Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Lost Ones

It's quiet, no ones home.
The phone rings, no one answers.
There are no lights on in the house.
She went on without him, left him broken and lonely.
In the meantime, random thoughts flow through his mind;
even if he takes his own life, life will go on with or without him.
It's evident that it's hard to find a way back home.
The hole has been dug too deep.
They say no one listens to a person that always complains.
I guess this is why lost ones exist. 
Maybe they don't believe that anyone is listening.
The essence of evil thoughts battling with right and wrong can leave a path of innocent victims.
The lost ones...
Lost in the pit of no return, leaving behind baggage  for the innocent to take care of.
They say the enlightened created this mess.
Creating ideas of an end with no optimism.
The idea of a deity is to give life.
Why do some chose to take life away?
The lost ones...
Sinking in sorrow, alone in a small room, thinking about a past that can never be done over.
The lost ones...
Creating a world of trouble in the midst of hidden lifestyles, soon to be revealed to the masses.
But one can only hide behind the mask for so long.  
Is it easy to survive in a life filled with wrong choices?
Pain and consequences that won't go away.
Is it true that some people don't have a conscience? 
Is it true that some people drown in drugs to ease their mind, lost in a wilderness, searching for a way out, some, never to be found again?
The hole is too deep,
it's like drowning with no lifeguard.
Screaming for help.
Asking over and over again for forgiveness and mercy.
Lost, having to face reality.
The lost ones...
Missing in action, some, never to be found again.

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