Thursday, October 5, 2017

Rule Number 1

"I would like to congratulate you all on your grand accomplishment of making it through boot-camp and some of you whom have had additional training. I hate to say that most of you will start your careers in combat roles but I commend you all on your bravery to volunteer. Before you enter the game of war, I want to warn you all of my first rule on the battle field. The rule that you must bind to your weapons and hold dear to your hearts. This number one rule, is a cardinal order that you must always hold on to, it simply states: 'When the enemy is advancing, a soldier must do everything that he or she can to avoid distractions.'" These were the words that General Grant left his men and women before they carried out the invasion that would've pushed the enemy back and possibly win them the war. With high hopes, in the second week of his mission, General Grant noticed that the enemy had used his number one rule to attack his unit.
"Attention on deck!" Private First Class Cannon shouted as Second Lieutenant Reigns entered the platoon.
"Private Donaldson, you were suppose to be my eyes on the battlefield, what is going on out there?" Second Lieutenant Reigns shouted at the top of his lungs.
Private Donaldson stood tall at attention.
"Sir, they are using our female soldiers against us, Sir," he explained.
"What in the hell are you talking about, Private?" Lieutenant Reigns replied.
"They call the gas 'Selena' it increases the hormones. It's become a whorehouse out there Sir."
After Private Donaldson's explanation, and the fact that he had lost about eighty percent of his whole unit, Lieutenant Reigns had no choice but to pull back and regroup. Realizing that they now had the momentum, the enemy kept advancing. Noticing that their only escape would have to be on water to a base on the other side of the island, Lieutenant Reigns now had no choice but to call off the invasion. He, and what was left of his platoon, escaped on an abandon hovercraft. The enemy had used basic science to defeat his platoon. The gas that they created known as: "Selena," had turned his whole brigade into a night spot. The men and women whom all had enlisted for combat, had become so distracted that they were all blinded by lust and failed to carry-out the mission. In exchange, they not only lost their lives, but they also lost the war. General Grant, along with Lieutenant Reigns, held their heads down in defeat while they tried to explain to their superiors what took place on the dreaded day of Oct. 5. After the hearing, General Grant, had become so devastated by his lose that he later retired, never to return to the battlefield again. His last words at the hearing were, "We didn't see it coming, we had no clue that the enemy was so clever, they used our own strength against us." 

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