Saturday, November 4, 2023

Someone stole my 8 Ball

There I stood, working 8 hours a day in front of an 8 Ball.

A religious scholar would have probably condemned me to hell just by the history of the toy but that’s another discussion that may take too long to comprehend so I’ll keep this piece basic.

Three to five customers a day, all knowing that when you enter a business there are rules.

The first rule is that you do not steal. It’s a business and a business provides.

The scariest part about stealing is that the owner can never actually prove who stole but it usually cost him or her more money every time someone steals.

The mystery behind business is what I like to call the crumbling theory. It’s when so much mystery and hatred lies in some people’s heart that they literally pray and hope for the business to crumble. Some of these people even do business with you just to watch you suffer. 

The crumble theory has everything to do with the mental stain of having an 8 ball at the front counter. I have to admit that a large part of a business owner’s operation is mental. You have to mentally prepare yourself for what comes in once you setup shop in a neighborhood and open the store, because what people convince themselves to believe can be scary. 

You also have to realize that everyone is raised differently and a lot of people convince themselves that everything that they do is right and you don’t know what you don’t know.

So let’s get to the main point. Someone stole my 8 Ball. It’s not in the store, it’s gone. I’ve had this 8 ball hanging around the store for over 16 years. It has been in the hands of so many people trying to master the art of thinking and after 16 years someone cracked the sphere and gave-in to their own ambitions. Just like everything that goes on in my life I’ll most likely replace it with a new one and just like when an atom loses a proton or electron new energy will come in. I have really never been a superstitious person. In my earlier days I admit I joined a few strict Christian institutions so I can reason with why someone would be motivated to steal an 8 Ball. Perception plays a huge part in a business environment and some smiles are actually symbols of deceitful intentions.

For 16 years I watched people marvel at this ball, pick it up, and ask it questions, and today when I realized that it was gone, I kept working and came to the conclusion that either someone stole it because they wanted it; someone stole it because of their beliefs, or someone stole it to face their fears.

Whatever the case, I’ve come to learn as an older man now, that what people train their mind to believe is more dangerous than anything else unknown because even the truth to them is a lie.

The first 8 Ball that I’ve ever owned is in someone else’s hands now and if there is a mystery behind a sequence of events, then I’ll let nature take its course. Someone stole my 8 Ball.

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