Friday, August 25, 2017

The Bomb

I hid, yup, that's what I did. I came outside, now everyone's gone. Those jokers blew everything up and I'm the only survivor. No more war, no more crazy games. Once the smoke cleared, it was just me left, oh man, I don't even have a name anymore. I ate off of the apple tree, yes I did, and no one said a thing because they're all gone. I can play my own music now and sing my own songs. Gee-wiz, what a solution, no more problems-not even pollution. I ran through the streets and took a swim, I feel great, I was not like them. I'm the only one left, only me. I'm free from the world that dropped the bomb, I'm the last one left. The world is perfect now, let me find a mirror, I can see my face. They blew up the world and now there is no more race. What a sad story. Why did they kill everyone, boy, I'm starting to feel lonely. Why did they drop the bomb? I'm the last one left. I have no purpose, what a mess. Am I even alive? Well at least there is finally peace on earth.
Maybe they should have found a better solution.
The End. 

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