Friday, September 29, 2017

The stage was all she had left

"Poor, rattled, and bruised; band I have one more selection. Some of you may not understand the life of someone whose mind has been open to all forms of thinking. I don't know why we sometimes have to live and suffer but I too see suffering. I too wish I could save the world. This song is for all of my pain that I feel inside. This song is for all of my imperfections. Lord have mercy on us all, please. All I have left is this stage and this microphone. I will sing this last selection for tonight, I will sing to heal the world and the people in it," she explained before her song. After her song, she placed the microphone back on it's stand and exited stage right, she then went home and went to sleep. Every time she got knocked down or felt the woes of the world, she got on stage. Remaining anonymous, she even took to the stage when times were good, for the stage was all she had left.
The End.

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