Sunday, October 13, 2019

Nowhere to run

Well, I don’t know what to say, but it often feels like someone’s chasing me...
I ran in the house, through the back yard and into the park...
I ran as fast as I could, I ran through the grass, dodging trees...
No time to rest, they’re chasing me in my dreams...
What do they want from me?
Could it be just a part of my imagination?
Every time I feel like I’ve taken two strides, here they come, right behind me...
Just when I thought I saw the finish line, I wasn’t even close...
I’m afraid to look back so I keep running, I’m certain that someone’s chasing me...
Staying in my lane, I realize that I’ve been running in circles...
I’m getting exhausted, tired, so tired of running...
Why won’t they leave me alone?
I stop to take a breath, I’ve got nowhere to run...
I look around to face my opponents, they’re not even close.
I take a look at my watch, I’ve hit record time.
The race is over.
1st place.
Nowhere to run but to the gold.

Thursday, October 10, 2019


It’s late, temptation usually creeps in about this time. I found myself searching the web, then I saw her. Clear as day, she caught me at first sight, my thoughts were controlled. I had been caught in the dark web. I clicked and she was being defiled and I couldn’t help but click again. Oh God help me, I’m stuck in the webs web. Every click led to another, by now my eyes were hurting, I had now seen so many beautiful women that my deepest desires in this life had all but been fulfilled by just clicking and browsing. After hours of searching, I found myself trapped on a one way street. Every move they made, my eyes followed. I, like them, had become defiled, and I had to look in the mirror and admit that I needed help. I now know why I have to break this habit, I have to teach my second man that there is more to life than this. I won’t let him win, he’ll destroy everything if he goes unchecked.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Best Part

The average person fails over and over until somehow they manage to get it right. The best part is watching them try over and over again until they feel it’s perfect. I guess that’s why they ask the perfect question: “How did I do?”
Keep trying, eventually you’ll get it right.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Humans, Aliens, & Animals

Deep in the heart of a small town there were spies. These where not just any spies they were animal spies.
“They’re out of control,” Peter the sparrow said ranting to his mother.
“Who, Peter? Who is out of control?” Linda, Peter’s mom asked.
“The ‘human aliens,’ they don’t even put bird feeders out for us in their yards anymore. We need to get rid of them, they’re not keeping their end of the bargain,” Peter replied frantically.
Peter’s mother stopped stirring her stew, her son had now gained her full attention,
 “Their not keeping their end of the bargain with whom, Peter? Whom are you talking about son?
“I fly by this building up the street and I see them ‘human aliens’ in there worshipping this big lamb and a lion, they promise him their life and promise to take care of everything and everyone. They even put paper and metal in a dish and drink out of shining cups. Steven and I fly to various locations, we’ve even seen some ‘human aliens’ on their knees worshipping the sun with huge shining rooftops. It’s scary momma, many of them all do these things at the same time at a certain time of day and it’s frightening. We’ve even noticed some dressed in all white, picking other ‘human aliens’ off of the floor shaking like they’re passing out. They’re crazy momma and we’ve got to do something before they start eating us,” Peter explained.
Peter’s father Jeff came storming into the kitchen, “He’s right Linda, we have to fight back, those ‘human aliens’ burned Tina and Ed’s house to the ground. They’re savages.”
This got all of the animals revved up to take action. Peter took center stage, “It’s time friends, it’s time for us to come together and take our rightful spot as owners of nature. We will fight back with everything we’ve got. Friends, at this point, we have nothing to lose.”
In all of the unifying and chatting, Shanna the squirrel puts her tail up, “Hey, how will we fight back Peter? Do you need John’s stash of buckeyes for ammo? He has plenty, we just have to find them,” Shanna says as John gives her a weird look.
“No Shanna, we will attack them psychologically, we will have fireflies carry Fred the lion and Zeus the big lamb out of the mountains like they’re flying out of the night sky. I’m 100% sure that if we do this, we’ll get their full attention. They’ll know that we mean business,” Peter explained while all of the animals and insects of the forrest came together.
Peter’s idea was genius, he knew that this was what most of the human aliens were waiting for so he and the animals just had to find a way to communicate and give them what they’d been waiting for. To Peter this was the only way. Fred the lion never understood why his brothers and sisters were often killed for their fur and never invited to the worship events but instead locked in cages so other human aliens could watch them. For Fred the lion, this was payback.
The next day their plan was in motion, they bailed Fred the lion out of the zoo and managed to smuggle Zeus the big lamb off of the farm. It took 8 million fireflies to carry them into the night sky. When the human aliens saw this and heard the elephants blowing like trumpets, they were shocked, and many fell to their knees, some even passed out. The animals all watched, assured that this was their time. Boy did Fred the lion and Zeus the big lamb put on a show. They explained to the humans everything that needed to be done to get things back in order. The humans were so pumped up that they even promised Fred the lion and Zeus the lamb a golden zoo with plenty of fresh food and royal rugs.
Peter’s father was so proud of his son, all of the sparrows were overwhelmed with joy. They were now the top birds that ruled the sky beside the eagle. The animals had now gained power over the human aliens with Fred the lion and Zeus the lamb as their spokesmen. Shanna and John the squirrels couldn’t believe how fast the animals got things back on track when they were able to speak clearly with the human aliens. Ted the bear even found out that they sold honey at the local market. Instead of stealing it, he just went right in and bought it with the money he now earned cleaning the woods. The new world was much better now with human aliens and animals working together. Now that all of the humans and animals were unified, Noah became Peter the sparrow’s favorite story. With unity, everything was not only good, it was all good.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

80 Tickets

Summer can be hot sometimes, I guess that’s why the seasons change. My first show in my hometown was a flop, a dud, a disaster, no one showed up but a few cast members. I wanted to stop doing what I enjoyed for a moment or two. I reflected on the lonely nights on that ship in the middle of the ocean, I reflected on my divorce that no one cared about. My mother warned me at an early age that the men in our family have to guard their heart. She told me that it’s our secret weapon that eventually gets us into trouble, at least that’s how I took the warning. Most of my uncles died of a broken heart. I spent everything I had on that show, I couldn’t even pay my rent. Although I failed my first time, I still felt the magic. Upset and on my last dime, I did what I loved to do: “sleep and dream,” in my dream an angel told me that the gift to create comes from inside, he told me to get up and try again. The angel’s voice was clear, he told me that it’s never the amount of people that show up, it’s the message, the will to keep the show going. The angel told me he would send me some people with the passion to sell 80 tickets. When I woke up the angel was gone but he gave me the energy I needed to get up and print out 80 tickets. The next day I met ten people, I put them in the cast and we were ready to make a miracle. We argued, we laughed, but we kept creating the magic for a good show no matter how many tickets we sold.
“So West, how much are you going to charge for the tickets?” James asked.
I paused for a moment, “Twenty dollars, with dinner and a movie, the whole cast splitting the earnings 50/50.”
The stars were bright, we put on a show, and the place was like a starry sky at night. There’s something about a dream that makes life go on, their’s something about a dream that makes the show go on. I think God speaks to us all, I think he loves us all. Every veteran, every lonely child, I know he hears us. Even when we do some of the craziest things. Everyone has a different show to put on, everyone has a different picture of God, some people just stop believing, but whatever angel came to me in a dream at my lowest point, he gave me a good genuine crowd and a good show. I didn’t even have to ask, God knew my heart the whole time, he was even merciful enough to send me some help. We inspired a crowd of 80 people to create something themselves. Eager to see the angel’s face, I fell fast to sleep after the show, only to dream of a hand written note that read: “If I were to show you my face then you would look up in the sky and see no stars at night. I would hate to give away the end of your show. I’ll see you when your run is over.”
The End,
80 Tickets.

Friday, September 20, 2019


It was about midday, don’t ask me how I made it past the cotton candy protestors but I did. Megaphones filled with depressed people wasting their time trying to prove a point. For me to call them stupid I must first look at myself in the mirror. I can’t see from their eyes. “Ouch!” I just bit my tongue. They’re everywhere, searching for love, feelings and emotions, as soon as I escape to my man cave, I realize that I’m surrounded. I turn on the radio and I hear them, people expressing themselves from all walks of life. I open up a book and their voices levitate through my eyes. They’ve even made it on TV, crying, spilling their feelings out to the masses. There’s no escape, I’m surrounded, even when I’m alone I can see them online. Guilty, even me, people talking as though they’ve never done anything wrong, they just didn’t get caught, I guess, but they sure sound innocent. They’re the ones to blame for turning everything upside down, wait I’m guilty too. Or am I? Democrats, Republicans and Independents, who will be the last one standing. Wait I hear someone blasting their music, “Oh god they’re everywhere, liberals and conservatives, Jews and saints.” Drunk history teachers, telling children how great con-artist posing as intellects used to be even now in present day. I then hear a knock on the door, could it be a bill collector? I lock myself in the closet. I could have sworn I just heard a politician tell me that relief was not too far away. I’m a check away from being homeless. Once again I’ve been lied to, long live the lost and forgotten, there’s no escape from reality, we can only run so far until we finally realize that we’re all surrounded. They’re everywhere and they want to be just like their idol. I’m surrounded, no escape, they got me, I walk outside with my hands up, only to drop a smoke bomb from my mouth and escape through the sewer. I survive another day only to realize that my freedom is now even more in danger. I’ve just added more fuel to the fire. No surrender, I’m on the run, I’ve gone rogue and there’s no turning back now. I’m innocent.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Volunteer

I can’t say I wasn’t thinking, because I was.
I can’t say I had second thoughts, because it was clear that I was certain.
If I were not afraid, I would be lying to you.
My heart is telling me this is the right thing to do.
After this life, some will say I was crazy,
Some will say I was stupid.
I decided to take the path less chosen.
I don’t know where I’m headed.
If bravery describes the decision that I just made then so be it.
I volunteered, no turning back now, my eyes are open.