Thursday, March 21, 2019


Once again I’ve been left alone. This must be what it feels like. I’ve given away everything, I have nothing left but my grandfather’s discharge papers. This must be what it feels like... this is what being barried alive must feel like. I have nothing left. I sit and watch the devils of this world take credit for everything that’s good. I watch as the people flock to them while those suffering sit in the dark. In the shadows, like me. Prisoners of war in your own country. Pondering, I notice my left hand shaking. I use my right hand to comfort it. I then comprehend why I was made with two sides. Wait there’s almost two of everything. Everything goes hand-in-hand, but my left hand is weaker than my right hand. There’s two sides to everything. I look in the mirror at my reflection, pondering the fact that all my life my soul has been in the middle of two sides working together, inseparably, indivisible; United...if I lose my right hand, I must learn to use my left, so my left becomes my right, how ironic. Being comforted by my own thoughts and reflection, I thank god. My comprehension has lead me to figure out that those who sit in the shadows will eventually be brought into the light. I have no more regrets. I’m grateful, I see the light, the darkness led me to it.

Monday, March 18, 2019

The Crowd

It was my first real challenge, my first big crowd. Listening to my trainer, I acted like they were not even there. Before the fight, I recalled when I used to tell comedy jokes with small crowds, but this was different. When I heard the bell ring, my heart started beating really fast. I felt like a warrior angel had entered my body, I began to shake. What I noticed the most was how brutal the crowd was. I was there for a fight but they were there to see blood. Don’t ask me why my first professional fight was scheduled for the maximum rounds. I could feel the crowds energy with every punch and kick. The fight went the distance. I was dead tired, the one thing that remained on my mind was how I felt tired but the crowd still had energy. Feeling their rage, I snapped my opponent’s neck and they still cheered. Realizing what they turned me into, I fell to my knees, got up and walked out of the cage, never to fight again. Somehow the beast inside of me became human. They would sell their soul to see the beast. They would bet all of their riches to see a monster that I refused to let out anymore.

Friday, March 15, 2019


May the moments that we share carry-on into the next life.
Some days we get upset with each other and cannot bond, but in the end we all need each other.
It hurts when one of us must take this journey down a path that is dark and lonely without other family members standing watch. It hurts when one of us must journey into the afterlife but it’s something that we must accept, I guess that’s why we all must work together to keep our family brand alive.
The weight of the world may get heavy and at times we all may not get along, but in the end, it’s just family and whom we choose as friends. I guess it’s fair to say that through it all, we all are family in some way or another. From one comes many but only love can unite us when we separate or venture off. When we were all young, the moments that we shared carried on, although some of us have ventured off into the woods alone, never to return, blessed are the family members who remember and try to the death to keep us all united together. Much love, Family.

Monday, March 11, 2019

The Sales Department

Good day, how may I help you? First let me inform you that this call may be recorded for quality control purposes. Oh, it's okay, I'll tell you everything you want to hear to get you to spend money. Let's laugh together, I was just joking, please subscribe to our services for $19.99, I guarantee the service will be great. You'll love it. Thanks for signing up, and thanks for the commission, I really need to pay my car payment. Don't forget about me on the survey.
Thanks for your call. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Coast Guard

From coast to coast there’s a mountain in the middle.
I decided to climb the mountain and slipped trying to reach the top.
Falling from the mountain, I saw the sky.
When I hit the ground, my soul began to fly.
I was no longer between coast, I became universal.
Thanks for the help.
I’ll see you again when lighting strikes.
Keep your guard up.

Saturday, February 16, 2019


forgotten...I wrote and I didn’t use the correct grammar.
I spoke and didn’t use the correct language.
I volunteered and I got laughed at and made fun of.
My world is upside down.
I delivered the wrong drill to my brother’s house, drove a long way for nothing, he called someone else.
I played the hero in the play and spoke up for the blind man and no one clapped.
I forgot to make reservations and there was no seat for me.
In a structured environment, I had to sit in the back.
It almost feels as though I don’t exist.
I sit and reflect on if I ever did.
Did I ever matter.
Have I lost it, have I gone crazy?
I’ve been forgotten, does anyone remember me?

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Thinking in a Chair

I tried three times, I'll try again.
Hmm, let me sit in my chair and think.
I think that no man or woman should be a slave.
I know we should all be free.
I'll sit in my chair and imagine what
freedom for all looks like.