Wednesday, January 11, 2023

India & the Stuffed Bears

Her teacher had just put her in detention for not reading the class policies.

She sang at her first concert, and they didn't stand. 

In her room she found comfort around her stuffed bears.

They didn't say much, and they always had a smile on their faces so she would perform for them quite often. 

Oddly, every time India was called to perform in front of people, she wouldn't. 

She'd come to accept the fact that her stuffed bears appreciated her time. 

She'd spend long nights pouring her heart out to these stuffed bears. 

Tragically, the family house burned down. 

How it happened almost seemed impossible and that's when India as a teen started to understand that some things were just out of her control.

Her father did everything to prevent the house from burning down but it did, and her stuffed bears were all consumed by the fire. 

Confused at how time and odds took away her audience, she had no one to perform for. 

Lost in discovery, she heard crying and babies screaming at the shelter where her and her parents had been staying. 

The shelter had to be an old church, because it had a stage. Randomly, she took to the stage and began to sing for them, and just like her stuffed bears they began to smile.

At that moment the people began to rebuild, India gave them hope.

Sometimes just a simple gift is all it takes to create hope.

The End.  

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