Saturday, September 18, 2021

The Tech Virus

 Before computers I saw flesh right in front of my eyes. The images of natural life I embraced. I communicated with everyone. Now my phone is calling me, my favorite girl is inside of the screen, and I can’t even touch her. The feelings are artificial. The tech virus has even infected my wife, she’s on her phone twenty-four hours a day it seems like. I admit it, we’re both addicted. Arguing over who called who and who got what message. We can’t put down our tech gadgets for one day. Our kids are addicted too. Sending pictures of themselves and body parts to complete strangers. Minute by minute and hour by hour passes and we’re still in front of the screen fulfilling our fantasies and wildest thoughts that enable us to imagine everything that we’ve always desired through a screen. I could be going blind, but it’s too late, the virus has spread everywhere. Emails, text messages and an entire data driven conversation broadcasted for the entire world to hear. Streaming and enough gamma and beta rays to fry the brain. We’re addicted to our phones, we tried to put our technical devices down for one week and suffered from withdrawal. In a complete rage, I drowned my devices in a bowl of water and began holding normal conversations with my wife and kids. We took up painting and began mailing letters again. The tech virus nearly killed us and while we’re outside holding conversations the streets are empty because everyone is online, probably doing their homework and who knows what else. Yesterday I saw a man flip his car over on the highway trying to respond to a text. The programming has us all caught in a web. We’re lost in virtual space.

The Tech Virus

The End.

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