Sunday, January 8, 2023

The Producer’s Message

 In the middle of a World War, Davis jumped out of his director’s chair, “Jimmy, that’s not good enough, I need you to smack him as though he said something bad about your wife, and Megan stop biting your nails, this is a drama not a horror film. Derrick, what are you looking at? The gun is pointed at you, you look to excited, you should be looking like you’re about to lose your life!”

Everyone takes their position even after a real bomb goes off in the distance. Boooom!

Davis yells, “Action!”

Jimmy cocks-back his hand and smacks the snot out of Dave’s nose. The scene is perfect. 

Even in a combat zone, Davis wrote, directed, and produced a film. He spent every last dime he had to show the world his work and ended up with nothing left.

He got no awards, no audience participation, but the movie’s content propelled independent filmmakers to new heights. No one was brave enough to film during an all out war, but Davis and his little team pulled it off. If he had never completed his film, the opposing country would have won the war. The territory that Davis shot his film in was needed by the enemy nation. After the war, Davis finally got the credit that he and his small team deserved. His message to future producers was to keep producing as if they were going to die tomorrow. The world got the message. Every independent film maker with a camera started filming in some of the most dangerous places, even some of the hardest ghettos in the world.

Every way of changing the world is different. Davis did it with a camera, and he found a group of people brave enough to do it with him.

Every story is also different, Davis told his story with a camera and he found a group of people humble enough to pull it off.

In the end, everyone involved in the film lived forever and as long as the message stayed in production another humble soul would take the time to watch it.

So in reality, the story never ended, it just got retold throughout all eternity. 

Art is more powerful than you could ever imagine. Without it, a mystery can be a lie if there’s no Art to prove it; therefore, if you desire and crave the truth, follow the art.

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