Friday, April 10, 2015

The Baptism

Relax let your mind be free.
Think of a place as calm as the sea.
Under the water leave your sins.
When you submerge a new life will begin.
A life without troubles.
A life without pain.
Don't be afraid it's a tradition that some do in vain.
Close your eyes and hold your breath.
Feel the water flow on your chest.
Arise a new creature for you have past the test.
You chose the water to cleans your soul.
All it requires is to represent God and be bold.
Many gathered to watch you become a new creature.
Now spread the word with zeal like the preacher.
Filled with the spirit from the father with light.
Be joyful and happy as God will give you good rest in the night.
Use this time with God to give you sight.
This baptism is a symbol of life.
In the spirit of good it will make everything right.
Whenever you fail or fall down.
You will rise like a kite.
For people of God rarely forget.
This moment in time.
Makes it legit.
All that is good and holy belongs to you.
Now get out of the Baptism Pool you're through.

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