Monday, April 13, 2015

The Confession

Yes, I often fantasize about being with many types of women but I guess that's manhood.
I feel at times that half the things people participate in makes no sense but I guess it's okay if that's what they want to do.
Sometimes I wish I ruled the world, then again I don't. Oh boy, what is my life going to amount to?
I am guilty of liking things my way and sometimes wish people would leave me alone. I guess that's normal.
I feel unstoppable when my confidence is up, then I get knocked back down to reality.
I sometimes lose control of my content thoughts. I'm okay now though.
My thoughts drift at times to be selfish and greedy but I maintain.
Sometimes I do get envious and wish I could hog the basketball and score all the points but I don't.
I fantasize about leaving the game with the cheerleaders and having fun with them but it never happens.
I often think about Vegas and leaving with all of the gambling money and giving it to the church but that is a lie to myself.
Sometimes I'm even in church and think about the girls who have little clothing on and want to tell them to get out of the way so I can listen to the word, but I just stare at them instead. Sorry.
I wish I could discipline spoiled people but I'm sure they will figure it out after awhile.
Sometimes I fantasize about telling people to get off of their behind and get to work but I just do the work for them. More wisdom for me I guess.
I often watch people spend money on stupid things and wish they paid me for the service instead. I guess I'm human.
I wish everyone did the right thing and I do get troubled when I see people get away with murder but everything happens for a  reason I guess.
I get upset when I see people hurting when I know what caused it, I guess that's what healing is for.
Sometimes I feel like I don't know enough.
Sometimes I want to rap and do a little dance from time to time.
I feel good sometimes and sometimes I feel sad, but I'm okay now.
I'm getting old.
Man, I could go for a Vitamin B smoothie.
Well thanks for letting me get things off my chest I feel better now.

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