Saturday, October 28, 2017

A Scary Story

It was a cold and windy night and I got invited out to film a small get-together. Little did I know, there was a sexual harassment case brewing in the air. Stepping in the hall, ready to work and film, I felt so relaxed by the soothing sounds of music; then that's when it happened. The chocolate beast got ahold of my mind. The chocolate beast got ahold of my thoughts and like cheese to a rat, I was drawn to her at first sight. Oooooooooh it was scary. My mind got entrapped, and everything I knew that was right and good had somehow disappeared. I touched her, and when I did, the chocolate beast came bursting through the hall window and ripped me apart, while everyone else stood and watched. Getting eatened alive, I fell to the ground screaming and no one helped, my wallet then fell to the floor and they all took their share of my hard earned cash. My flesh was splattered all over the hall, for the chocolate beast had consumed me. I had been trampled-on and fooled. As everyone continued on, the chocolate beast dragged what was left of me out of the hall, with one eyeball still gleaming with sight, I saw her wink at me. She too got a split of my earnings. Seeing her in that spell-bounding outfit was my last and final thought, playing over and over again in eternal damnation. What a scary, scary story.
The End.

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