Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The First Man to Create a Thousand Bubbles

"In this presentation, I would first like to explain the chemical composition of soap and water. What I want you to keep your eyes on, in my first exhibit, is the perfect sphere that emerges from the composition. I will first start with what I call the blower, which will push the soapy formula into the atmosphere, thus, causing the spheres to float," Booker explained to a group of investors and scientist. When the bubbles started to float around the room, everyone started ducking and dodging them. A small group of investors, whom of which, had known nothing about chemistry hid underneath their table. In the midst of the astonishment, Booker stood tall, it was comical for a man of his stature to achieve such a noble task. In the eyes of the elite, he was a bum, who was now the center of attention.
"This is my example of the universe," he said, while a thousand bubbles floated around the room.
In all of recorded history, this had never been done. Once Booker did this, everything changed. Booker provided a spark in the mind of every human on earth. He became a catalyst, people from all over the world gravitated to him; some regarded him as a freak, some even called him a genius. Rival scientist tried to have him assassinated. The physical laws of thinking about how gravity and the universe worked had now been shattered. "Booker Gram Washington," had become a household name. His invention even hit the financial arena. Bankers now started creating ways to inflate the markets with cash and credit. The bubble of excitement had become so big that it was just a matter of time before the bubble would burst; when it did, everything went from peaking to a complete flatline. In the midst of the flatline, the economy tanked and sent the markets along with the country into a Great Depression. Poor Booker had become exhausted. He sat in his lab room with nothing left in his imagination to give out. He couldn't go anywhere because everyone knew who he was.
"I think I'll go lay down now," he said to his wife, dragging his feet across the floor.
"Booker, I'm worried about you, you haven't been eating and you've spent most of your days sitting in that same lab chair. What's the matter with you?" Mrs. Washington asked.
Completely drained, Booker just walked by her and said nothing. His famous bubble had gotten so big that it exploded. The only people left to care for Booker was his wife and daughter. Once the excitement was over, everyone ran with his ideas and created their own bubbles, leaving poor Booker to fend for himself.
The End.

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