Sunday, December 3, 2017


I come to you today brethren, in my very own flesh.
I had two dreams last night.
A bad dream and a good dream.
In the bad dream, I was being hurt by my own people and when I looked up at the sun, I had been blinded by the light.
In the neglect, I felt pain so bad that my soul left my flesh and I was free to enter into the light.
Eyes hurting by so many false teachings that misled my mind on earth, I had been welcomed into the light to see the truth.
It was a good feeling. I wanted to stay.
The good part of the dream was that what I saw and felt was complete peace, nothing more, nothing less.
In my heart brethren, I knew that I had done nothing wrong on earth.
A feeling of peace pushed me to go back to my earthly dwellings and shine the same light on earth.
It was not my time brethren...
"It's okay, black bird, I feel fine, you can fly home now," I said to the black bird that showed me the way back home.
The black bird then flew away and I awoke from the dream.
Now content, I sat there and burned wood to stay warm, with hopes that some wise men would come to help me up.


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