Monday, October 30, 2017

Does it matter?

Today I can conquer the world and tomorrow I'll be dead.
Does it matter?
I can have all of the women and have children by each, but just like my life--their life too must come to an end.
Does it matter?
I can build buildings that can reach the heavens but they also will wither away and be torn down.
Does it matter?
I could play for every professional sports team and break every record and even be crowned a champion but I too must grow old.
Does it matter?
Why live this life?
Why are we here?
Is a mountain meant to be climbed?
Is a child meant to learn?
Is man meant to fly?
Does it matter?
I could be the perfect man and commit no sin and be executed and be remembered throughout the ages, "for what?," I ask.
Does it matter?
Yes, she loves me, but when the going gets tough she is no where in sight, only for another girl to step in. All of the courting, gossip, and romance for what?
Does it even matter?
I could read every book and be the smartest man alive and still not know how to make my bed.
I could jump from a building and live but still have broken bones.
I could even be rich and famous and still not have a true friend in the world and have it all taken away in a matter of seconds.
Does it matter?
Generations have come and gone.
Men have bled and died over a land flowing with milk and honey.
Pyramids have been built and left deserted.
People have claimed to have died and come back to life only to die again.
In all that has been done; in all that has been said; throughout all whom have walked this earth to build a kingdom for it only to be overcome and overrun by another civilization.
My final thought in all of the work is: Does it matter?

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