Friday, October 26, 2018

The Last Coconut Tree

Advertised as the life saving fruit, promoted as the cure for all diseases, they called it the coconut on the island of unity, and after high demand, it somehow became scarce. Taking notice of the message, Henry the gardener decided to find a special place to grow his very own coconut tree. A thinking man, Henry would often spend his idle time observing the sun's movement and somehow started blaming it for wild human behavior. Henry developed a theory that the more the sun shined the crazier the people became. After violence broke out in his village, Henry built a huge gate around his land. It took him a year to finish it. In that year, Henry predicted that a large famine was coming so he began to stock up enough food to last him for twenty years. Not too long after locking the gate he noticed a child at the front trying to get in.
"What do you want?" Henry asked.
"I'm hungry and in need of food and a place to stay," the child replied.
Although Henry was very intelligent, he was also very selfish so he denied the child entry.
The child then got word to the others in the village about how stingy Henry was and how he refused to share the plenty that he had. As the people in the village got closer and closer to starvation they came together to break down the gate and began to rob Henry of his goods. Henry fought off as many of the villagers as he could but he had too much that the people needed. Surrounded by hungry thirsty villagers under his coconut tree, Henry quickly became exhausted from fighting and refused to surrender everything that he had owned for the sake of his fellow villagers.
"Look at what you've all become. You've all become animals and savages. Please leave me be and get off of my land," Henry said, sweating, reaching for his small hand gun. The people refused to listen and a coconut fell from the tree and hit Henry on the head, knocking him out. When he awoke there was nothing left, all because he refused to share with one little child. Henry was left with no choice but to teach the rest of the villagers gardening skills and how to help themselves in a time of crisis. The brief famine taught Henry a valuable lesson about human behavior and how sometimes too much can be much more if managed and rationed properly. Once Henry started to share his knowledge and skills, he noticed a change in behavior around the village. His theory about the sun shifted when one act of good leadership turned into a whole village working together so they would never have to suffer again. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Old Man

Well, I've just about done everything I enjoyed doing in this life. My wife left me for a younger man who I'm sure will give her all of the love she needs. I don't know what's left for me to do, I'm not ready to die yet. I went to church but I have a hard time getting down on my knees and the pastor sure screams at me a lot. I guess I'll sit here and read a book.
I love nurses. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Why won't the ball always go in the hole? It's suppose to go in the hole. I wonder why every time I shoot I can never get a perfect score and why is it that my teammates are always shooting and missing but whenever I shoot they get upset. I quit. From now on I'm playing by myself or running track.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Secret to Flying

Watch the birds and build a plane. If a bird can do it, then it’s not impossible.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Find something to do and keep doing it until you drop dead; period.

While sitting in my room, I decided to watch myself do something on video. Unsatisfied with the turnout, I then realized that I must be crazy for doing what I'm watching myself do. I then turned the video off and later turned it back on and said to myself, "I don't care what other people think, I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing anyway. Eventually I'll get it right."

Saturday, September 15, 2018

The all seeing eye

Oh, look at what she's doing. I don't see her or him, but the walls are there. A projected image connected to string theory as gravity pulls them together. She and He made a vow with someone else but they break it with each other. I don't see it, I don't feel it because I don't know it's happening. Once it's all over, I find myself in a small room looking at a dead man on a cross wondering if I sold my soul to the devil. After a while another female friend comes along, but this time I decide to walk away. For my eyes have seen the light and an innocent man has been blinded by his own fears. The earth has planted me on the ground and once the light comes on, the eyes will see the truth. Only I can open my eyes, only I can imagine the image of what I refuse to believe. They messed it up for the next person in line, I close my eyes in pain and hide in the dark, then a tear falls to the floor. The tear is there for a reason. It begins to rain.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Journey to the End of the World

Deep below the ocean, far beyond the blue sky, there's a vast body of energy. The energy is infinite, like sperm racing to an egg. Forgive me for being too blunt, but my description of what I'm witnessing is somewhat of a vague dream. I hear something loud, something like an instrument. It sounds like an adult playing something from the brass section of horns. I awake and look at my hands and I don't see anything. It's all feelings and emotions, something like living without a body, if it were possible. My mind begins to race as I search for a vessel, something to hold onto, but all I see is a bright light. I then notice two white horses and an open book with many languages and a vast body of ice floating across the seas with dead prostitutes and dead kings frozen inside of the ice. Their blood fills the ocean water while new life emerges from the ocean on the backs of black horses. I close my eyes. I'm afraid of how far my imagination will take me. The tranquility of home is no more. I don't want to look at what's coming next. I then hear a voice calling me; I open my eyes, only to be deceived by a woman who takes my hand and rubs it across her stomach. "In me is a seal that I want you to open," she says. Her force is too strong, I can't resist. I look into her eyes and I see the fate of an entire generation. I notice a dagger in her right hand and a crown of thorns on her head. Her tongue is like that of a snake, she has been set free. I fall to my knees while realizing that some bird like human with wings has rescued me from her wrath. Flying through the sky, I notice a rainbow in the distance. Then I see a bridge made of solid gold. The human bird like creature drops me on the top of a mountain made of pure crystal. In the distance I hear a crowd screaming holy, holy, holy at a group of children with their ears covered. "Are we all just beings that have been thrown out of heaven?" the children scream back. There's a poor man on top of the mountain with me, he calls me over to him and puts my hand on another seal. He then shows me the fate of twelve rich men swimming in gold. Instructing me to open up the seal, he flees and jumps into the sea of gold to save the rich men who would not save him. I cut the seal with my nail, only to open up a book with a body of fire sweeping across a deserted planet. I've seen too much. I fall to my knees with no understanding of why I'm seeing what I'm seeing. I try to regain my consciousness but whatever force is keeping me in the state of mind that I'm in, it must not want me to wake up. Blinded by a cool light, I go further. I then wake up naked in a tub with doctors rushing to check my vitals. Deep in the adrenaline rush to save my life, all I can see with a few blinks of my eyes is a pool of pills and patients walking like zombies. Trying to gain consciousness, I fall to the floor, and out of the corner of my eye, I see a rabbit peeking through the window. A doctor then stabs me with a needle and I quickly go under, I comprehend nothing that the doctors are doing together. I'm lost in my own world. "This world is mysterious," I whisper to myself. In that thought, I wake-up on an operating bed and see people looking at me through a thick set of glass walls. I rise from the bed and begin punching on the glass, I stop when I see my family, they seem older. I've surpassed them in knowledge. Most of them have been overcome with the woes of life. Realizing that I'm the last male left in my bloodline, I try to come to grips with what is happening around me. After coming in and out of consciousness, I begin to write my thoughts down on a tablet in the room. It's evident that I've reached the end of all thinking. I've reached the end of all knowledge. Everything has been used up. In search for more meaning to life, I've been left alone in this huge room, pounding on a wall made of pure glass, only to realize that no one is listening, everyone has moved on. I'm in my own universe and I've fallen too deep into my own thoughts. Deep in misunderstanding and lost in all eternity. Drowning in sorrow and regret, the lights go out and the darkness of space takes away my air. My soul leaves my body as my spirit floats away to the beginning of time. My spirit floats away to the source. In the process, I see a female goddess in the distance, she doesn't seem satisfied; I also notice a male deity holding a lamb. I'm seeing things from every point of view. This must be the end. Out of my body and out of my mind, I turn my attention to what's going on below me. There's no land underneath me, I've reached the end of the world. There's nothing left. I've entered a whole new world, the journey never ends. I've reached a new beginning.