Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Offering

I oppose because I have nothing to give.
I object because I have nothing to offer.
Who made these rules?
Does man really hear from God?
Does man make his own cause?
What do I give you in my time of need?
Will what I give change my circumstances?
Superstition drives every creature, so what is a blessing?
If I give will the sun not still shine tomorrow?
If I give will I be considered a good Samaritan?
What if I place myself in your shoes will you give to me?
This game was not for me.
It's too confusing.
Do we not all need love?
Do we not all need a friend?
A king is someone who cares.
What do I give to someone who gave their life for me?
What do I give to the widow who has no husband to care for her?
What do I give the orphan who has no parents?
I have no money.
I have no cream and green colored note from the government.
So what do I give?
I see their pain and even my own.
I can feel the hearts of man if I have too much.
I can feel the hearts of man when people show me love.
So tell me what do I have to offer?
What do I have to sacrifice?
I do have gifts.
I do have ideas.
All I can give is my life because I have nothing left to offer.
Take me Lord I am a sacrifice to heal the hearts of man.
I am the offering.
That is all I have left.

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