Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The First Man to Create a Thousand Bubbles

"In this presentation, I would first like to explain the chemical composition of soap and water. What I want you to keep your eyes on, in my first exhibit, is the perfect sphere that emerges from the composition. I will first start with what I call the blower, which will push the soapy formula into the atmosphere, thus, causing the spheres to float," Booker explained to a group of investors and scientist. When the bubbles started to float around the room, everyone started ducking and dodging them. A small group of investors, whom of which, had known nothing about chemistry hid underneath their table. In the midst of the astonishment, Booker stood tall, it was comical for a man of his stature to achieve such a noble task. In the eyes of the elite, he was a bum, who was now the center of attention.
"This is my example of the universe," he said, while a thousand bubbles floated around the room.
In all of recorded history, this had never been done. Once Booker did this, everything changed. Booker provided a spark in the mind of every human on earth. He became a catalyst, people from all over the world gravitated to him; some regarded him as a freak, some even called him a genius. Rival scientist tried to have him assassinated. The physical laws of thinking about how gravity and the universe worked had now been shattered. "Booker Gram Washington," had become a household name. His invention even hit the financial arena. Bankers now started creating ways to inflate the markets with cash and credit. The bubble of excitement had become so big that it was just a matter of time before the bubble would burst; when it did, everything went from peaking to a complete flatline. In the midst of the flatline, the economy tanked and sent the markets along with the country into a Great Depression. Poor Booker had become exhausted. He sat in his lab room with nothing left in his imagination to give out. He couldn't go anywhere because everyone knew who he was.
"I think I'll go lay down now," he said to his wife, dragging his feet across the floor.
"Booker, I'm worried about you, you haven't been eating and you've spent most of your days sitting in that same lab chair. What's the matter with you?" Mrs. Washington asked.
Completely drained, Booker just walked by her and said nothing. His famous bubble had gotten so big that it exploded. The only people left to care for Booker was his wife and daughter. Once the excitement was over, everyone ran with his ideas and created their own bubbles, leaving poor Booker to fend for himself.
The End.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pawns of Chess

Standing in the middle of an opened field it becomes evident that the mass amounts of civilians are asleep.
I don't think anyone is paying attention.
"Can anyone hear me, they're taking all of our land," I scream, but no one listens.
Women born from the generations of former slaves, separatists, puritans and masters, now lost in a field ruled by intellects. Men left with no wives, now resort to artificial sexuality to satisfy their needs.
In a field of pawns, no one knows what's really going on, they're just having fun.
"Can anyone hear me, they're stealing our children," I scream, but no one listens.
The earth begins to shake and in the distance I see a man holding a grenade launcher.
I fall to the ground to save myself, I can hear a construction crew drilling for oil, I soon realize that we've become powerless.
I can see the separation between the rich, poor, and middle class, but it may be too late.
The machines have taken over.
Realizing that I can only save myself, I start running.
I don't think some people know what's going on, I don't think they care anymore.
Many of them are standing in line to hear poets and false prophets.
Wiping my eyes from sweat, I then take cover, I see a woman in the distance with a bible searching for the king, I can't help but wonder if she knows what's at stake.
Reaching for my weapon, I've come to understand the rules of the game.
I can hear a peasant girl crying in the distance, her dirty doll falls to the ground.
I push her out of the way as her doll falls on a landmine, boom, my ears ring, I dread the fact that I'm awoke.
Sitting in the middle of an open field with needles and syringes, it becomes evident that the mass amounts of civilians are asleep.
I wait for the next move and see the pieces in position to take the king.
Running to take cover I see someone in a small room watching televison, he's caught off guard.
Lost in the television, a bolt of lighting strikes the watch tower, it's a warzone, and now it's become dark. We've lost power.
No one is educated enough to fix the outage and the enemy knows this.
The peasant girl then screams, awaking from her coma, revealing our hiding place.
I then hear a soldier speaking a foreign language as he puts his gun up to my head.
If I'm correct, I think he said, "checkmate."
The game is over, if only the citizens had stayed awoke, we might've had a chance.
Yet, instead of victory, we've now become prisoners of war.
I then hear the enemy's national anthem playing in the distance while we're all forced to stand.
We unknowingly gave up the ship.
We unknowingly lost the game.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Veteran Affairs?

Excuse me, Sir, can you tell us how it feels to be a veteran so we can help serve you better:
Humm, let me see...
You remain humble, even when you know that the time you served is always in your thoughts.
Not too much surprises you, unless your family throws you some huge birthday bash and someone special jumps out of the cake.
You become thankful for each day.
The thought of war is still there but you suck it up, let come what may.
You still have the passion to wear the uniform sometimes.
You sometimes have trouble with things that don't make sense, but like any veteran, you have to roll with the punches.
You learn that complaining only waste time, but you should seek help when needed.
You soon find out that a normal life is just the ability to get up and be grateful for what you have.
In most cases, your mother or father become your only true friend.
Memories make you stronger in some situations, depending on your state of mind.
Sometimes you're a little afraid to share your thoughts, but it's okay, it's normal, some things are better left unsaid.
In all reality, we find out that we're human and we cannot make people love us or feel what we feel.
"'It is what it is,' I'm not a fool for volunteering, I'll just work with the hand I'm dealt." Is what you constantly tell yourself when something goes wrong.
"I'm not stupid for believing that enlisting was the right thing to do." Is the second thing you tell yourself when you see something that degrades your service to the country.
You sometimes find purpose in small things.
You sometimes find yourself volunteering, still wanting to save the world, but later find out that you need as much help as everyone else.
You find yourself smiling when you see other Veterans smiling, because you can relate to their problems.
You find yourself wanting to help when you see other Veterans suffering, because you know it's not fair.
You learn that the war is never over and the real battle is inside.
The battle to workout and stay in shape so that other veterans will stay motivated becomes a top priority sometimes.
No regrets is the best way to motivate yourself to reach higher.
I volunteered because I believed that in my heart, I would be fighting for a good cause, is what you hold dear to.
In the end, you learn that a crazy person can only be judged by what they do when things are falling apart.
You encourage yourself sometimes by realizing that you volunteered to sacrifice your life for others, even when it meant nothing to some.
Then when you die and see the light of a soldier's heaven and the war is over, you Rest In Peace, realizing that you were not crazy after all.
It was all in your heart.
At least that's my opinion.

Sunday, October 8, 2017


If only the law didn't exist; because of the law, there's fornication, because of the law, there's adultery, and in that simple equation, we all may become guilty of trying to follow the law.

I want to warn you that this description can be graphic and once the act is done, it cannot be undone.
First it starts with two individuals. They both fall in love and are like magnets, you can't keep them apart. It's a spontaneous event that occurs in life. After a little time together the arguments start. One accuses the other of an instinct of mistrust. Then there's wondering eyes, the male's conscience starts to kick-in and he feels that they're doing something wrong or should tie the knot (get married) at least in some cases. Sometimes it's just a mutual agreement. Then it happens; he proposes, and she says yes. In some cases they've already had sex before marriage so the honeymoon is nothing new, but what can I say, some people do do it the right way and some people don't. In the forces of attraction sometimes kids end up in the deal, but I haven't got to that part yet. The fact remains evident that something happens when two people decide to have sexual relations. There's like this bond that stays there, sometimes it gets old and sometimes it just won't go away. It's like a drug, a craving to want more of a feeling, a lust that is embedded in the brain. In these events things start to get mismanaged or the feeling becomes old and the body yearns for a new feeling. To simplify the issue, two people, whom, have been committed, start to feel as though they're missing something and any sign of excitement or someone else inviting them in, can happen at any moment within this process. Then that's when it happens. It could be at work; it could be next door; it can even be in your house. Once he or she starts to feel the urge to try something or someone new, the battle between priorities and sacrifice begin inside the mind and body. The thoughts invade the mind, images of porn--if that's his or her selection to feed the beast--start to entrap the bystander to want to contain the beast, but the more the beast is fed, the more the urge just won't go away. Then the lying starts. The phone becomes the leading cause of every downfall, the internet becomes the connection, and then there's the loss in time. Where were you? Who was that? How did he or she get your number? The beast has been set free and the children or anything innocent, becomes the victim. If only fundamentals were fun. The beast does not care about the children. The beast doesn't even care about you. But after all, we're only human, right? The beast only wants to satisfy the hormone, the beast wants to satisfy the feeling. Is it evil to want to feel good? Is it evil to want to feed the beast? It's like magic, why does the beast only want what looks tempting. Oh, and lets just pray that he or she doesn't drink. It's like a game, it's like a thrill of excitement and pressure is made to burst pipes. Clothing everywhere, years of trust, preaching, and family bonding, gone, just for that one burst of excitement. A ring of pure gold tarnishes, and tiny drops of someone's sweat, other than yours, all over your husband or wife. The bond of trust is then broken and all of the work, time, and money becomes a field of garbage and waste, left for someone else to pickup. Gossip, and the center of attention awaits you, in the midst of no understanding. Some couples forgive; some couples don't, and some couples are just trapped. The rest is like a dream that you thought would be good but actually turns out to be a nightmare. Legal sex for some reason has driven you mad and into a complete sexual maniac. Once the beast opens up your mind to a world of options and fantasies, the lasting image of what he or she is wearing the next day eats away at you. Temptation is a wonder of the world. Once all hell breaks loose and the hands of time take it's course, there's no turning back. If only you had made the right choice. Each night you're paranoid, hoping that the cat will stay in the bag. Let's just pray that you make it out alive, once or if, you're little secret gets out. If only there were a logical explanation for why it's hard for two people to settle; if only one could be content; if only you had done it the right way. All this time of wondering and mystery; building up each moment, each night, like a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode. Then you're left with the constant question on your mind at the end of the day, with or without your significant other, the question of: Is or was it worth it?

The End.   

Friday, October 6, 2017


I know I'm just a small fry and an unknown compared to great stories throughout the ages, but by my desire each day to be a wordsmith, I've always been amazed with the meaning of and the word: "mercy." I often fail to understand human thinking, even my own at times, but the intellect of a human being is interesting, because it grows as we seek more wisdom and understanding. We often create things in our mind that we use to motivate us to do more than ordinary things, some of us believe in a higher power and some of us don't, yet, we all have the ability to show mercy. The question is: Why? I watch and read about stories of nature and how the elements show no mercy. Floods and other natural disasters. I read about animals and humans that viciously attack people and other humans with no mercy. I even read about things that we do to each other in our own natural state of mind, we are an amazing species. I watch boxing and see other fighters picking each other up, the same thing occurs when I choose to watch other sports as well. Having a mind that constantly flows, I sometimes even wonder about myself, but I've come to understand that nothing more can drive a person to greater power or force than mercy. How did this word come about, where did it come from? What person shows mercy to other surrounding creatures or humans that show no mercy. I often wonder about history. I see slaves, Christians, Muslims and Jews, even ordinary and famous people suffering. To feel their pain is often forgotten or left for little discussion. Even when I served in the U.S. Navy, I saw myself in the mirror, along with my fellow brothers (soldiers), suffering. I've even read books about Indians, suffering. Children in the heat of war with adults fighting over beliefs having to suffer in their wake. Even in my own life, I have family members, of which some chose to use drugs, some even sell the stuff, some go to seek God's strength yet they still suffer. Women; children; and even, men, left to suffer from a dreaded divorce or separation. The thought of human thinking is unreasonable and our emotions often lead us to do great and glorious things to overcome. Yet, through all of this, something brings me to the reality that there is a force in the universe and a power that we all possess to show towards others whom become victims of or shown, "no mercy." We have the power to show mercy. I think I know why we have this amazing ability and choice, but it shows that as a spieces created by a supreme force or being (in respect to others' beliefs) that we possess more power than we thought. I wish you well in this life and thank you for taking the time to read this random thought. For those of us whom have felt the power of pain and no mercy will tell you to be thankful when mercy is present in your life. It may be the only true miracle that we have left as a human race.
This lasting thought is in memory and thought of those in harms way.

The boy with no fans

His favorite song was the little drummer boy but everytime he tried it himself no one would listen. Everywhere he would go to sing or play, no one would show up. He tried hip hop, rock music, and even jazz. R&B was his last attempt but he couldn't find a band. At the moment he decided to give up, he noticed a broken mirror in the distance of his rehearsal space. All this time he had a fan all along. At the end of his journey with no tickets sold and no body in the crowd the mirror was always his inspiration. Now what's the odds of that. Little John kept his sanity and with one chair for his mirror his concerts were always sold out. He was his number one fan and with no fans he had no problems unless he created them himself.
The End.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Rule Number 1

"I would like to congratulate you all on your grand accomplishment of making it through boot-camp and some of you whom have had additional training. I hate to say that most of you will start your careers in combat roles but I commend you all on your bravery to volunteer. Before you enter the game of war, I want to warn you all of my first rule on the battle field. The rule that you must bind to your weapons and hold dear to your hearts. This number one rule, is a cardinal order that you must always hold on to, it simply states: 'When the enemy is advancing, a soldier must do everything that he or she can to avoid distractions.'" These were the words that General Grant left his men and women before they carried out the invasion that would've pushed the enemy back and possibly win them the war. With high hopes, in the second week of his mission, General Grant noticed that the enemy had used his number one rule to attack his unit.
"Attention on deck!" Private First Class Cannon shouted as Second Lieutenant Reigns entered the platoon.
"Private Donaldson, you were suppose to be my eyes on the battlefield, what is going on out there?" Second Lieutenant Reigns shouted at the top of his lungs.
Private Donaldson stood tall at attention.
"Sir, they are using our female soldiers against us, Sir," he explained.
"What in the hell are you talking about, Private?" Lieutenant Reigns replied.
"They call the gas 'Selena' it increases the hormones. It's become a whorehouse out there Sir."
After Private Donaldson's explanation, and the fact that he had lost about eighty percent of his whole unit, Lieutenant Reigns had no choice but to pull back and regroup. Realizing that they now had the momentum, the enemy kept advancing. Noticing that their only escape would have to be on water to a base on the other side of the island, Lieutenant Reigns now had no choice but to call off the invasion. He, and what was left of his platoon, escaped on an abandon hovercraft. The enemy had used basic science to defeat his platoon. The gas that they created known as: "Selena," had turned his whole brigade into a night spot. The men and women whom all had enlisted for combat, had become so distracted that they were all blinded by lust and failed to carry-out the mission. In exchange, they not only lost their lives, but they also lost the war. General Grant, along with Lieutenant Reigns, held their heads down in defeat while they tried to explain to their superiors what took place on the dreaded day of Oct. 5. After the hearing, General Grant, had become so devastated by his lose that he later retired, never to return to the battlefield again. His last words at the hearing were, "We didn't see it coming, we had no clue that the enemy was so clever, they used our own strength against us." 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Lost Ones

It's quiet, no ones home.
The phone rings, no one answers.
There are no lights on in the house.
She went on without him, left him broken and lonely.
In the meantime, random thoughts flow through his mind;
even if he takes his own life, life will go on with or without him.
It's evident that it's hard to find a way back home.
The hole has been dug too deep.
They say no one listens to a person that always complains.
I guess this is why lost ones exist. 
Maybe they don't believe that anyone is listening.
The essence of evil thoughts battling with right and wrong can leave a path of innocent victims.
The lost ones...
Lost in the pit of no return, leaving behind baggage  for the innocent to take care of.
They say the enlightened created this mess.
Creating ideas of an end with no optimism.
The idea of a deity is to give life.
Why do some chose to take life away?
The lost ones...
Sinking in sorrow, alone in a small room, thinking about a past that can never be done over.
The lost ones...
Creating a world of trouble in the midst of hidden lifestyles, soon to be revealed to the masses.
But one can only hide behind the mask for so long.  
Is it easy to survive in a life filled with wrong choices?
Pain and consequences that won't go away.
Is it true that some people don't have a conscience? 
Is it true that some people drown in drugs to ease their mind, lost in a wilderness, searching for a way out, some, never to be found again?
The hole is too deep,
it's like drowning with no lifeguard.
Screaming for help.
Asking over and over again for forgiveness and mercy.
Lost, having to face reality.
The lost ones...
Missing in action, some, never to be found again.