Sunday, October 8, 2017


If only the law didn't exist; because of the law, there's fornication, because of the law, there's adultery, and in that simple equation, we all may become guilty of trying to follow the law.

I want to warn you that this description can be graphic and once the act is done, it cannot be undone.
First it starts with two individuals. They both fall in love and are like magnets, you can't keep them apart. It's a spontaneous event that occurs in life. After a little time together the arguments start. One accuses the other of an instinct of mistrust. Then there's wondering eyes, the male's conscience starts to kick-in and he feels that they're doing something wrong or should tie the knot (get married) at least in some cases. Sometimes it's just a mutual agreement. Then it happens; he proposes, and she says yes. In some cases they've already had sex before marriage so the honeymoon is nothing new, but what can I say, some people do do it the right way and some people don't. In the forces of attraction sometimes kids end up in the deal, but I haven't got to that part yet. The fact remains evident that something happens when two people decide to have sexual relations. There's like this bond that stays there, sometimes it gets old and sometimes it just won't go away. It's like a drug, a craving to want more of a feeling, a lust that is embedded in the brain. In these events things start to get mismanaged or the feeling becomes old and the body yearns for a new feeling. To simplify the issue, two people, whom, have been committed, start to feel as though they're missing something and any sign of excitement or someone else inviting them in, can happen at any moment within this process. Then that's when it happens. It could be at work; it could be next door; it can even be in your house. Once he or she starts to feel the urge to try something or someone new, the battle between priorities and sacrifice begin inside the mind and body. The thoughts invade the mind, images of porn--if that's his or her selection to feed the beast--start to entrap the bystander to want to contain the beast, but the more the beast is fed, the more the urge just won't go away. Then the lying starts. The phone becomes the leading cause of every downfall, the internet becomes the connection, and then there's the loss in time. Where were you? Who was that? How did he or she get your number? The beast has been set free and the children or anything innocent, becomes the victim. If only fundamentals were fun. The beast does not care about the children. The beast doesn't even care about you. But after all, we're only human, right? The beast only wants to satisfy the hormone, the beast wants to satisfy the feeling. Is it evil to want to feel good? Is it evil to want to feed the beast? It's like magic, why does the beast only want what looks tempting. Oh, and lets just pray that he or she doesn't drink. It's like a game, it's like a thrill of excitement and pressure is made to burst pipes. Clothing everywhere, years of trust, preaching, and family bonding, gone, just for that one burst of excitement. A ring of pure gold tarnishes, and tiny drops of someone's sweat, other than yours, all over your husband or wife. The bond of trust is then broken and all of the work, time, and money becomes a field of garbage and waste, left for someone else to pickup. Gossip, and the center of attention awaits you, in the midst of no understanding. Some couples forgive; some couples don't, and some couples are just trapped. The rest is like a dream that you thought would be good but actually turns out to be a nightmare. Legal sex for some reason has driven you mad and into a complete sexual maniac. Once the beast opens up your mind to a world of options and fantasies, the lasting image of what he or she is wearing the next day eats away at you. Temptation is a wonder of the world. Once all hell breaks loose and the hands of time take it's course, there's no turning back. If only you had made the right choice. Each night you're paranoid, hoping that the cat will stay in the bag. Let's just pray that you make it out alive, once or if, you're little secret gets out. If only there were a logical explanation for why it's hard for two people to settle; if only one could be content; if only you had done it the right way. All this time of wondering and mystery; building up each moment, each night, like a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode. Then you're left with the constant question on your mind at the end of the day, with or without your significant other, the question of: Is or was it worth it?

The End.   

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