Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Death Votes

 At the last ballot they celebrated their victory yet the righteous still stood their ground, for God was not gone. Friends his work had just begun as a war between good and evil began to unfold. Shekinah Glory and the temple where he dwelled left a certain group of people and they were left to fend for themselves. Exhausted priest and clergyman took up arms. If it was drugs and the power to choose that they wanted, for they voted for that right. As the righteous stood and watched, a death angel was unleashed, for if they voted against life they signed a contract with him. For even in Egypt there were goddesses of life, but friends in today’s world they desire a different decision. They desire a different vibe. Seeing a cloud of smoke and darkness fill the sky the death angel spread his wing at the span of the devil’s. For his wings were so long that they blocked the sun and fire began to fall from the dark sky, for they voted for death, yet the righteous stood and watched while also protecting their children. A war between good and evil had been waged and not many were spared who voted for the death angel’s curse. Dark venom began to spread deadly STDs and beauty sadly turned ugly. In the distance a group dressed in white gowns sang holy, holy, holy and began cursing and writing heathen quotes on street walls to label a section of earth as the pit of hell, and no righteous were allowed to enter for the people drugged, raped, and literally were killing themselves. Religious scholars began spreading mixed gospels of lies while the righteous stood on truth. Even in Egypt there were Goddesses of life. As doctors failed at the Hippocratic oath the power of healing was no more, because as long as the death angel’s wings were spread no one but the righteous had power. For the ones who signed the death wish thought they knew everything, but soon found out that they voted to kill everything around them. For they voted for death, but only in God there is no Death, only life. Some cried tears of sorrow while those who voted for life triumphed and moved on carrying out God’s will. For even in defeat they still won.

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