers searching for us in the rubble. The entire district had been left in ruins and even my Dad’s house was gone. At this point, few people had a place to stay. The entire city had felt what we were feeling and now the world had heard our story. Mom’s baggage had been blown into a national news story. The wind blew all of the doors open and somehow we survived. Seeing the entire town like us, gave us the strength to all work together. At this moment, God left us all with no choice. If every door had been closed before, some how a tragedy brought on by the wind had opened every door. People all over the world let us in just to hear our story. Migrating to safety, the people generously opened their doors. I guess when God saw this his door of a new beginning opened as well.

The opened doors.

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