Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Parable

There once was a turtle who came from the sea.
He walked, he swam, but he could not see.
I will go to the lion and ask for mercy he explained.
When he did it left him lame.
I can see but I cannot walk, therefore I will stay in my shell and wait for a knock.
Every wish left the turtle under a different spell, so he locked himself into his great big shell.
The lion created humans and bees, but there was no better creation than the trees.
When the human was created war began.
Trouble all over in the form of man.
When the turtle came out one hundred years later, all that was left were a few trees, and an old beat-up respirator.
The lion came and knocked on his shell.
I will undo your little bity spell.
I have created a lamb to save the creatures.
For this lamb will have all perfect features.
The turtle was free when the lamb was born, and the animals watched as the earth was torn.
"I will leave now," the lion said and leave you with wisdom and birds instead.
They will have wings and a reason or two.
There will  even be animals that look just like you.
When I return as the sun in the sky.
You will have eternal light and power from high.
The moon I will place in the night.
There will be no end.
For you the turtle I will protect, you are my friend.
I will use you to shield creation from strong winds.
For you are a living rock.
Long life I will give you for you are my clock.
As time goes by and the Lamb is torn.
Each creature will have a chance to be reborn.
If you solve this riddle you will see that each creature is a form of me.
Who am I?

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