Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Preacher

My job is to uphold the standards of God.
I pray, fast, and preach the good news.
I am often tested, watched, and hated because I have to clean that which is unholy.
I am a Levite by nature.
God made me this way.
If I make a mistake my sin will lead to my congregation's sin.
I often feel alone in the matter of holiness yet I know my duty.
Things that are displeasing to the lord, I have to point out.
It is my duty to welcome in the holy spirit and make sure the people of God keep his commandments.
How do I stay away from foolishness?
How do I remain pure at heart with a passion for the gospel?
How do I become more like the savior?
Am I willing to bear the cross?
Am I willing to listen to those in need even when they turn away and do wrong?
Am I willing to stand up for what is right?
Oh holy God help me.
Am I worthy?
How do I remain certain when so many doubt?
How do I remain certain when people only show me the good that they do instead of the wrong?
How do I find a word to preach when uncleanliness is all around me?
Speak to me lord.
Give me a word to make the people believe.
Give me a word to make the blind see and the lame walk.
Lord give me a word to preach.
I know what the Bible says; I know how people are and I'm tired, but only you O Lord can give me strength.
Only you Lord can give me the will and the faith to preach.
I am a representative of you and I will try my best to spread the good news.
I will try my best to be the shepherd to tend the sheep.
For I am a volunteer to serve in the kingdom.
I am a servant of God.
For I am a Preacher.

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