Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Holy reality

The Flamboyant conversation:
The boy had a dream, you hear me. I said the boy had a dream.
Yeah, he dreamed of a girl.
He said she was holy.
For real...she was holy?
Yeah, he said she was holy and she looked just like the girl that he was in love with in high school.
Who; Jennifer?
How did you know?
Because he was in love with Jennifer but she was far from holy.
But listen, she may not have been holy in this world but she was holy in his dream.
Well what about him, he don't seem too holy neither.
Look if you can't be holy in this life at least you can be holy in your dreams.
Wait... what is holy?
Devine I guess... untouchable.
Yeah, so untouchable that everybody wants to touch you.
I guess that makes sense.
It only makes sense if it's real.
So let me get back to what I was telling you.
In his dream she was untouched and he yearned for a girl so much that Jennifer would appear every time on several occasions.
Now that is weird.
Why do you think he kept dreaming about her?
Well, he hasn't been with a girl in a while.
Do you think he is going crazy?
Is he obsessed with her?
I don't know.
Maybe it's God giving him his dream girl in a dream, so he can face reality.  
Maybe, because just like you said, "Holy is untouchable and this is reality."
Okay it's offering time, let's go out in the hall until they finish passing the collection plate around then come back in and sit down and I will finish telling you the rest.
Wait I got some change.
You also owe me money.
Yeah we better skip out on this one.


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