Friday, December 29, 2017

Turn the ship around in 2018.

In the journey of almost every individual, some often fall short of their goals, but we can never say that they haven't reached their dreams. My friends, the dream is a vision of how one perceives the world, in real time. In the process of this vision, a lot of people are stuck in their own reality and may not comprehend what it is that he or she sees in the vision. If seeing is believing, then the belief that a vision can work must fall in the hands of the optimistic at heart. Those who can deal with their choices and not stray away. A man may never win a race until he is 80 years old, but the story is in his will to never give up. Some may not understand how one can defy the laws of gravity and learn how to fly. Some may not understand how one can tightrope across skyscrapers or hold their breath underwater. What is a child who does not like to explore? What is a person who does not like to learn? One person, like everyone else, goes to sleep at night and wakes up—determined to learn how to drive a ship with complex controls. While we watch as others abandon ship when he or she takes the controls, it is the character of that one person that makes him or her special. On his or her quest, he or she may have to decide to turn the ship around and save those who chose to jump overboard. The character to save those who did not believe that he or she could drive the ship is what defies the laws of gravity; walks across skyscrapers; and survives underwater. In the end: win, lose or draw; the inspiration is in the will to drive the ship and learn enough to turn around to save the others.
In this whole process, the will to drive the ship is all that matters, soon after, when others start to comprehend, the trail eventually will lead others to understand the vision in the dream.
It's in your hands now captain. 
Good luck in 2018.


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