Friday, October 6, 2017


I know I'm just a small fry and an unknown compared to great stories throughout the ages, but by my desire each day to be a wordsmith, I've always been amazed with the meaning of and the word: "mercy." I often fail to understand human thinking, even my own at times, but the intellect of a human being is interesting, because it grows as we seek more wisdom and understanding. We often create things in our mind that we use to motivate us to do more than ordinary things, some of us believe in a higher power and some of us don't, yet, we all have the ability to show mercy. The question is: Why? I watch and read about stories of nature and how the elements show no mercy. Floods and other natural disasters. I read about animals and humans that viciously attack people and other humans with no mercy. I even read about things that we do to each other in our own natural state of mind, we are an amazing species. I watch boxing and see other fighters picking each other up, the same thing occurs when I choose to watch other sports as well. Having a mind that constantly flows, I sometimes even wonder about myself, but I've come to understand that nothing more can drive a person to greater power or force than mercy. How did this word come about, where did it come from? What person shows mercy to other surrounding creatures or humans that show no mercy. I often wonder about history. I see slaves, Christians, Muslims and Jews, even ordinary and famous people suffering. To feel their pain is often forgotten or left for little discussion. Even when I served in the U.S. Navy, I saw myself in the mirror, along with my fellow brothers (soldiers), suffering. I've even read books about Indians, suffering. Children in the heat of war with adults fighting over beliefs having to suffer in their wake. Even in my own life, I have family members, of which some chose to use drugs, some even sell the stuff, some go to seek God's strength yet they still suffer. Women; children; and even, men, left to suffer from a dreaded divorce or separation. The thought of human thinking is unreasonable and our emotions often lead us to do great and glorious things to overcome. Yet, through all of this, something brings me to the reality that there is a force in the universe and a power that we all possess to show towards others whom become victims of or shown, "no mercy." We have the power to show mercy. I think I know why we have this amazing ability and choice, but it shows that as a spieces created by a supreme force or being (in respect to others' beliefs) that we possess more power than we thought. I wish you well in this life and thank you for taking the time to read this random thought. For those of us whom have felt the power of pain and no mercy will tell you to be thankful when mercy is present in your life. It may be the only true miracle that we have left as a human race.
This lasting thought is in memory and thought of those in harms way.

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