Monday, April 20, 2015

The Rainbow

To each has its promise.
For that I give you.
A covenant to man with colors to not forget what is true.
A symbol in the sky, that is not to be broken.
A band of colors speechless but spoken.
Tokens of light, reflecting from above.
That cannot be touched but seen on high.
I give you my promise in the sky.
When you see it you will be amazed.
And shown that anything can be accomplished in time and days.
A ray of hope, a ray of colors.
Banding together like sisters and brothers.
Only holiness can display such a sight.
That is why the rainbow is in the day not the night.
Focus my child and remember my promise.
I am the God of all things.
I gave you gifts like birds that sing.
Be fruitful on earth and enjoy your time.
I will soon return so be content and shine.
Like tall trees and honey bees.
Like flowers and amazing grace.
This rainbow is a symbol of my face.
My spirit is in everything.
I am even a part of you.
Be faithful in everything that you do.
I God
I man.
I woman.
I am.
I promise to you and the Rainbow is proof.

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