Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Business or Holy Marriage

Good day everyone and welcome to the wedding of Marsha and Randal.
Marsha do you take Randal to be your lawfully wedded husband and Randal do you take Marsha to be your lawfully wedded wife.
After they said I do we went behind the scenes to see what was really going on at home and in this amazing love relationship:
Marsha had been with Randal for almost five years and their relationship had been on and off.
After they got married, they were at peace for a little until Randal started his own photography company. He was flooded with clients and started getting heavy into taking pictures of women.
Marsha soon started getting upset once this happened and then everything started changing.
Once Marsha saw this was affecting their marriage she demanded that Randal shut the business down or change his platform. Randal had to ask himself a million times how he felt about his wife. Did he love her, was the question on everyone's mind. After a while it became evident that he did. Randal had to find out what was more important to him, his holy marriage, or his business. When he decided his marriage he became a better husband, but the question remained in his mind, "What would life be like if he had never gotten married?" Randal is now the father of three and seems to be happy with his family. He has good kids and he and Marsha's love is consistent. This is a decision that most people have to make in the real world. Sometimes people just have to figure out what is more important to them. In Randal's case family was more important.

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