Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Gospel

In chains, we made songs.
In troubles, we made peace.
We marched together, remember us holding hands.
What a joy we had back in those days.
Everything meant for evil we made good.
I remember you, even when you hung from the cross.
I remember you, even when you hung from trees.
I remember you, at the concentration camps with numbers on your wrist.
Your stories are still told today.
People can do things that they never thought they could do because of your woes.
You are the good news now.
In suffering you rose.
You're the rose in the cement.
You're a treasure under the sea.
You're a smile in sad times.
Underdogs can win because of you.
Don't be afraid to smile now.
Look I made something for you.
Tell your testimony in times of trouble.
When your young cry, tell them how your ancestors survived the impossible.
Hope is in your blood.
Freedom is seen in your eyes.
When evil was evident, your testimony will now bring justice to the innocent.
Get up from your failure.
Arise from your pain.
Be a new testament of faith.
Bring truth to holiness.
Bring light into the darkness.
Write a song of hope.
Write a song of truth.
Even if it's all you have left all I ask is that you spread the Gospel.
For you are the good news:-)

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