Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Wesley, was his name. He ran for president three times and failed every time. He was born in the dirt. Bred in the school of hard knocks, he learned that being clean would leave you in the slumps. Wesley's father taught him that no one likes a do-good, clean-cut, puritan. In this upbringing, Wesley saw the true nature of human beings. In the final days of his campaign, he concluded that people somehow enjoyed being treated like trash. He studied abusive relationships and determined that the reason the woman kept coming back was because the man kept abusing her. No one cares about the lifeless or the poor, left to eat trash, unless it's them. He concluded that about ninety-percent of people were selfish or envious, and would eventually become greedy snobs. In this assumption, Wesley spent most of his life in a small room. He was left with no choice but to be a pessimist and regretted ever being born. His ability to love, was never to be shown in front of people. "People like it dirty," this was his belief, and if they say anything otherwise then they're lying. Men want sex and women want to be in charge. Children want candy and you have to force them to read books. After losing his forth run for president and seeing an evil tyrant win, Wesley returned to isolation. He saw veterans and men who died for the freedom of the world being treated like dirt. Most of them lacked the power and knowledge to better themselves. They were at a disadvantage to the system. Wesley became a symbol to them. He became a god. If the people voted for trash and didn't have enough sense to notice it, then they too, deserved to be treated like dirt. In reality, Wesley hated the fact that his father was correct. Realizing that people spent most of their time trying to clean up dirt, he never married and spent most of his time at the graveyard, burying dead bodies in and with dirt. In his last rebellion, he took all of the broken people with nothing to lose, and overthrew the people in power. He developed so many followers that at the end of his reign he ruled the world. When he died, he returned to the dirt just like everyone else.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I looked into the eyes of a harlot today, a descendant of Judah. In her eyes I saw pain and a yearning to be pure again. She no longer wears white at her wedding. She became a harlot because her husband could not provide for her, it turns out he also had 10 mistresses on the side. Lord knows what her daddy did to her. Her children have been abandoned and submitted to the system. They are orphans now. She has been left to sell herself for sexual favors in return. She has been left for dead. In her eyes I saw pain. When I saw this, I stopped, and my lust for her turned into sorrow. I cried out for my own soul to be forgiven, I cried out for my own heart to understand why she died in front of me. She died of an overdose and I tried to save her. Her life was worth nothing to man but she now rest in the hands of the most high. I'm sure she did not put in a good report on the other side of what has happened to her here on earth. Once a goddess of life; now a dead woman, with not even enough money for her own funeral. Raised to know the difference between right and wrong but left with no choice but to submit to the evils of nature. Lord help us all. You've shown so much mercy, yet we're still lost. I'm not a priest, nor am I a member of a clergy, but I think I know why the black flag remains in the sky. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dark Stars

Word on the street is that your daddy provided the spark that lit the flame.
Then once you shined you gave off so much light that everyone knew your name.
Shine until you drop.
That's how you get paid.
You're a star in the center of a mass parade.
"You," turns to "it," and darkness surrounds the light.
I wonder if that's why they call it a star, shooting at the wee hours of the night.
Once the shining stops, it's consumed by the darkness.
Deep into the darkness of space, it burns out, waiting to shine again.
The reds, greens, and blues that provided so much color have now faded to black as other stars take over the shine.
Only those in the dark can see the light my friend.
But just because it's dark doesn't mean that the star is not there.
And then, the moon comes out...
The blind are given sight, they too can feel the vibes.
But can they see?
Stay at a distance or you may get burned by the heat.
You're not normal, the physics of the brightness is equated, summing you up as a freak.
If only you could shine everyday of the week.
Too much attention is given to the light, but even a dessert can be hot at night.
Light a candle and put it in the air.
When the flame burns out, light a flare.
Is a star that doesn't give off light, a star?
Maybe it's a dark star sitting in space, waiting to shine again.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Mr. Peeper's Amazing Hat

"Excuse me! Mr. Peeper, you forgot your hat...Mr. Peeper, wait..." Damion said, rushing down to catch the famous and amazing: Mr. Peeper.
Damion was spellbound by the details of the hat that Mr. Peeper had left behind. While picking it up, he could feel the energy within the fine sewn remnants of color. Damion couldn't help but to borrow it for the evening. He had reservations for the memorial ceremony that night for terror victims, and he wanted to turn heads that evening but there was something tempting about Mr. Peeper's amazing hat that he could not do without. The hat matched every inch of his red, white, and blue outfit. When he stepped on the scene that evening, everyone stopped to greet him and he became the main attraction. He found himself dancing with some of the finest women that evening. Damion couldn't believe all of the new friends he had made. People were lining up all over the place just to get a picture of him in his fancy outfit and Mr. Peeper's hat.
At the end of the night, with all of the stars in the sky, Damion's day was complete.
He returned Mr. Peeper's hat where he left it and would never forget the moments he got to spend with all of the people while wearing Mr. Peeper's amazing hat.
The next day, Damion saw Mr. Peeper wearing his hat again and he sat back and reflected on the one night that he got to wear the amazing hat that made him the show stopper.
"What an amazing hat. I sure wish it were mine," Damion thought to himself.
That evening, Mr. Peeper left the hat in the same spot where Damion had found it the first time, but this time he left it with a letter for Damion.
The letter read:
Thanks for the great evening at the Grand Towers, you didn't notice me without my hat but I noticed you. Since the hat gave you so much joy and you returned it, it may be better for you to have it.

Mr. Peeper

Monday, September 4, 2017

Dragged into the Equation of Power and War

First let's see what you have that I want.
How much is your mother worth to you?
How much are your children worth?
We've misunderstood your mission.
We feel as though you've gained to much power.
We want it...we need it for our people...we need it for our country...we need if for our allies.
First let's examine your borders.
How can we get across?
Let's examine your shores.
How can we infiltrate? 
Let's examine your people.
In the midst of your census, who will stand with you when tested?
How much do you have to offer?
A new game of spying starts to take place.
Is it that hard to trust us?
I've studied your allies and I've taken your ransoms and built up my military to even things out.
You give, I take. You take, I kill.
These are the rules because we don't trust you, it's not in our code of conduct.
Is our God the same?
Do our kings not desire the same things that your kings desire?
The laws of power are complex. The laws of power are not for the average person.
Take away everything that is free and make the people totally dependent on who sits in the high chair.
Tighten up the border, make a currency that you issue and create a total bureaucracy so the people do not rebel.
Kill the whistle blowers and hold the bomb.
If the citizens are stupid, then they will have no clue what is being planned.
If the citizens are smart then they to will be dragged in.
No matter what, someone will have to die.
I know it's sad but let's see what's at stake.
Let's find a solution to the equation. 
Let's examine those who seek and understand power.
Let's examine the laws of nature.
Can you keep producing?
Can you handle it?
The position is like the sun giving off light with no clouds or breeze.
It's hot; it's crazy; it's wild; it's powerful. 
How much would you give if someone were to threaten to take something away that you love?
Would you be forced to kill if someone struck first?
When everyone wants what you have, things can get complicated.
An hour break on the golf course to make you seem proficient while the world awaits your every move becomes the norm.
A ten day vacation...paranoid...thinking...wondering...but most of all...afraid.
Disaster strikes, and civilization starts to wonder about everything taken for granted.
One false move and the equation falls apart.
Millions of thrill seekers knocking at your door.
Avengers aiding the path of power's destruction.
The craving to be in the seat as the alpha spirit refuses to be tamed.
What becomes of the moment, who will declare to be independent.
Billions of dead bodies left on your quest.
If there was just one friend...
One phone call...
One true love that could stop the madness. 
Will the dollar last to feed a family?
Why do they want us in a war?
Why are they constantly trying to drag us in?
In the equation of power and war there is business.
Business makes goods that other people want.
Business makes goods that other people need.
War is big business...
Then there is thought...
What is being human?
This is the question you will constantly ask yourself over and over again in the mirror.
While emotions flow and the true nature of human intellect and human needs start to emerge, you will find yourself searching for reason, searching for something that can make sense of the matter.
Good becomes evil; evil becomes good.
God, becomes needed.
God, becomes wanted.
Is this what God is?
Is God the power that will settle everything?
Then it starts to rain.
The rain then becomes a flood.
After the flood the sun comes out.
When it comes out, all of the chaos becomes real; there's no escape.
In a small room, you sit alone, trying to find the solution to the equation of power and war.
In a small room you cry out for a savior.
Realizing you're alone in a room, the news won't go away.
A bad habit becomes needed.
In the midst of consumption, you become numb.
You're human after all.
You feel what they feel.
Everyone is a part of the equation.
In the midst of tears and all of the inner pain, a dove then comes to the window and starts to sing.
You took on the task and leverage is knocking at your door.
It becomes like the bully in the first grade.
It becomes like the animal in the jungle.
Others around are driven to do things that they would not ordinarily do to survive.
A simple day becomes a week.
A minute becomes an hour.
Every cent and every second must be counted.
All eyes are on you and someone has to pay up.
Then the baby cries and the equation becomes simple.
You're dragged into the room to find out what he or she wants.
You're dragged into the room to find out what he or she needs.
If you say no, it's abuse, if you give-in, the child becomes spoiled.
This one life simplifies the equation of who's in charge.
Once that becomes evident, the dust settles.
The person in charge makes the decision to adhere to the needs of others and the equation of power is solved.
Whoever shots first, is guilty.
If they're aiming at your territory then they want a fight.
Take on the business of war and find out where they got the ammunition to strike and make them suffer so they will feel what it's like to be dragged into a war.
Once all of the dragging and complaining is over, everyone will appreciate peace and the ones in power will stand and recharge.
I pray that we were not born for this.  

Friday, September 1, 2017

Cut from the team

I stood up for the National Anthem.
I even put on my lucky socks.
Leroy injured his ankle but he played every minute.
He made the team on a bad ankle.
Man, was I really that bad? 
What do I do now?
I guess I'll go back to the gym and try again next year.
Damn, I really wanted the job.
I guess I'll go read a book.
My day will come.
I may be cut from the team but I still feel like a champion. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Mommy, how come?

Mommy, how come they keep raising money for cures and people still dying?
Mommy, how come those people in dad's drawer don't have no clothes on, does he like you, mommy?
Mommy, how come they talk about race all the time when the only one's who're running are trying to get away?
Mommy, how come you pray after you do something wrong but you won't let me play with the plugs? If I get shocked you won't have to deal with me anymore. Is that love Mommy?
Mommy, how come you play the lottery when you could've used the money for food? Did you win mommy?
Mommy, how come you have a job and you don't have any money?
Mommy, how come people keep giving all of their money to the people who already have it?
Mommy, how come those grown men dress in costumes to kill each other?
Mommy, how come when you try to get daddy to go hunt for food he say he need a license? I thought that is what he was made to do?
Mommy, how come those officers taking daddy away I thought he worked for the President? He just got the job.
Mommy, how come you keep telling me to shut up? That's not fair Mommy.

Friday, August 25, 2017

The Bomb

I hid, yup, that's what I did. I came outside, now everyone's gone. Those jokers blew everything up and I'm the only survivor. No more war, no more crazy games. Once the smoke cleared, it was just me left, oh man, I don't even have a name anymore. I ate off of the apple tree, yes I did, and no one said a thing because they're all gone. I can play my own music now and sing my own songs. Gee-wiz, what a solution, no more problems-not even pollution. I ran through the streets and took a swim, I feel great, I was not like them. I'm the only one left, only me. I'm free from the world that dropped the bomb, I'm the last one left. The world is perfect now, let me find a mirror, I can see my face. They blew up the world and now there is no more race. What a sad story. Why did they kill everyone, boy, I'm starting to feel lonely. Why did they drop the bomb? I'm the last one left. I have no purpose, what a mess. Am I even alive? Well at least there is finally peace on earth.
Maybe they should have found a better solution.
The End. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Secret Weapon

Tough, strong, weak and fragile. Bullets, death, nuclear bombs, life, survival, and fresh air. War, peace, win and lose. Power, rich and even poor. These are natural laws of physics, nature and almost every religion. Pain hurts and pleasure feels good. Good and evil; a common thinker knows that one cannot exist without the other. The cycle is eternal. Negative energy attracts positive energy and positive energy attracts negative energy.
Stay neutral.

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Addiction

I came across a video today that proves that there is a force trying to not only save me but save my fellow man and woman. We as a human species battle to be perfect at everything we do in life yet we often fail. Being a victim, I can only write about what addiction can do to those of us whom have not come out of the battle a winner. In the midst of my own failures, I too, must battle with the beast. This message though is not about me, it's about what I've seen.
I came across a video today that proves that there is a force trying to not only save me but save my fellow man and woman. There are forces trying to save us. On our journey to overcome our addictions, we often see a small sign that tries to warn us to take a better path, some heed the warning sign and some don't. Life on this planet is important, but those of us whom of which are addicted to something will tell you that strange things happen when you're alone and in battle with self. This message is simply only for you to follow the signs. I too have been a victim and battle with my own demons but to overcome is the only true miracle. Good luck in all of your journeys and may the creator of life strengthen you to find a place of peace so that you will not become a victim.
Testimony: Not to long ago I had the privilege of doing a fundraiser for addicts. At the fundraiser I got a call from my teenage cousin, the strange thing about this call is that I had never heard from her until this point, ever. The odds of her calling at that time were slim to none. When she called, I stood still like a rod in the middle of a moving crowd of people. We didn't have a good turnout from the show but I learned something that day. I later found out that she had overdosed but was brought back to life. I do not know why God has made my life this way and to this day I have no clue why she called. So many of the people I love are in chains. If you finished this post then you will have some idea of what a man who sits in a war zone has to do to win the battle. I know I'm not alone and I cannot save the world, but this post is only intended so that just like me you too can come across something that may save you. Follow the signs, there is a force trying to save us. I just joined and I'm now addicted to being a better person for the rest of my life.  

Monday, August 7, 2017


The faucet is leaking, I can hear it while sitting in silence on the floor in the other room. The singer taking a bath must have flown away. I guess everyone sings in the bathroom. I'm worried about certain things that I cannot control. Outside of these walls the world is still in motion, while ten million thoughts flow through my mind. It's a big world out there, beyond these walls. My neighbor must think I'm crazy from all of the laughter that goes on in a one man apartment. In all that laughter the room then goes silent. I become sadden by all of the evil that I have to face outside of these walls. It won't stop. I often wonder about the world. I wonder about the people. I wonder about myself. I then drift into a state of carelessness but I keep hearing voices telling me that everything will be fine. They've been in my ear my whole life. Then there's silence. In the silence I sit in a small corner holding the wings of a broken angel knickknack in my hand. Is that what we are? Are we humans just broken angels trying to fight our way back into heaven. In the midst of the voices, I see a light shining through the door. I feel a connection to the music now playing down the hall. I feel alive, I feel like flying. I feel like an angel. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

American Intellect

Planting seeds on a corner, my mind then goes blank. I see two atheist collecting change to give to the saints.
I forgot how pyramids were built, so I plant a tree instead. 
I'm going in circles, then I bump my head.
I spent my last dime, so I'll earn another until the light turns red.
When I sit down and do nothing,  I'm pronounced dead.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Helping out the Devil

"A call just came in, sir, it seems someone wants to use you as a reference," Jane said to Peter, while keeping an eye on the clock.
"Where do you have to be Jane?" Peter asked, getting closer to her.
"How do you know I have to be somewhere? Jane replies, as though shocked by his question.
"Because you keep looking at the clock." Peter confirms.
It was evident that there was something on Jane's mind.
She seemed like an eagle on it's first flight day.
She had been with the same company for years. Why was today any different?
"Peter I need your help," she responded trembling. 
Peter fixes his tie.
"Now Jane, that's going to come at a price." He says.
"What?" She responds in disbelief.
Peter rubs his hand down her left leg.
"I told you, everyone in this business is a criminal. Your signature proves that you belong to me."
Feeling his advance, Jane just stands there shaking.
"But Peter, I have no one to turn too. I left my whole family to build your kingdom. Look at all we've accomplished together. I just need a break. Please." She says.
Peter proceeds up her blouse.
"Jane, you heard what I said, don't start developing a conscience now. You work for me. You see that punching bag over there in the corner. That is your dumb ass family and this golden elephant represents power, it represents intelligence. Do you want to go back there? There is no room for feelings in this business. The kind at heart get eaten alive and everyone else is a consumer, you know the rules." He takes his other hand and grabs her by the head, forcing her to kiss him.
"Do you understand that Jane?" He says forcing her lips on his.
Jane starts to have flashbacks of all of the family and friends she left behind to advance Peter's Corporate agenda. She remembered when she started, how ambitious she was. As Peter continued his advance on her body, that he had paid for, she stabbed him in the heart with her letter opener. When she stabbed him, he looked her in the eyes.
"Thank you... for setting me free," he said falling to the floor.
 Jane, covered in blood, looked at his desk filled with applications of people wanting to be just like her. She began to cry, her new life in hell had just begun, for she had slain the beast that helped her reach her dreams and there was no turning back. Jane then fell into the prison system and Peter's Palace Inc. was taken over by the next share holder in line. The only good that came out of helping Peter her whole life, was the lesson that Jane had learned when she was bailed out of jail by her family; whom of which, had nothing but their life savings.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I'm stuck in a state of thought after trying to get my lover to understand my logic. No one can feel what I'm feeling at this moment so I pick up a pen and a pad to ease my mind. I seem to be losing the perfect game. Am I human for my thoughts? Am I human for what I said? Am I human for what I did? I'm sorry, but it's too late, she left. I take a second to realize that this may be it for us, the pressure is too much to handle. If only love were perfect.
 I take my pen to write...
My thoughts begin to flow on paper, I have to find the words to keep me in a perfect state of thinking but it seems impossible. There are no words that can explain what I feel. I'm sorry, but she's gone. I breathe for a second...
If only these words could keep her in perfect harmony with me. I keep telling myself that pain can be healed but it takes time. Why is my heart beating fast? I have to keep writing to ease the pain? Somehow she is connected to my state of being. I need her but she left me all alone and all I have left is a pen to save me. She went out into an unstable world without me. I'm tired, so I let her go; realizing that I cannot protect or save her, I start to drift. I'm tired of trying to figure this out.  When I'm alone, I want her, but when  she's here, I want to be alone. Men lust to be with her. They stab me in the back. They lie. She lies. I have nothing left and no words to keep her happy. I'm losing her, if I haven't lost her already. Her last lover killed himself because he couldn't live without her. I look in the mirror and imagine a perfect world. It's the only hope I have left so I turn off the lights and lay in the darkness. It's quiet, the dream of a happy ending with her fades away, but at least tomorrow I have another chance to strive for perfection. I lost one. The pressure of trying to be the perfect man is over. The next day I wake up to the sound of birds and a bright morning sun. I have another chance.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Keep Trying

In my worn state of mind, I fall victim to the obvious quite often. I too, have seen failure. On a rainy day I see four children outside practicing dance steps. I'm assuming they must be preparing for an event. Me and my friend Jenn continue to sit on the porch and watch them dancing in the rain. After falling several times, they spot Jenn on the porch. They then walk over to my friend Jenn and ask her if she would train them. I guess they had heard about her after hearing that she was a local legend. Jenn, in her now older age, said no. From a small distance, I watched as the children proceeded to keep practicing. Feeling the magic of the situation, I proceeded over to Jenn.
"That used to be you," I said to her with supreme empathy for the children.
When Jenn heard those words, her heart became open to the future. She proceeded over to the children and began to teach them and they continued dancing.
It was their desire to not let her down.
It was their desire to keep trying.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Human Anatomy

My heart beats...
I feel it and then look in the mirror.
I notice that I have two sides, a left and a right.
One side is weaker than the other.
That explains the forces of nature.
That explains the concept of good and evil.
My right side is stronger and my left side is weaker.
In my deep thoughts, I motion and use every tendon in my body.
My brain sends the signal, then I move.
The nerves in my spine only tremble when I go left.
I have minor control of my left side.
Noticing my human anatomy, I must maintain control and go right.
In this simple law of nature, I learn a valuable lesson.
I learn that perfection is far out of reach and a freak is only special when he sits in the middle but in the end he too must choose.
In a fight I only have an advantage if I can use my left and right hand.
Why is there two sides of everything?
Why does a butterfly have two wings?
That explains the laws of attraction, that explains why my conscience must choose between right and wrong everyday.
That explains why I'm only human.
I will learn from my mistakes.
When I go to far to the left it may be better if I go back to the right. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Dead Man's Conscience

Byron was a good man. He didn't have much but he had a good heart. His heart was so good that other men became envious of him and at point blank range one of the envious men shot Byron in the head and killed him. Jim, was his name and he had been watching Byron for quite awhile. He even over charged him a couple of times on his rent and set a camera up in the bathroom to watch his wife shower. When Jim took Byron's life, he had no clue what his life would be like afterwards. Everything that Byron possessed Jim took away, and left his loved ones with just a memory of him. To simplify this story, Jim was the land lord and Byron was the tenant and now that Jim's true colors had been revealed, his life took an awkward turn for the worse. In his jail cell, he could somehow feel and hear Byron's desires and thoughts to live again. The favor of death had to be returned. The voices haunted him until one day the prison guard found him hanging in his jail cell. Jim went from landlord to later becoming a brutal criminal and now a dead man. In Jim's life, it was never enough, but his envious mind led him to his fate. All he had to do was be content with his own life but his actions laid on his conscience, leaving him dangling from the ceiling and a final letter which read, "I'm sorry." The dead man's conscience to comprehend why he had been cheated out of his life haunted Jim until he could not bear to live anymore.
The End.

Monday, May 8, 2017

The Peaceful Investment

It's midday and I hear children outside playing. I then turn on the radio to hear the latest gossip about liberals and conservatives. It seems that another religious and cultural war has broken out. I sit down in my chair to comprehend the woes of mankind. The pros and the cons of war slowly eat at my thoughts. I contemplate on the matter of family and children that do not know what they will have to face when they grow older. They too will have to fight for something. I get up from my chair to lay on the couch, realizing that I've been in the shadows for too long. I have to do something to teach the next generation that there's a better way to live. I hear a voice in my head while watching and listening to the children play. I open the door and direct them to gather around on the sidewalk. I show them a picture of a bird soaring through the sky and then I showed them how to be peacemakers. I invest my time in their future; hoping, that if not all, then maybe one of them will listen. At the end of the day, I watch them run-off to their homes. I did something right today. I feel good about my little peaceful investment. As I prepare for bed, I see an old picture of me hanging on the wall in uniform fighting for freedom. I hope the kids from my neighborhood learn from what I taught them today. I hope they grow up with a better mindset than we had back then. I hope they grow up fighting for peace. I then lay down to rest, and while I laid there, I fell asleep looking at the stars in the sky. It's a peaceful night to rest and I've made a small peaceful investment in the future of human nature.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Adventures of Big-time Charlie the Comedian

In the middle of the stage, I told my first joke. When the audience didn't laugh, I trembled and felt a force telling me to keep going. No one knew my name but I felt inspired. All I needed was some good laughs to help me reach higher. I knew that this was the only gift that I possessed, laughter, to relieve a small man, battling with stress. Millions of comedians laughing in a room practicing punchlines for the world to embrace, all it took was one unknown , Big-time Charlie, to get on stage and fall on his face. I quickly got up as the crowd thought it was a part of the act, laughter filled the room and I told jokes to hit back. At that moment there were enough laughs to influence the next generation. I stood on stage and told my final joke, about a poor man on probation. The crowd laughed and when they did I woke up realizing it was all a dream. Even though it wasn't real, it gave a small boy hope...that even me, Big-time Charlie, could grow up and make a living telling jokes.

Friday, March 31, 2017

The Wise Man & the Golden Temple

"Caesar, what have you noticed?" Septimius asked, while sharpening his sword.
"I've noticed doubt in the people. They don't believe in anything. They've become heathens," Caesar replied.
Septimius pointed the tip of his sword towards an empty lot of land.
"I want you to build a temple made of pure gold on that empty lot of land. If the people come there to seek God's help, then I want you to bless them. If they come as tourist, then I want you to bring them to their knees."
Caesar yielded to the instructions of Septimius and ordered his men to build the golden temple. Once it was done, people from all over came to marvel at its wonder, but no one came to seek God's help. When Caesar saw this he consulted with a wise man.
"What shall I do? I don't have the guts to punish my people. They've suffered enough paying my taxes." Caesar said to the wise man.
The wise man pointed to the East.
"Your enemies fear god and have nothing, while your people don't believe in anything and have everything."
After the wise man spoke these words, he left the presence of Caesar. When he left, Caesar stood in his chamber and watched from a distance as his people rejoiced in their abundance. He felt a tremble in his spine as he observed them marveling at the amazement of the golden temple. Caesar then fell to his knees.
"O Lord, why have we forgotten thee. I submit my will to thee, for you've been good to us and we as your people have forgotten thee. Our enemies seek to destroy us. Should we fight for our possessions or should we fight for you O Lord?"
Seeing the distress symbol from his chamber, Septimius raised the black flag and let the enemy into the gates. The war seemed endless, and even in defeat, no one went into the temple to seek God's help; the black flag continued to fly. It was evident that they had given up on the hope of great spirits. The people had started to do all kinds of unlawful things. There were so many beliefs that they had become confused and weak. The people had become heartless. In the darkness of war, the enemy reached Caesar's chamber, put him in chains, and in revenge of being deprived under his rule for so long, they cut off his head. The wise man recorded everything that he saw while in the basement praying in the golden temple. Once the war was over, and Caesar's kingdom was no more, the wise man escaped to a village where most of the survivors had fled to. He began to preach to the survivors and they now understood that nothing mattered without a belief in God. The people now understood why a nation must believe in something greater than what's on earth. While the East rejoiced in their new plunder, the West secretly regrouped in a village. There was a new hunger to get to the temple built by Caesar. There was a new hunger to seek God's help. When Septimius saw this, he opened the gates for the West to take back their land. Filled with rage, they concurred the East with an army of just five hundred soldiers. Rejoicing in their victory, they formed a new nation, the West would never forget to seek God's help again. The End.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Messages in a bottle

The raindrops fall from the sky and the water hits the earth, it's all that's left to drink. Positive energy attracts to negative forces. Negative energy attracts to positive forces. The truth, the way, and the light comes in many ideologies and colors look differently compared to the eyes that perceive them. A sinner motivated to save a life, a homeless man with two coins, and a leader tormented by his own flaws. This message is for your mind, it's for your thoughts. Those who envy the wealthy soon realize that the comfort of home was not so bad once they too become wealthy. Meditate on the words, figure them out. The phone rings at a quarter past midnight; this person rarely calls, I assume they must need something, so I listen. The pharmacy on the corner selling drugs, and the witch once hated has somehow given them the power to heal. What does a pig eat? She did not know what was in the drink but she chose to drink it. Two seconds past midnight and the phone rings again, this person rarely calls; I assume they must need something, so I don't answer. Held at gunpoint he begs for his life and then returns the favor. The mirror is all she holds, never realizing that she must first love herself, she finds it hard to tell the difference. In fear of their own hero's reward, they refuse his help and try to save themselves. Her independence has created an opposite attraction. The past rotates in the same direction as earth, yet, after the first shot is fired, it's too late, you've chosen your own fate. The child falls down when no one is around, her mother warned her to stay close to home. He has to accept the fact that no one is perfect before he can try again. Millions suffer and many die from a bomb dropped on their habitation because of a leader with inferior beliefs. Who caused the war? Ions and pestilence fill an old industrial field while contaminated manna falls from the sky and the people eat while traveling in circles. A savior walks by and is hung from a tree because he is innocent and his dying flesh is eaten by hungry prey. The people he saved just watched. She laughs at people without taking a second look and the images later haunt her. The oil fields that promised wealth, prosperity, and jobs, have infected the lungs and shaken up the earth, all that's left is a deserted island. He is the center of attention and no one will listen to him but the entertainment seems real. The pure energy in the body is yours, will you apply for the job or will you build your own kingdom. The leader seems harsh, I guess that's why he has so many followers. The leader seems liked, I guess that's why he's got so many enemies. Late at night he dies in his sleep but wakes-up alive to rule. This message is deep so you can climb from the pit when no one is around. Take your time, think. How do you get to the top of the pit? How did you fall in? When life is fair, write it down so others can read the message. They may fall in also. Keep thinking, keep moving, and keep reading, you're almost there. The lust of beauty has defiled the immunity of a debilitating disease, nothing can cure it, and death is certain but life goes on. Trust becomes no more to a man who has been burned several times. There's no hope if he chooses to give up. You have but one opportunity, why should you pass up this temptation, you may never get it again so you eat what's left that taste good...YOU GAVE IN. Little children with too much common sense in a danger zone realize they've been left for dead so they commit suicide, they have nothing to offer and they do not believe in the future. Humanitarian aids have run out of donations and there are clouds in the sky as famine has turned the village into cannibals, give them what you have before they eat you. She loves an idol more than the person she married, how ironic. With so many choices, which one do you choose? The cries for the basic necessities in life are often not heard but nature still takes it's course. One is never enough, for those who need more. We were warned about this. Who will save us? What is our purpose? The jokes are funny but deep inside the mind of the comedian, he is searching for a way out of the madness. Once you're used up, who will save you? What will you have left to offer? Look at how they've run off with the skills you taught them and left you to fend for yourself. Just stay still. Positive energy attracts to negative forces; take a compass with you into the forest. The energy must stay neutral; keep an eye on the poles. Follow the positive forces to contain the negative energy and find your way home. This is a common occurrence in an infinite universe. I hope negative energy never crosses your path. Good luck on your journey. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The First Amerikans

It's free!
There's a pot with two antennas, so when you look in it, you can see a picture of you and your grandfather, it cost $400.
It's land filled with water, dust, and air, but you have to pay for the book that has the ingredients, it cost $40.
The water is filtered but it's still water, it cost $30.
The people have many faces but they're still people and no matter who they are or how special they may seem, you still have to pay interest just to see them.
Two ships come to the dock, sailing away from death, where are the passports? By George, it's Thanksgiving Day!
Is that man selling his coffin to pay for his funeral?
Her boyfriend dreamed of a hit record so he made a love song about her and fell in love with his agent...she later found out that she wasn't in the dream.
Two drummers are looking for an electric guitar player for their band, but they forgot they need an audience to get paid, where are they now?
There's people walking by a skyscraper and someone is about to jump, I wonder if they see him on the edge of the top floor.
He never complains because nobody cares, so he curses in the mirror and then brushes his teeth.
He's google eyed from typing girl names in the search engine.
Is that genius drinking sugar water?
Is that a handicap sticker on the runway or is that airplane parked in the wrong spot?
Why is the president in church, I thought they were separated?
She has a wheelchair printed on her skin, what brand of skin is she wearing?
There's an ambulance driver saving someone who just got into a fight with the police.
He ran for office but now he's running from city hall and he just got elected president, what's the odds of that?
She's always in the mirror but never at home, how does that sound?
I see flags hanging upside down on my neighbors porch, I go to fix them and he gets upset with me, I thought he was a patriot.
She's single, filed her taxes, then got a brand new car, who did she claim?
I'm on a psych ward and I see America spelled "Amerika" and I have no clue why, I wonder if the person who wrote it lost their mind.
I'm still in the hospital and out of all the babies I see through the glass, there is one with his fist in the air. Oh wait, I see two fingers almost like the newborn is holding up the peace sign while all the other babies are crying. I wonder if the other babies are protesting? I sit and just soak up the moment not knowing if I'll ever be sane again, but at least I got to see the first Amerikans.     

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Sex Offender

"What's human? Dr. Greg." Ramon asked, in his first counseling session.
Dr. Greg takes his glasses off.
"I'm human, and you're human. Why do you ask?"
"Do you think a woman who kills a child is human?"
Dr. Greg takes a drink and slowly puts down his glass.
"A woman who kills her child must not feel that the child is safe enough to belong in this world. These cases of neonaticide have been occurring throughout the history of human life; at least as far as my research goes. Where are you going with this?"
Ramon sits back on the lounge chair.
"Do you love your wife? Dr. Greg."
"Yes... with all my heart," Dr. Greg replies.
"I once used to feel like that. Then I logged in online to meet Sophia, Candy, Candice and Caramel. They changed my perception of the female species," Ramon says folding his hands on his stomach while laying back.
He gets Dr. Greg's full attention.
"Elaborate on that thought would you please."
Ramon looks at the clock on the wall and then continues.
"As a child I used to play with my sisters. I loved them Dr. Greg. I loved them until they became sluts. You know I once heard a sermon about a prophet in the bible who was so powerful that he could not be fazed by the slut. I envy him. You see Dr. Greg, once I figured out what the slut can do to a man's natural conscience I became a monster. I don't want to confuse you on why I need your help. I love women, but the slut has led me here."
"That's interesting. So what is a slut to you? If you don't mind me asking."
Ramon gets up from the lounge chair.
"Don't act stupid. You know what a slut is."
Dr. Greg takes a sip of water.
"Please, sit back down. I want to know what a slut is to you," Dr. Greg responds modestly.
Ramon sits back down and gets comfortable. He folds his hands back on his stomach.
"I don't know any more. I just don't understand why the women I love are not attracted to me. I always end up with a dirty rotten slut."
Dr. Greg grabs his pen and pad and starts writing.
"Is that why you think you're a sex offender now."
The room is silent for a second.
"I'm a sex offender because I have to punish the sluts. That's something you won't understand. Don't act like you're mister perfect. You've watched porn like every sex craving maniac on this planet. It's human."
Dr. Greg stops writing.
"I'm trying to help you Ramon. I want to tell you why I took you in as a patient. I admit I've had my days of abuse and being a sex craving fanatic but it got me nowhere but here. If I don't help you, then my own life won't be complete. I cannot undo my past but I can only help those seeking a better future." he explains, getting Ramon's full attention.
"I didn't rape that girl, Dr. Greg. Once you figure out what a human being is and what being human feels like, then you will understand my mind. I'm a man who's got to put an end to the sluts that are killing divine will."
Dr. Greg starts to write again. Ramon then goes quiet.
"Divine will is like karma, it teaches us to become better,"  Dr. Greg says, breaking the silence.
Ramon begins to mumble.
"Love did this to me, Dr. Greg. Having a broken heart has turned me into a monster and I'll never forgive that slut for what she did to me. You just keep on loving your wife; but I'm warning you, if she screws you over, then you feed her to me and I'll straighten her out."
"Well Ramon. I recommend you read as many books as you can. I want you to live like a monk for a year, then I want you to come back and schedule another session with me. If you do this, I guarantee you'll be changed into a better man, but that can only happen if you follow my instructions," replied Dr. Greg, wrapping up the session between the two of them.
Ramon took his advice. He respected Dr. Greg. After their meeting, Dr. Greg had put Ramon to the test. Ramon began to workout more, he started reading everything he could get his hands on, and in the process he found himself growing into a better person. After a year had past, he and Dr. Greg met at a gym and talked in the lounge after their workout.
"You know Dr. Greg. In this whole year I finally figured it out."
Dr. Greg became all ears.
"What did you figure out?" He asked.
Ramon then responded humbly.
"Women just want the same thing we want; they just want to be loved."
Dr. Greg was shocked by Ramon's new found comment.
Complete solitude and meditation had killed the monster that Ramon once was. 
The End.  

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Love Mysteries; Issue 1: The day the floor caved in

This was his opportunity. Victor loved Rachelle but he just needed to tell her, someway or somehow. Standing in the elevator, he just stood there and stared at her. He was obsessed, he had to have Rachelle. Reaching down to tie his shoe laces, he imagined himself in her arms. He loved the colorful stockings that she would wear. He couldn't help drooling while down on one knee glancing at her legs in red stockings.  From sun up to sun down, Rachelle was on his mind. This woman had a spell on him and she didn't even know him. The fragrance of "Winter Blossom" perfume was all that he needed to get his senses revved up. Drowning himself in his lust for Rachelle filled his every thought. Victor needed medicine to cure his craving for this woman. Every inkling moment she walked by him was just enough to send him into a universe of wonders with just him and her. His heart would race at first sight of her. The man would spend all of his life savings just for one night with Rachelle. This feeling was dangerous. Every chance he passed-up to talk to her would haunt him in his sleep. He had to tell her how he felt. He had to say something to this woman or the images playing over and over in his mind would remain just that, an image.
It was a Thursday afternoon and it was time to go on lunch-break. Rachelle walked by and Victor saw her kiss someone else while he looked from afar. Victor then slammed his hand up against his cubical. Feeling crushed, he proceeded to follow her while the other guy must have worked the second shift in another office on the same floor. Whoever the guy was, he was nowhere in sight when Victor caught up with her at the corner store getting something while on break. The woman had never even paid attention to him. Itching at his thoughts, he knew that if he said something to her with any hint that he was interested in her that he would be stepping on another man's turf. The moment they began to talk, ambulance sirens were heard passing by the store. The two of them continued to talk all the way up to the cash register and back to the office. Noticing a fire truck and ambulance outside of their job, they rushed to see what happened. It turns out that the office building's floor caved in and killed everyone in the building, including Rachelle's boyfriend. Watching her cry, Victor couldn't believe the odds. His obsession was so great that it became fatal. He had no care for someone he didn't know but seeing his opportunity, he comforted and got to know Rachelle in the heat of this tragic moment.
The question in this mysterious story is: Did Victor's love obsession for Rachelle cause this ironic event to occur? Those who study the forces of love can only imagine it's power. Love and the laws of attraction can be so powerful that the effects can be fatal. "Good Luck" and "BEWARE" of the mysteries of love.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

He, the Trumpet Player & the Steel Wall

His specialty was the art of the deal. His life began with one-million dollars and a trumpet for his birthday. He, was also given a cheap cell phone for cleaning toilets. He, gained national attention when he played his trumpet in front of a tower owned by a snobby billionaire, who wanted him off of his property. Hearing his fate hollered in his face and the fact that the snobby billionaire refused his offer to play for him, He, the trumpet player, realized that one million dollars was not enough. Feeling belittled, He, the trumpet player, wanted the snobby billionaire to feel his pain.
"What shall I give you to stay off of my property with that pesky trumpet!" Hollered the snobby billionaire.
He, the trumpet player, slowly put down his trumpet.
"If you give me a share in your company, I'll have my audience clean your buildings, for free," He, the trumpet player replied.
The billionaire laughed.
"You're just a trumpet player, security, please escort this piece of brass off of my property."
After the security guards took action, He, the trumpet player became angry.
All of his audience then gathered around him.
"What are we going to do. Your deal didn't work," one of the trumpet player's audience members said.
He, the trumpet player stood tall.
"From this day forward, I'm going to call you all my players, and you will all play the game by my rules. I'm going to make that snobby billionaire an offer that he can't refuse," He, the trumpet player said, raising his trumpet.
The audience now known as players became confused and they began to talk among themselves.
"But sir, you only have one million dollars," explained one of the players.
He, the trumpet player, began to laugh.
"That, my player, is the art of the deal. I told you, I will make that snobby billionaire an offer that he can't refuse. I just have to find what he needs and make him an offer."
The next day the players overheard, He, the trumpet player, playing in his office. He had been hitting some pretty high notes.
"I found out what he needs," He, the trumpet player said as the players entered to listen to him.
"He needs steel. I want you all to go to the corporations and tell them I'll give them each five-hundred dollars per tonne for their steel until the million dollars is gone and then we will sell a portion to the snobby billionaire for two million. But before he buys it, I want you all to sign this petition to tax the corporations' steel imports so we can increase the price of steel. This will leave the snobby billionaire with no choice but to buy from us."
Once they caught on to his plan, the players got down to business. While they made the moves needed, He, the trumpet player, continued to play. After they made the deals for the steel, He, the trumpet player, went to the snobby billionaire and made him an offer for the steel that he couldn't refuse.
"You're back," said the snobby billionaire as, He, the trumpet player, walked into the snobby billionaire's office.
"Yes, and I would like to do business with you," He, the trumpet player said, holding his trumpet.
"I told you, there is nothing you can do for me, you're just a small time trumpet player with one-million dollars," replied the snobby billionaire.
He, the trumpet player, put his chin up and stood his ground. 
"I noticed you have a project on State St. that needs a tonne of steel to be finished, I have three-thousand tonnes in stock. If you let me have a share in the company I will give you the steel you need to finish the project," He, the trumpet player, explained.
The snobby billionaire sat-up straight in his chair.
"Oh wow, that's a good deal."
After he got the snobby billionaire to sign the papers, He, the trumpet player, went to tell his players the good news. In time, He, the trumpet player soon owned the whole company and had more than the snobby billionaire. This made the snobby billionaire angry.
"I've been tricked," he said, hurting his foot while kicking one of, He, the trumpet player's steel buildings.
The snobby billionaire then went and hired an army of soldiers to serve him.
"I want that trumpet player dead and I want his trumpet in my possession to prove it. Once you get it, I want a steel wall built to keep him and his players out. I'm going to meditate and I'm not coming out of my meditation until I hear the sound of that trumpet when the wall is complete."
Once the billionaire declared war with the trumpet player and his players, He, the trumpet player became upset.
"I made him offers that he could not refuse and now he wants war. This makes no sense."
Noticing one of his buildings exploding the trumpet player stood and watched from his window while the snobby billionaire's army stole all of his steel.
"What shall we do sir, they're not playing fair," asked one of the players.
"I want you to let them take the steel and collect all of the gold from my towers and put in on a ship,"He, the trumpet player replied. 
After this was done, the snobby billionaire's army built a steel wall with the steel that they had collected from, He, the trumpet player's buildings. Once the wall was complete the army went back to steal the trumpet, but, He, the trumpet player and his players were no where to be found. Mass amounts of people had lost their lives in the war created by the snobby billionaire. In the midst of all of the turmoil, He, the trumpet player and his players sailed away to a deserted island with the gold collected from his towers. The snobby billionaire became even more frustrated when word got back to him that, He, the trumpet player had escaped. Sitting alone in his office, the snobby billionaire's phone rang. The billionaire rushed to the phone in hopes that his army had retrieved the trumpet.
"Hello...Hello," said the snobby billionaire, waiting for a reply.
It was, He, the trumpet player on the other line.
"I hear you owe a lot of men money for building that steel wall so I want to make you an offer that you can't refuse."
At the sound of his voice the snobby billionaire sat-up straight in his chair.
As the story went on, the cycle continued, until there was no one left on earth to play the game and there was nothing left to offer.
The End. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Unfortunate Wonderland at a Quarter Past 11PM

It's a quarter past eleven in the evening and I hear gunshots outside. Looking out the window, I also hear police sirens in the distance. In a world of self doubt and pity of my own life, I call to make sure that the people I know are alright. I then drift for a second. I come to the conclusion that there are unfortunate people and events that govern a part of life that many fear. The fear is the hope that it will never happen to them. If life could only be explained with every individual living in their own universe of trained thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Each individual universe of ideas being shared daily with dialogue but the language must be understood for them to evolve. To the conservative, the liberal is the cause, but to the liberal, the conservative is the problem. Then there's debate. In the midst of that debate a helpless child is born. In this thought, I then hear the ambulance sirens so I take a seat and read the paper. The paper shows foreign conflict and a lost child in the midst of war. Articles with tribal clans of the unfortunate people along with those they call colored and minorities, don't ask me where these names came from but I keep reading. Young teenagers on the corner in street clothes fighting and confused in a gentrified society searching for answers. Progression is deep and resources are scarce. Those who make it out only come back to reflect.  Promises of jobs and walls are in section 1A. Stories of sacrifice in the editorial section. My thoughts start to drift...even if you make it out, the unfortunate are still there. No matter your level of success they're still there. Temptations of security and a worry free life give you false impressions of the people around you. Everyone is in their own universe. What do I have that they want? What do I have that they need? "IN SORROW WE MUST MAINTAIN LOYALTY TO THE COUNTRY," that's the last article I read. I start to shiver waiting for my kids to come back in the house. They didn't answer their cell phones. I put down the paper and turn on more news to pass the time. A man with no arms smiles on the screen in a commercial representing surviving veterans. I turn away from the TV and notice a book on the shelf that's never been read. How do I keep going on? How do I remain fortunate? The buildings are so high and people would kill to reach the top. I then see a bitter man on the TV screen in the courtroom, the reporter states that his wife has labeled him useless because he cannot provide for his family so I guess he beat her. The fighting made the news with her kneeling at an altar and her husband in prison. Let me guess, another divorce. I'm assuming payment will be due for the children later. I then see a story about unfortunate college students, I guess those who seek knowledge must also pay the teacher. I take a moment to look at the pictures of me and my family on the walls. There's no escape, but I must keep my head up. Even after a death, one must remain optimistic when they're left with nothing to lose. I shed a tear but I soon realize that I must move on. I hope the bullets that I heard at a quarter past eleven missed the heart. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Supreme Growth

The infancy stage is simple, the criteria remains the same. Formed out of the womb and observed by your appointed superiors, whom, are responsible for your productive growth. Be thankful as you grow and notice that even in sad times that I'm teaching you something. Take notice of simple solutions because even that which may seem difficult can be overcome with effort. In the shadows is where I will sit and watch until your time on earth is done. When things seem hopeless, I will give you strength. Believe in yourself and go back to the instructions when you stray from the path that I've already laid out for you. Remember, you had to crawl first, then you got up to walk second. If things seem confusing, I recommend you go back to the fundamentals. No matter what, always remember that nothing on earth is new when you've reached your fullest potential. Strive to grow and be a better person. The process goes on and on. You're designed to bring life into the world abundantly. You're taught to be obedient and you're designed to learn. From infancy, all of your desires were observed. When you asked to play, I gave you toys; when you asked to fly, I gave you planes. Vision alone gives you the strength to turn nothing into something. In your good times, I want you to watch the poor child with less play with dirty dolls because she too will grow and desire to be just like you. Observe and watch the small seed planted into the ground, it too will grow. In all that is left, there is nothing more honorable than to grow and learn. The instructions are simple: learn from your mistakes, and teach the next generation to do the same. I believe in you, just as much, as you believe in me.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Super Bowl Snap

The Brookville Ravens had finally done it, but it took hard work. From an outside perspective the team had been worked to death. The team had snapped and had worked so hard that they were in complete rebellion against the league and their fans, due to the price of winning. Spectators believed that the road to the Super Bowl had driven the team crazy. People started noticing weird behavior on the sidelines by the players. One player was beating his helmet on the bench and another player kept punching his shoulder pads. When the game started, people couldn't help but notice that one of the top players was sitting in the stands and right in the middle of the play other players soon joined him. Some of the players were beating up fans with their helmets and wrestling with referees. From an outside perspective the team had evidentially lost it. When people caught on to all of the madness, they tried to run out of the stadium but the owners locked them in.
"You want us to win? Is that what you want?" one of the players said, slamming a fan in the end zone.
The other team tried to run but the Brookville Raven's coaching staff started throwing water bottles as if they were footballs at them. "I still got it," was the words that came out of one of the coaches mouth. It was insane. One of the coaches was spotted drowning another coach in the drinking fountain. The Super Bowl Stadium had turned into a slaughter house. After the massacre, the team was spotted taking a knee on their logo in the middle of the field. No team ever played them again. Being undefeated had turned them into beast. It was the last game of the season and the last game for the Brookville Ravens. The demands to win had made the whole team snap. The only positive thing that came out of the whole story was that the team stuck together through the whole snapping process. The game was shown on national television and the ratings were through the roof.  

Monday, January 2, 2017

The Beating and the Path

It was two o'clock in the morning when the phone rang. It was Deasia, and she found herself in a tight spot again.
"Selah, I need you to come get me from Jim's house," her friend said, whispering on the other line.
Selah crept to the cracked door of her bedroom to see if her parents were asleep.
"Okay, I'm on my way. Look for my dad's car. He's asleep so we have to hurry," Selah said ending the call.
When she got back, her parents were awoke. Noticing that they left the door open, Selah trembled as she walked in the house. Defending herself and raising her voice at her mother, the old skill of discipline eased into her mother's mind.
Her mother grabbed her and beat her with her house shoe. Feeling the heat and pain, Selah's mother had put the fear of God in her child. At this moment in Selah's mind, everything began to add up. Selah now knew that there would be consequences for her actions and she was now prone not to make the same mistakes. As Selah grew older, she became successful, all because of that one beating. She knew her mother cared because her mother explained to her what life would be like if she didn't discipline her. Now that Selah was older, she was very grateful that her mother took the time to care. After that life learned lesson, Selah began to take advantage of every opportunity that she got to be a better person in life and make better decisions. When she became the first female president of her university, she went back and thanked her mother and they reflected on the past. Prone to make better decisions, her new motives were to follow in her mother's footsteps and hope that her children would not make the same mistakes that she had made. In every wrong path, she reflected back to that one beating and decided to take a better route.
The End.