Friday, October 20, 2017


This piece is dedicated to the special children, whom, are often misunderstood, there's a spot at the table for you, but there's no food. There are instruments, books, paint, brushes, computers, pencils and pads here just for you. Use the weapons and gifts that the designer (Lord) gave you, wisely. This piece is not intended to offend but to get others to comprehend a world ruled by art and artist. God bless you.

Okay doctor, I get it, I'm not like the others.
Something in me strives for attention.
Okay pastor, if you take a second, you'll notice that we have a lot in common.
Does not a liberal and a conservative desire the same type of love?
I do know that even a deity needs attention.
How bout you call me by my real name.
How bout you tell me what I really am.
Come to my altar and become a fan.
Come to my clinic and get a dose of life.
Come to my kingdom and witness an angel on earth.
Witness the miracles once the sounds and feelings of nature hit me.
Only then will you understand why I need so much attention.
I was sent here to bring life to a dying world.

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