Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pawns of Chess

Standing in the middle of an opened field it becomes evident that the mass amounts of civilians are asleep.
I don't think anyone is paying attention.
"Can anyone hear me, they're taking all of our land," I scream, but no one listens.
Women born from the generations of former slaves, separatists, puritans and masters, now lost in a field ruled by intellects. Men left with no wives, now resort to artificial sexuality to satisfy their needs.
In a field of pawns, no one knows what's really going on, they're just having fun.
"Can anyone hear me, they're stealing our children," I scream, but no one listens.
The earth begins to shake and in the distance I see a man holding a grenade launcher.
I fall to the ground to save myself, I can hear a construction crew drilling for oil, I soon realize that we've become powerless.
I can see the separation between the rich, poor, and middle class, but it may be too late.
The machines have taken over.
Realizing that I can only save myself, I start running.
I don't think some people know what's going on, I don't think they care anymore.
Many of them are standing in line to hear poets and false prophets.
Wiping my eyes from sweat, I then take cover, I see a woman in the distance with a bible searching for the king, I can't help but wonder if she knows what's at stake.
Reaching for my weapon, I've come to understand the rules of the game.
I can hear a peasant girl crying in the distance, her dirty doll falls to the ground.
I push her out of the way as her doll falls on a landmine, boom, my ears ring, I dread the fact that I'm awoke.
Sitting in the middle of an open field with needles and syringes, it becomes evident that the mass amounts of civilians are asleep.
I wait for the next move and see the pieces in position to take the king.
Running to take cover I see someone in a small room watching televison, he's caught off guard.
Lost in the television, a bolt of lighting strikes the watch tower, it's a warzone, and now it's become dark. We've lost power.
No one is educated enough to fix the outage and the enemy knows this.
The peasant girl then screams, awaking from her coma, revealing our hiding place.
I then hear a soldier speaking a foreign language as he puts his gun up to my head.
If I'm correct, I think he said, "checkmate."
The game is over, if only the citizens had stayed awoke, we might've had a chance.
Yet, instead of victory, we've now become prisoners of war.
I then hear the enemy's national anthem playing in the distance while we're all forced to stand.
We unknowingly gave up the ship.
We unknowingly lost the game.

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